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Terry Bison Ranch Resort – an Unbelievable family place


Terry Bison Ranch Resort is a dream company of Ronald and Janice. Through it, they want North Americans to cherish the natural beauty of “Great North American Bison.” Horseshoe Bison was a destination to attract the guest and tourists, where horseback tours are their source of attraction. Every year there is a transformation in Terry Bison Ranch Resort to improve something or the other, whether it’s a gazebo, extra rooms at the Senator’s Steakhouse, or a stone entrance into the Ranch.


There is time to time beautification of the Ranch. It makes people feel special and make them aware of the beauty of the place. You can find The Bus by the train tracks. A new cool feature that adds up to the attraction of Terry Bison Ranch Resort is the cowboy. You can see the cowboy protecting chickens effortlessly.


Terry Bison Ranch Resort is a family-oriented resort that provides western adventure, food, and entertainment. It not only educates guests about Wyoming history and culture of the place but fun rides on Trucks, Tractors, Trains, Horses, and Airplanes are a great source of attraction for children.


Terry Bison Ranch Resort has a safe, clean, friendly, wholesome family environment for guests. It makes them believe they have participated in a new western adventure. And this always sparks the imagination of every guest.


Events at Terry Bison Ranch Resort

Terry Bison Ranch Resort allows its guest and visitors to have fun and food at the different events they organize. These events don’t have any entry fees and include a bundle of joy for every age group. You can enjoy traditional meals, live music, and games.


  • Oktoberfest
  • Poker-paint and play
  • Halloween
  • Masquerade
  • Ball

Terry Bison Ranch Try To Offer Every Group Fun Activities


  • Bison Train Tours-it is custom-built trains. It will give you a ride through natural beauty and landscape, and you can have fun with your family watching ostriches, camels, and other fun farm production animals.


  • Sunday Lunch Train – This is a lunch train where you can enjoy traditional food on an old-fashion dining train.


  • Horseback Rides – Take a one hour guided trail ride. There are Gentle horses available for first-time riders.


  • The age limit is eight years old
  • Your weight should not exceed 250 lbs


  • Pony Rides – Children have fun at these rides available for ages 2yrs to 8yrs. Trading Post Gift Shop-ultimate place for shopping and buying an antique piece and unique gifts.


  • Ride n’ Dine – Here, you enjoy a 2-hour trail ride and then back to the Senator’s Restaurant for a great meal.


  • ATV Tours – If you want to get out and see the countryside, then ATV tours are a great way. They are mostly around the ranch property.


  • Tombstone Café – A place where you can enjoy:


  • Homemade Biscuits & Gravy!
  • Bison Shortribs and Bison Burgers
  • New handmade appetizers


  • Self-Guided Walking Tour – It is a walk which you can take at your convenience.



Terry Bison Ranch Resort ultimate family place. Where you can enjoy with your family and friends the natural beauty of “great North American Bison.”

Terry Bison Ranch Resort offers the best services and activities at affordable prices where children enjoy most and learn about culture and heritage with mouth-watering traditional food.


Can I book for Terry Bison Ranch Resort?

Yes, you can book in advance and enjoy all our services and activities available at the resort.

Can I book for company and personal events?

Yes, you can book your company Business Meeting, Training Sessions, Seminars, and even retreats here at Terry Bison Ranch.


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