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Nicco Park Price Guide

Nicco Park Price Guide

Nicko Park offers numerous rides and attractions, such as a family carousel, a water park, and Asia’s largest Giant Styclone. Additionally, packages can also be booked.

Ticket prices for the park may differ but are generally competitive. Visitors can save money when purchasing tickets online by selecting their visit date and add-ons before filling in their personal information. Once complete, they will receive an email and SMS with their transaction ID number.

Entry fee

Visits to theme parks are the ideal way to enjoy a fun-filled and entertaining day. Whether taking in all the sights or testing your luck on one of the rides, you’re guaranteed an exhilarating and memorable experience!

The first step when visiting a theme park is purchasing tickets online or at the entrance. Once your tickets have been purchased, an email or text will confirm your payment and indicate where to enter. This makes saving money simple while avoiding last-minute hassles.

Apart from rides, the theme park also provides attractions suitable for visitors of all ages. Children will especially love riding the Family Carousel or giant Ferris wheel! Additionally, visitors will love the Giant Cyclone roller coaster, while its vast wave pool will delight visitors. In addition, many shops provide visitors with gifts or mementos they may take home as souvenirs from this experience.

Entry fees vary depending on the ride or attraction that interests you, with tickets typically being more economical for older adults and kids than adults. Attraction staff will inform you if special discounts are available when buying your ticket.

Note that Wet-O-Wild Park will be closed during certain holidays and in inclement weather and requires an admission ticket. To best experience their water-themed attractions, be sure to bring swimming clothes.


Nicco Park is an amusement park known for its thrilling rides that amuse visitors of all ages. From water park fun for cooling off in summer to its food court featuring delicious international fare and Oceania exhibit, Nicco Park provides fun-filled thrills.

This popular attraction can be found off of Kolkata’s Eastern Metropolitan Bypass towards Salt Lake Sector Five, India, and can be easily reached using local taxis, apps such as Ola and Uber, parking facilities on-site for your vehicle, and savings opportunities such as purchasing tickets online with discounts available for discounts on discounts available to visitors.

Nicco Park offers many attractions, from Toy Trains and Family Carousels, Tilt-a-Whirls to Cable Car rides. All ages will enjoy riding the Toy Train, while family carousels feature intricately carved horses and other creatures. Also, take the Cable Car tour for breathtaking park views!

Another popular attraction is the River Cave Ride, a thrilling journey through a cave that won’t leave anyone indifferent! Experience adventure aboard an ancient pirate ship swinging like a pendulum or take on Cyclone – an exhilarating wooden roller coaster ride guaranteed to get your heart racing!


Nicco Park offers an assortment of food and beverage offerings throughout its grounds to satisfy every palette. Cuisine choices range from traditional Kolkata street fare like puchka and jhal muri to Indian, Chinese, and Continental cuisines. There are several restaurants, cafes, and even an ice cream & beverage stall in Nicco Park itself to satisfy different dietary preferences.

Kolkata’s amusement park, Disney Land of West Bengal, boasts an array of thrilling rides for visitors of all ages as well as offering educational recreation and environmental conservation initiatives – such as Solar Energy Village, showing how non-conventional forms of energy, such as wind power can power its rides and amenities. Keeping with this green theme, there is also a greenhouse and food court that serve a selection of vegetarian dishes – this amusement park makes an enjoyable visit!

The park is open 365 days a year and offers a fun-filled adventure for the whole family. Nestled near a tranquil lake and lush vegetation, its unique setting adds charm and appeal. Families can ride together on its Family Carousel ride, from water slides to thrilling roller coasters!

Nicco Park can be easily reached from the city center using public transit and taxis, being situated along Salt Lake Bypass Road, which connects directly with other parts of town and offers ample access for private vehicles – visitors to Nicco Park will also appreciate taking advantage of its many parking spaces available at this park.


Theme parks provide entertainment and adventure for people of all ages. Something is thrilling and memorable at every amusement park – so be sure to wear your safety gear and read instructions before entering any ride.

Nicco Park in Kolkata’s Salt Lake area can easily be reached using both public and private transportation options, with buses running regularly from various parts of the city to get it. Furthermore, its entrance lies on flat terrain, making it wheelchair-accessible; moreover, it boasts a first aid service stall and ample parking spaces.

Visitors to the park can purchase various passes that grant access to different rides, either online or at the ticket counter in-park. Each token has an expiration date, so purchasing them ahead of time is wise – the park website also features an events list!

Nicco Park Kolkata offers more than just rides – its River Cave ride is inspired by Blackpool Park’s Pleasure Beach, while its Toy Train makes the park perfect for families with young children.

The park boasts several water slides, such as the Wave Runner and Family Swirl Slide, that offer thrilling yet challenging experiences while remaining safe to enjoy. Furthermore, educational activities and shows keep guests entertained for an entertaining time at this park.

Other facilities

The theme park features other amenities that make it a popular tourist and local attraction alike, including food courts selling North Indian, South Indian, and Chinese fare, as well as souvenir shops for visitors looking to take something home with them as a memento of their visit.

The park is also ideal for weddings and other special events, accommodating up to 1,000 people in its ample space with stage, lighting, sound systems, and restaurant/bar amenities.

Rajiv Kaul was inspired to create his park following a visit to Disneyland in America, where he witnessed creative imagination at its best. Since opening its doors to the public in 1991, this 40-acre wonderland has attracted tourists across India.

Recent years have seen the park introduce new rides and attractions to its lineup. One such addition is Asia’s longest Giant Cyclone ride, which is 750 meters long, taking riders to the top of a skyscraper. There is also a cable car offering panoramic views of the entire city.

This park has something for all ages to enjoy – rides for adults and children! Children will especially love playing in the children’s play area featuring mini rides and slides; food courts provide fast food as well as fine dining experiences; there are relaxation zones where visitors can sit back and take in all that greenery; also available is parking and refreshments to make their visit truly relaxing!

Nicco Park is easily accessible from Kolkata thanks to bus services operated by West Bengal Transport Corporation and private operators that run along Salt Lake Bypass Road and provide service between Kolkata and Nicco Park.