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Restaurants Near Nicco Park

Restaurants Near Nicco Park

Nicco Park is an impressive amusement park offering a diverse selection of rides. A food park also features Indian, Chinese, and Bengali cuisines.

Nicco Park is the largest amusement park in Eastern India and an absolute delight. Packed full of activities, this incredible attraction also includes a Wet-O-Wild water park for added entertainment!

1. Beach Cafe Restaurant

Beach Cafe Restaurant in Juno Beach is an exceptional brunch choice on weekends. Famous for their Uncle Eddie’s pancakes and Huevos Rancheros, service is fast and friendly, and prices are highly reasonable, making this an excellent spot to satisfy cravings quickly! Don’t hesitate to visit for a quick but delicious bite-sized meal.

This restaurant offers an assortment of mouthwatering dishes and beverages to please every palate, with Mexican or Italian options for every mood imaginable. Plus, its cozy atmosphere and welcoming staff make this an ideal spot to unwind and unwind – enjoy a drink from their bar while dining outdoors – not forgetting an outdoor seating area for added fun!

Nicco Park offers many attractions for guests, including the River Cave, Paddle Boat, and Children’s Corner. Of the rides at Nicco Park, River Cave is among the most beloved – taking visitors through dark sections created by volcanic eruptions and dinosaurs!

The Park offers various rides, such as the Wave Runner, which lets you race down a mat into a pool of water, and Body Slide, where riders lie face down and are pulled along an inclined lane to a shallow pool of water. Other attractions at Nicco Super Bowl include four bowling lanes; there’s also a rooftop restaurant known as Bowler’s Den serving Indian and Chinese cuisine, as well as a souvenir shop to help tourists remember their visit home with mementos from their adventure!

2. Bowler’s Den

Bowler’s Den is an arcade restaurant offering affordable bowling to families and friends. Additionally, there are air hockey and pool tables to keep people occupied, along with reasonable prices and friendly staff that can even book the whole place for parties!

Nicco Park Restaurant can seat 400 people comfortably. The modern and aesthetic interiors make this an ideal spot to host birthday and bachelor parties. Offering Indian, Chinese, and Italian cuisine and tasty yet cost-effective food makes the restaurant the perfect place for celebration.

Customers rate it highly due to its friendly service and comfortable ambiance. Furthermore, its location is highly accessible via car – easy for customers to find! Again, nearby popular eateries and attractions in Kolkata make this restaurant easily accessible.

Alcohol costs may be prohibitively expensive; nonetheless, this restaurant remains an enjoyable place for lunch or dinner with friendly service, delicious cuisine, and a wide range of choices, including the delightful thali plate!

Nicco Park charges an entrance fee of Rs 55 for visitors, and Wet-O-Wild tickets are Rs. 850 each, though outside food isn’t allowed inside; all dining needs must be purchased from their restaurant. It is open between noon and ten o’clock daily during weekdays, weekends, and holidays from 12 pm until 10 pm, with souvenir shops selling souvenirs and offering meal packages that include tickets to Nicco Super Bowl and Wet-O-Wild available within its walls.

3. Nalban Boating Complex

Nalban Boating Complex is an idyllic picnic spot set away from the chaos and noise of city living, situated on 400 acres. Offering paddle boats, shikaris, and even hovercrafts for rental or hire, this lakeside oasis is ideal for sharing quality time with loved ones and creating memories.

Location: Saltlake Sector V This lake, popularly known for its tranquil atmosphere and breathtaking view, features three segments – ecological zones, theme gardens, and recreational spaces – plus restaurants and food stalls serving delectable dishes.

This lake is surrounded by lush groves, making it the ideal destination for nature enthusiasts. It is an idyllic romantic retreat, and all age groups can enjoy it. You can participate in various activities here, such as fishing and angling; also, food stalls here serve traditional Bengali cuisine using natural ingredients.

Not only does the park offer an impressive variety of restaurants and food stalls, but it also offers numerous thrilling rides and games designed to keep everyone in your party entertained. Some of these exciting rides include Tornado (a 100ft tunnel ride), Mountain River, which allows you to view wild wildlife up close, and many others that keep everyone coming back for more!

5. Souvenir Shop Wet-O-Wild

Food and beverage offerings at the park range from Kolkata-style street foods, like puchka, jhal muri, and kathi rolls, to restaurants serving Indian, Chinese, and continental cuisine and various ice cream and drink stalls.

Wet-O-Wild Water Park at Salt Lake Stadium features a selection of aquatic rides designed for adults and children of all ages, making this park suitable for people of all ages to enjoy. Open daily from 11 am to 10 pm; the water park can be reached by taking public transit (metro) from Salt Lake Stadium Metro station before hailing a taxi or rickshaw to get it.

Wet-O-Wild offers thrilling rides and an on-site souvenir shop selling T-shirts, caps, toys, books, video games, ATM services, and first aid facilities.

Nicco Park’s Wet-O-Wild offers the ideal place to unwind and have fun. Boasting several themed water rides, such as the Water Coaster and Caterpillar, there’s sure to be something exciting here for all ages and interests!

There is also a Toy Train, which can be used to explore the entire park. Capable of carrying around 20 riders at once, this unique way allows riders to see all of the park’s attractions at their leisure.

The park also features many other activities, including a bowling alley and 4D movie theatre that showcase a spectacular view of the park, an Eiffel Tower to climb, and an Eiffel Tower that provides access to fantastic vantage points. Furthermore, there’s a genuine decommissioned MIG 21 fighter aircraft and an aquarium featuring live marine life – making for a great visit!