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Kayabuki Izakaya, Have you ever heard about a restaurant in which they use monkeys as a server for serving different cuisines? Yes, you heard it right in Japan, there is a restaurant known as Kayabuki Izakaya. Kayabuki Izakaya is famous for serving cuisines to the customer. Monkeys are working as a steward. Kayabuki Izakaya Restaurant is a classical design Japanese sake home in Utsunomiya, north Tokyo, in Japan. 

Kayabuki Izakaya is the only restaurant in Japan that has five monkeys as a steward.


The monkeys were, of course, the primary highlight. Kaoru Otsuka, the restaurant owner, promenades into the Kayabuki Izakaya Restaurant, proudly displaying five monkeys of different sizes. Every once in a while, the eldest monkey jumps down to provide people with hot napkins. Whereas the others continued to the stage to backflips or to clean each other or the customers lovingly.

You might get images of the monkeys for a fee, which is also a source of great amusement for anyone else who watches.

Every day, the monkeys work for only two hours, as per the Japanese animal rights law. The time they appear will vary daily. During break time, you can also meet your favorite monkey.


  • Maintain hygiene – Kayabuki Izakaya is a place where you can simultaneously enjoy petting Japanese macaques, great cocktails, and decent food. The monkeys never come in direct contact with food or alcohol, so you will not have to think about hygiene.
  • Overview: Kayabuki Izakaya exterior brings back memories of the traditional Japanese home. As you enter the interior, however, it is invariably going and busy. Yes, that is because Japanese macaques are the workers.
  • Activities staff performs- Japanese monkeys see the way of doing work, of people and copy them. Also, they do many demonstrations in the restaurant, such as walking on stilts or balancing on hoops. They carry hand towels and beer.
  • Famous brew: Include wines, drinks, and cocktails.
  • Cuisine– They offer both vegetarian and non–vegetarian cuisines. 



  • Satoyama Marugoto

This specific menu includes –

rice brined with a classical Japanese wood stove, miso soup prepare with regional flying fish soup, seasonal fresh salad vegetable plate, traditional side dishes such as simmered vegetables and pickled vegetables, vinegared vegetables, and name-miso served instead of seasoning as a side dish.

  • Onigiri set meal (rice ball) 

If you would like to enjoy the taste of their rice, you can try this meal. A traditional Japanese woodstove cooks rice grown in this abundant nature.

  • Kayabuki Monaka   

They stuff it with seasonal sweet vegetable filling and finely mashed red bean paste, thatched-roof house-shaped wafers. Mochi or ice cream you can add as the desert.


Kayabuki Izakaya in Japan is a traditional eating house. Monkeys come to provide services to customers. This restaurant offers you vegetarian and non-vegetarian famous cuisines. Animal Control approves by verifying the living conditions and only permits the monkeys to go to the restaurant for a limited period each night to ensure that they are not overwhelmed. 

It is just a once in a lifetime, a magical experience which you will never forget.


What is the location of Kayabuki Izakaya?

This is one of the famous restaurants in North Tokyo, Japan, in Utsunomiya.

What is the major highlight of Kayabuki Izakaya?

In this place, Japanese macaques serve dishes to the people.

Can I meet Japanese macaques?

Yes, you can meet Japanese macaques during the break time.

Do these Japanese macaques work all time of the day?

No, they work only for two hours per day.

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