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New Air Jordan Sneakers Release

Nike will honor 2023 as Jordan Year with an exclusive collection of sneakers designed to bring new life into iconic silhouettes worn during Michael Jordan’s career. These kicks will release with light summer tones, ideal for playing pickup football games or just casual strolls around town. Check out the Best info about Maxluxes.

The original Jordan 1 Retro High will receive a clean white and cement colorway, while its Low version sports University Blue to honor Michael Jordan’s alma mater.

1. Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG

The Air Jordan 1 was the original sneakerhead favorite, thanks to its classic design and timeless aesthetic.

The LA to Chicago Edition pays homage to Michael Jordan’s former home city with black and red leather sneakers featuring deconstructed Swooshes for maximum silhouette highlighting. Pair these sneakers with tapered pants to emphasize their shape.

2. Air Jordan 2

Michael Jordan introduced the Air Jordan 2 as his signature sneakers in 1985, featuring a white leather upper with black midsole and heel details.

Bruce Kilgore and Peter Moore designed the AJ2, first released for sale in 1986. Its premium details, such as faux lizard skin and sleek lines without a Nike Swoosh, helped set a precedent of risk-taking that has since become associated with the Jordan Brand.

3. Air Jordan 3

Tinker Hatfield designed the AJ3 so well its exterior may appear bulky, yet its interior is sleek – a testament to his talent as a designer.

He did so during a pivotal point in Nike’s history as they attempted to keep Michael Jordan at their brand. Their mid-cut design featuring soft tumbled leather and an exotic elephant print was precisely what Jordan desired.

The AJ3 shoe fits most foot widths comfortably; however, going up half size may reduce break time and help eliminate seam rub.

4. Air Jordan 4

Michael Jordan’s 4th signature shoe has long been the subject of buzz among sneakerheads, particularly after collaborations such as those featuring Eminem or KAWS caused widespread interest and caused secondary market prices to skyrocket.

The AJ4 may appear large at first glance, but internally it’s pretty narrow – going up half a size will help alleviate this issue. Furthermore, breaking in an AJ4 requires time.

5. Air Jordan 5

Tinker Hatfield took the Air Jordan line to new heights with this model, drawing inspiration from World War 2 fighter planes for their sleek, aerodynamic appearance.

Will Smith made famous the AJ5 shoe with its debut appearance in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, distinctive 23 embroidered on its side and new, clear soles.

6. Air Jordan 6

The Air Jordan 6 sneaker silhouette is one of the most beloved in history. Inspired by Michael Jordan’s favorite German sports car, its design symbolizes speed and class.

Over the years, this sneaker has become synonymous with collaborations with brands such as Gatorade and Levi’s. Additionally, it was featured in the popular sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!

Travis Scott of Houston infused his signature style into an Air Jordan 6 with a side cargo pocket and Cactus Jack branding on its laces locks in 2019.

7. Air Jordan 7

Tinker Hatfield designed the Air Jordan 7, featuring its distinctive geometric make-up inspired by West African tribal art and culture. Crafted of premium leather and textile materials, its premium look is further heightened with an inner bootie of neoprene for maximum comfort. At the same time, its branded ring-lacing locks provide snug fits.

The 2022 Trophy Room x Air Jordan 7 features classic Bordeaux color blocking with gold detailing for branding, lac locks, and Michael Jordan’s team jersey number on the left heel tab. In addition, extra traction and the Jumpman logo complete its design.

8. Air Jordan 8

Tinker Hatfield created the Air Jordan 8 basketball shoe to commemorate Michael Jordan winning three consecutive championships and helped establish Jordan Brand as its line within Nike footwear. This product first made its debut in 1993.

These sneakers feature a lockdown strap across their upper, a cross-strap (known as bunny ears), and anti-inversion technology for maximum stability and anti-inversion system protection. Ideal for players and casual wearers alike!

9. Air Jordan 9

Verified buyers reported that this shoe boasts an outstanding design and looks stylish. They also found it comfortable, offering adequate support to their feet.

Tinker Hatfield designed these sneakers during Jordan’s brief career as a baseball player, taking inspiration from his cleats. Their molded arch midsole provides additional comfort. However, the material could be improved as these appear premium but feel cheap due to a lack of resilience.

10. Air Jordan 10

Since its release, Tinker Hatfield’s Air Jordan 10 sneaker design has quickly become an icon among sneakerheads. Redefining what basketball shoes could look like visually.

Basketball players love it for its impressive lockdown, cushioning, and reliable grip – as well as how well it suits quick players.

Its simple design complements jeans, long or short pants, khakis, and even tuxedos beautifully.

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