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Gymshark Review – Flex High Waisted Leggings

Gymshark Flex leggings live up to their reputation – they’re sculpting, stretchy, and feature an alluring shaded contour pattern to accentuate curves and swerves. Looking to score one? Sales or promo codes offer opportunities to do just that!

These versatile leggings can be worn for virtually all activities, from running to yoga or ballet classes – however, high-impact exercises such as sprinting should be avoided to preserve their quality and shape.

Tight Waistband

The Flex leggings from Gymshark are one of the best options for women looking to highlight their curves. Their slimming silhouette and shade and contour properties help accentuate them, and they’re also comfortable enough for hot yoga classes. Furthermore, their high-waisted waistband ensures they won’t roll down during exercise sessions.

High-waisted leggings pair with their crop top counterparts and offer unparalleled comfort, earning them a cult status among social media fitness influencers. Furthermore, these leggings deter sweat during high-impact workouts, making them a practical option.

Fabric: thick, textured, and compressive. A good choice for most body types; however, the tight waistband may be uncomfortable for women with wider hips. If your waistband keeps rolling down during exercise sessions, try going up one or two sizes; alternatively, try on different leggings in-store before making your purchase decision.


Leggings are an essential piece in any activewear wardrobe. Their tight waistband hugs your waist, accentuating curves and eliminating jiggle during workouts. Plus, these sweat-wicking and breathable leggings are great for hot yoga sessions and offer plenty of colors and patterns – with fabric that softly conforms to your hips without digging in! Additionally, their darker shaded fabric helps flatter booties for an attractive silhouette.

These leggings are great because they’re almost “squat proof,” yet you will need dark or nude seamless underwear to complete the look. Gymshark has matching sports bras and tops available as well as 53 colorways of Flex leggings from their Flex series that come in different colorways and patterns; all sizes are offered, so you can find something that fits you well; plus, there are side pockets designed to store keys or small items safely!


Gymshark leggings offer something different than other gym wear brands – a thick waistband that doesn’t roll down during exercises such as weightlifting, or high-impact workouts, jogging, or yoga – making them great for any exercise you might try! With their wide variety of colors and designs, they provide great coverage when exercising.

These leggings are popular with social media fitness influencers because of their contoured designs that accentuate every curve while hiding any self-conscious areas. These sweat-wicking leggings made from moisture-absorbing fabric won’t stick to your skin!

As is typical for Gymshark leggings, they should be washed by hand with cold water and air-dried as much as possible. Avoid placing them in the dryer or fabric softener as these could degrade their fabric and make it less breathable; if tumble drying them instead, use a low heat setting for maximum air drying effect. Furthermore, don’t store these with any other items in your dryer at the same time!


Gymshark products, specifically their Flex leggings, are among the most beloved. Sexy, stretchy, and designed to sculpt your body – not to mention available in an array of colors and designs that cater to every taste imaginable – these leggings make a striking statement about who you are and can even be worn together with matching tops or sports bras to complete your look!

Though not designed specifically for any sport, Flex leggings are comfortable enough for everyday wear in the gym or home. Constructed from polyester for its moisture-wicking and tear-resistance properties, these leggings make an excellent addition to your workouts ranging from cardio and weightlifting sessions to powerlifting and more.

Before purchasing new leggings from Gymshark, read reviews and sizing guidelines before making your selection. Although most gymshark leggings tend to fit true to size, some are more form-fitting and may require you to size up or down accordingly. Furthermore, Gymshark provides a generous return/exchange policy; students can save an extra 10% through Student Beans, while veterans can take advantage of VetRewards to save an additional 10%!


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