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How to Find and Enter the Hidden Herbology Corridor in Hogwarts Legacy

Duncan Hobhouse is a Ravenclaw student with an unreasonable fear of Puffskeins. To show that he’s not cowardly, Duncan needs you to help him obtain a Giant Venomous Tentacula leaf.

Start this quest by speaking to Duncan on the bottom floor of the Defence Against Dark Arts Tower and following your objective marker towards an area outside where a door will be covered in vines that need clearing away with Incendio. Cast Incendio here so they are all gone, and cast the spell once more to clear out this doorway.

It’s located in the Astronomy Wing.

After speaking to Duncan in the Astronomy Wing, you will be directed to locate and enter the Herbology Corridor within Hogwarts Castle’s Bell Tower Wing. It is guarded by dry vines that can be broken up using Incendio; using Lumos will also cause them to retract so you can safely enter.

Once inside the Herbology Corridor, you will encounter several bee hives. Once the quest marker is in sight, follow it to reach a set of greenhouses where vines await your presence – Incendio can be helpful here; Lumos should light up all nearby plants. When this stage has been cleared up, use Incendio and Lumos for light plants around them as best you can! After clearing them all away, enter a short loading screen before entering the dungeon where the hidden Herbology Corridor awaits you.

Once inside a dungeon, once you’ve made it past its entrance, you will be given access to different spells – including Venomous Valour – which will strengthen your character. Use them against enemies while solving puzzles in the dungeon, and unlock new items!

The Astronomy Table can be found near Marunweem Lake and features fast travel spots, Merlin Trials, and vaults. Although this area can be dangerous due to high-level hostiles in its vicinity, if you look carefully, you should be able to spot the Astronomy Table – to locate it, head towards its indicated location on a map where there should be balloons to help pinpoint its precise position – then zoom in close while rotating the camera counterclockwise to line up its constellations correctly.

It’s teeming with Devil’s Snare.

Hogwarts Legacy’s Hidden Herbology Corridor is an enchanting place full of herbs, ingredients, and spells to aid your advancement through the game. However, entering and finding it may prove challenging; therefore, this blog post outlines how to find and enter this magical corridor and what awaits.

Players should visit Duncan Hobhouse at the bottom of Defense Against the Dark Arts tower to begin this side quest. He can be found to the left of the stairs. Duncan will explain that some cowardly Puffskeins have bullied him and wants to show his courage by retrieving a Venomous Tentacula leaf from Herbology Corridor, which houses dangerous plants – asking you instead take on this journey and return with a leaf in hand.

After speaking with Duncan, follow the path on your minimap until it leads you to an intersection blocked by some Devil’s Snare plants and predatory carnivores, which will slow and harm players. To avoid being trapped by their vines, use the Incendio spell to burn away these deadly vines; once cleared out, you will gain entry to the Herbology corridor.

Once inside, you will quickly notice that the corridors are overrun with Devil’s Snare plants from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone that will slow you down and cause damage unless you cast Lumos to illuminate your path. Continue forward while releasing Lumos whenever necessary until reaching a doorway leading into debris-strewn territory that contains a chest filled with gear!

Once this chest is completed, head back through the doorway and continue to discover another Giant Venomous Tentacula. Although it appears dangerous and deadly, this giant creature is relatively harmless – all it asks you for is one leaf from it before climbing a ladder to enter one of Herbology greenhouses where more Venomous Tentacula leaves may await looting before returning it to Duncan Hobhouse to complete Venomous Valour Quest.

It’s easy to find

Hogwarts Legacy features an expansive map, customization options, and numerous side quests. One such pursuit, Venomous Valour, challenges players to assist Duncan Hobhouse, a student bullied by classmates who require proof of his bravery. As part of this side quest, he wants you to go into the Hidden Herbology Corridor and retrieve an oversized Giant Venomous Tentacula leaf as proof.

To locate the Hidden Herbology Corridor, first travel to the Library Annex and exit on its northern side towards the greenhouse. When outside, look across from the sundial and observe some vines blocking an opening in the wall – you should use the Incendio spell to burn them away and reveal an entranceway for this hidden corridor.

Once inside a corridor, it will likely be filled with Devil’s Snare plants that slow and damage players if they pass over them. Cast Lumos to remove these obstacles from your path and make navigating easier through the corridor.

Continue down the corridor until you come upon some debris in front of you and a doorway on the left, where Duncan Hobhouse awaits with evidence of his bravery he wants you to collect to complete Hogwarts Legacy’s Venomous Valour side quest. Select Collect to complete it.

Hogwarts Legacy’s Hidden Herbology Corridor is an engaging area where you can discover many useful herbs and ingredients for crafting potions and powerful spells. Still, it’s easy to overlook its existence if you aren’t careful. Follow our comprehensive Guide to Hogwarts Legacy to locate the herbology corridor safely and explore it securely, possibly uncovering some new gear! This must-see location requires some effort and luck on your adventure – best wishes on your experience, and have fun! This article is part of our extensive Guide to Hogwarts Legacy series; read up on more ways you can play it, such as unlocking new areas or completing its main storyline from other articles in this series.

It’s rewarding

Hogwarts Legacy’s herbology corridor side quest can be one of its more enjoyable and challenging side-quests and is part of its Venomous Valor quest. Other students have bullied Duncan Hobhouse for fear of Puffskeins; now, to prove himself brave enough, he needs your help getting him an enormous Venomous Tentacula leaf from its corridor.

Start the Venomous Valour Quest by speaking to Duncan Hobhouse at the Defence Against the Dark Arts tower. He will explain that other students have targeted him due to his fear of Puffskeins, and he needs your assistance to enter the Herbology Corridor to prove himself worthy. Duncan asks you for help and rewards you accordingly!

Once you’ve spoken to Duncan, follow the quest marker and route on your minimap to reach the Herbology classroom on Hogwarts Grounds, where there is a door covered with vines – to open it, use Incendio on them to destroy them and gain entry to Hidden Herbology Corridor.

Inside the corridor, you’ll discover it is overrun with Devil’s Snare vines, which can slow you down and harm you if walked through unprotected, so always wear your cloak and use Lumos for illumination to stay safe. Once at the end of this hallway, a Giant Venomous Tentacula plant awaits, which you can collect to complete this quest.

While the Hidden Herbology Corridor might seem hard to reach and enter, it’s an enjoyable and worthwhile side quest that will earn you extra cash and experience points – great for spending it on new spells, potions, and valuable items in Hogwarts Legacy! With its open-world design, you’ll also have ample opportunity to explore familiar and unfamiliar locations, discover magical beasts, and battle dark wizards in an epic journey!