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Why Your AC Needs Servicing

Just as with your car, regular AC maintenance will help your unit perform more effectively while decreasing electricity bills and carbon footprint. Such steps are critical to ensuring it continues running optimally and helping reduce electricity bills and carbon emissions. Choose the best Aircon servicing Singapore.

An air conditioner that goes unserviced typically loses 5 percent efficiency each year and uses more energy to cool your home. HVAC specialists can remove clogs and add lubrication to lower energy usage.


Doing AC maintenance regularly is far less costly than repairs or replacement costs, plus doing it regularly will reduce energy consumption costs.

As with most things, the key to saving on air conditioner maintenance is scheduling it in spring or fall before you need it. That way, professional HVAC services can perform thorough cleaning and inspection services that can keep costs under control.

An HVAC technician can assess your air filters for blockages, lubricate moving parts, and clean indoor coils and blower wheels before inspecting drain pans for signs of rust or algae growth and ensuring your cooling system is secure.

Expert AC technicians can detect problems such as slow refrigerant leaks and fix them before they worsen, inspect your ductwork for seal tightness and insulation, and help you decide if it’s time to upgrade or replace your old AC unit.


If your air conditioner keeps turning off and on unexpectedly, consuming too much electricity, and failing to create comfort, this could be a telltale sign that it needs servicing. A qualified technician can inspect for electrical faults before cleaning and checking ductwork to ensure all cool air reaches its destination in your room without leakage.

Dirty filters, clogged drainpipes, and inadequate lubrication all reduce your AC’s efficiency over time, costing more energy bills. Assuming you are familiar with working around electrical components, some maintenance tasks may be completed yourself, such as vacuuming your filter. Straightening fins on your condenser using a fin comb (this must be done safely to protect the motor and electronics), straightening fins of your condenser utilizing a fin comb (but ensure not get water inside!), and replacing rotted insulation around its exterior as needed.


Maintaining your AC unit regularly is critical to keeping it in good working order and upholding its warranty. Many manufacturers require annual preventative maintenance by an HVAC technician; without it, your unit’s risk for breakdowns and repairs increases significantly, ultimately costing more in repairs.

At an AC maintenance visit, your dealer will disconnect the system by turning off the thermostat or cutting power at the outdoor unit and cleaning its coil fins using heavy-duty cleaners. They’ll also inspect and change out air filters that significantly improve indoor air quality.

Safety hazards associated with refrigerator maintenance include electrical shock, physical injury, and exposure to harmful chemicals. These dangers may surface during routine checks, such as accessing the refrigerant system or ducts for servicing, working on units in relaxed weather environments, or performing repairs.


Your air conditioning requires regular servicing to operate efficiently, using less electricity than needed and contributing less to pollution and climate change. Proper servicing ensures it works more efficiently while decreasing your carbon footprint.

Technicians also ensure the insulation on coolant lines remains undamaged by weather or sun exposure, helping keep refrigerant cold and prevent it from leaking into the system and potentially leading to malfunction.

Suppose your outdoor unit is in an accessible place. In that case, a technician will remove any debris accumulating there and clean indoor coils and blower wheels to improve airflow and decrease allergen levels for homes with pets or children. Furthermore, they’ll check and clear your drain line to prevent potential clogs that cause mold growth or water backup in warmer climates – this service is incredibly crucial.

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