Nicco Park

Nicco Park Wet-O-Wild Ticket Price

Nicco Park is one of India’s finest amusement parks, offering visitors an exciting range of rides. Wet-O-Wild water park can also be found here, and several entertainment shows can be enjoyed here.

The park offers various packages, including entrances, rides, and meals, that provide better value for money and a more immersive experience.

Ticket Price

Nicco Park is one of the most exciting places in Kolkata, offering thrilling rides and attractions along with beautiful city views. Nicco Park provides an ideal place for families to spend quality time together; additionally, it features its Wet ‘n’ Wild water park.

Nicco Park offers affordable ticket prices that offer discounts for senior citizens, government officers, and students. Furthermore, people can use coupons or cashback offers from various websites to save even more money.

To book tickets to an amusement park, head directly to its official website and look for the “Book Now” button on its homepage. When clicked, a new page will open with more options for selecting travel dates and ticket selection, as well as details of terms and conditions before purchasing tickets. These must be read carefully before making a decision!

Tickets to the Sainik Package or General Entry can be bought either in advance online or at the park counter, depending on how many rides and attractions you plan to experience. There are various packages based on these considerations as well.

Nicco Park, built by Nicco Corporation Ltd near Jheel Meel in Sector IV, offers roller coasters and other thrill rides, restaurants, and cafeterias offering delicious fare and shows and activities that visitors will surely remember fondly for years. A visit here will indeed become one of the highlights of your vacation.

Rides & Attractions

Nicco Park offers visitors looking for an exciting day of rides and attractions an unforgettable experience. This Kolkata amusement park features rides for people of all ages – even those with special needs or health conditions! There’s sure to be something special at Nicco Park; whether your preferred ride speed is slow or fast, there will always be something waiting at this amusement park!

Apart from rides, this park features several notable structures and buildings. These include the Eiffel Tower and MIG 21, which boast impressive architectural designs that offer scenic views from above the park. At the same time, other notable attractions, such as cable car rides and a 40-foot waterfall, are also noteworthy. If you want something relaxing on its premises, visit its rose garden or natural water park!

Visitors to parks can purchase souvenirs or gifts at gift shops located within their premises. Items offered typically include T-shirts, accessories, and mugs – perfect souvenirs to bring back home! You may also bring in food and drinks as these are allowed inside; alternatively, various restaurants within the premises may satisfy any hunger pangs that arise!

Visiting a water park during summer in Kolkata is an effective way to escape the intense heat. Nicco Park’s Wet-O-Wild Water Park features various water-themed rides and activities to keep visitors cool – thrilling water slides, relaxing in the wave pool, or rocking out on their rain dance floor! A trip here makes for a fantastic family outing or date day activity!

Food & Drinks

Nicco Park is one of Eastern India’s premier amusement parks, boasting numerous rides and attractions and the Wet-o-Wild water park. Additionally, Nicco offers day packages, including entry to both interests and food and beverage vouchers for visitors to enjoy at Nicco.

At this park, guests have their pick of various dining options, including Indian, Chinese, and South Indian cuisines, and cafes and coffee shops spread out throughout the park. In addition, there is also a four-lane bowling alley and 4-D movie theater, as well as first aid facilities, locker rooms, and ATM counters available to them.

Visitors to the park can purchase souvenirs at one of the many gift shops or souvenir stores dotted throughout. Surrounded by lush greenery and scenic lakes, it provides a relaxing environment. Families can spend quality time together here while taking advantage of thrilling rides for guests of all ages.

The park offers live entertainment shows such as musical performances and dance shows, making it an excellent destination to visit year-round – particularly popular during winter and summer. Visitors to Kolkata should not miss this must-see park; you will feel rejuvenated after experiencing all it offers!

Special Events & Celebrations

Nicco Park offers an immersive entertainment and learning experience. Visitors can take in the fresh air and thrill rides while learning about the science and technology behind them – with exhibits including Solar Town, Snow Globe, Cyclone, and its conservatory.

Nicco Park’s theme park is set amidst lush vegetation and scenic lakes that add charm and relax the experience. Nicco Park features attractions for all age groups – especially young visitors – such as its Toy Train (popular among children) and Family Carousel rides. In contrast, its Cable Car ride provides scenic aerial views over its breathtaking sights.

There are also a variety of other rides that provide a more thrilling and adventurous experience, including the River Cave Ride (taking visitors through dark parts of the park in paddle boats) and the roller coaster (offering an exhilarating ride for all types of people).

Customers can purchase tickets to various rides and attractions at the park’s front gate or book their desired package online through its website. Packages start from Rs 300 depending on which rides and attractions guests wish to experience; you can customize your booking by specifying the date and type of pass preferred as payment method (credit/debit). Finally, an easy payment system accepts major credit cards online for payments made within 24 hours!


Nicco Park takes great steps to ensure the safety of its visitors. These include setting forth stringent regulations on riding each ride, providing visitors with a list of precautions, inspecting and maintaining each ride for optimal performance, and offering recreational and educational activities such as solar town, snow globe, conservatory, and cyclone to teach people more about both ride mechanics as well as non-conventional sources of energy such as solar.

Visitors to the park have two purchasing options for tickets: online or in person at the park. While online ticket purchases offer significant savings, discounts are also provided to senior citizens, government employees, and students, and packages that include admission, food, and drinks.

Nicco Park stands out for its educational initiative. The park provides children with an ideal setting to have fun while discovering various sensations – featuring a unique playground with multiple games and activities and a water merry-go-round that ensures splashy fun!

Nicco Park Wet O Wild is an incredible water park in Salt Lake City that provides something fun for the whole family to enjoy together. Perfect for spending quality time together as a family while taking advantage of all their attractions, such as 13 rides for adults and kids alike, cable car, water show performance shows, cable car ride rentals, and cable car parking spaces, it also features 13 rides for adults only and many other features!

Nicco Park offers online ticket purchases by going directly to their website and selecting your visit date, selecting an appropriate ticket based on height, clicking “Continue,” and continuing through to a booking page where personal details must be filled out before “Checkout.” Once everything is submitted successfully, redemption may occur online or at an in-park redemption counter.