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Are you nuts about Halloween? Then we have found a perfect place for you. Beetle House Nyc is a restaurant and bar that is ready to celebrate this festival with you all year round. It is a theme-based restaurant where drinks, food, costumes, décor, and everything will remind you of the horror culture.

Most of the inspirations in Beetle House Nyc is from the work of Tim Burton. For Instance, Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Ed Wood, and many more. Stay with us to know more about its traits that make this restaurant unique in New York City and California.

What to expect from Beetle House Nyc?

Beetle House Nyc is not an ordinary place where they have just decorated the tables and called to give you the essence of Halloween. They want you to invest your time with them and take away the best experience of your life. So, what really can we expect from Beetle House Nyc? Let’s get there point by point.

  1. Décor: This is one of the crucial factors that the owner must consider. The first impression of any place is through its décor. The whole restaurant looks like Disney’s Haunted Mansion. There are skulls on the table, scary pictures from Tim Burton movies, Halloween lights, and much more for you to experience it to the fullest.


  1. Menu: The design of the menu is also as per the Halloween theme. They have named the food and drinks like Devil’s Breath, Mint Chocolate R.I.P, Edward Burger Hands, Bloom’s Big Fish, etc. Trust us, the victuals look as scarier as their names.


  1. Stewards and Scary Characters – Even the costumes of bartenders and waiters will take your breath away. They also have special characters that are there purely for entertainment purposes. These characters get all dressed up and try to scare the crowd through different voices and acts.


  1. Soundtracks: Unlike other restaurants, the music in the ambiance is not soothing at all. They have chosen specific sets of songs that they play on repeat to maintain their quintessence.


  1. Photo Booth – They have a separate section for Photo Booth as well, where you will find the chalk outlines of a dead body, statues, props, etc., for you to click pictures and enjoy.



In Conclusion, Beetle House Nyc is the perfect place for you to dine with scary characters. They have gone a step ahead for you to experience Halloween so closely any time of the year. The extra features they have given to their consumers make it worth a shot for everyone. Each and everything about this place will make you attract more towards it. The precise detailing on every aspect is what makes it a perfect exposure for your friends and family.


Can I dine at Beetle House NY without reservation?

Yes. You can dine at Beetle House Nyc without any reservation. However, reservation helps you to guarantee dinner service. It will help you to not worry about the availability in the restaurant.

If I cancel the reservation, will I be charged for it?

You will be charged $25 per two people for cancellation within 24 hours. If you cancel your reservation before 24 hours, then there are no charges.

Is the place accessible for handicaps and kids?

Yes, the Beetle House Nyc is handicap accessible. However, there are some characters that children might find too scary. Therefore, try to bring children who are at least ten years old, or else it is purely at your own risk.


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