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Paladin’s Steed in 5e

Paladin’s Steed in 5e

A paladin’s mount is an indispensable companion. They allow them to travel quickly while at the same time attacking enemies while riding them and are highly reliable.

Find Greater Steed 5e allows paladins to summon various mounts ranging from warhorses and camels to camels and elks, with the option to True Polymorph them into celestial, fiend, or fey creatures.

Summon a Steed

D&D players often rely on summoning creatures and magic items as part of the game experience, including mounts that enable characters to move more quickly between battles. There are various means available to characters when it comes to acquiring horses, such as spells and feats; however, not every class has access to all options. One popular solution is the Find Steed spell, which can summon several mounts that aid combatants.

The mechanics of this spell are straightforward. A character can choose a mount from among a list of options provided by their DM – perhaps Pegasi or Griffins, among other possibilities – which allows for roleplaying opportunities as the horse can act independently while communicating telepathically with its player, taking attacks and making attacks itself in combat; additionally, its absence from food or drink requirements makes this spell an invaluable companion in rapid travel situations.

Once cast, this spell creates a creature in its place that remains until dismissed or killed, or dismissed by its castor. Amounts discharged or destroyed can be summoned back by casting this spell again and communicating with their mount telepathically within range; attacks that target its creator also hit their peak; additionally, it gains an advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks while mounted.

Spellcasting does not require concentration, and the steed can be summoned even in times of assault or imminent danger to its caster. While its survival does not depend on food or water for sustenance, care must be given to keep its activity.

Flanking and Pack Tactics work particularly well with this spell, enabling the caster to easily maneuver their mount while fighting as though they have known each other forever. Simulacrum creates an accurate duplicate of themselves and their support, which obeys verbal commands from their master; Elemental Absorption offers extra protection from elemental harm for both themselves and their mount.

Mounted Combat

By employing the Find Steed spell, you can summon a mount that serves as your constant companion throughout your adventure. Your newly called horse can carry two members and their equipment comfortably on long journeys while providing an edge when entering combat before your foes are prepared to attack.

While riding your steed, you can use melee weapons with two hands for accuracy purposes. Spells that only target characters cannot target it directly; however, you can telepathically communicate and give orders while riding it.

Your summoned steed should be used as an unbounded war mount, enabling you to use its mobility for flanking enemies and attacking from behind. Furthermore, it can carry equipment; just be careful as its direction could become disoriented quickly.

Use of this spell while engaging in combat can be tricky; abilities that allow teleportation are forbidden, and you must avoid being thrown off of your steed and landing prone in the middle of combat encounters if possible; otherwise, it will vanish from the battlefield and can no longer be summoned using this spell.

These summoned steeds may not be swift but possess respectable hit points and damage. Deciding which one best meets your party’s needs depends on their intended use and use; generally, a warhorse makes an excellent choice as a sturdy mount capable of transporting party members as well as their equipment; additionally, it can transport dragons or pegasuses if required for shenanigans. DMs may allow other creatures to be summoned with this spell, provided they possess a higher Critical rating (CR).


Find Greater Steed allows paladins to summon superior creatures available through traditional summon beast spells, such as warhorses, ponies, camels, or elk. DMs may approve other large animals with two racial traits to use this spell successfully.

Find Greater Steed can summon mounts that can fly, making them ideal for traversing rugged terrain or escaping dangerous enemies. Furthermore, these mounts can carry significant loads, making them great for transporting gear and loot to their next destination.

Find more excellent steed creatures that are significantly more intelligent than their summoned beast counterparts, being capable of understanding one or more languages chosen by the caster and increasing their Intelligence score to 6. In addition, they act independently from their creator – an invaluable advantage when roleplaying!

Although summoned creatures with finding more excellent steed don’t possess the same attack capabilities as fighters, they still have some respectable damage-dealing abilities. Griffons and pegasi deal considerable damage for their sizes, while dragons deliver surprising levels of destruction for their class and type.

Find Greater Steed is a great spell to use when concentration points are limited, enabling paladins to quickly summon an animal without losing the power to use their spells later on. In contrast, calling a beast requires concentration for its effects.

Another incredible advantage of finding more excellent steed 5e is that its mount won’t disappear unless its hit points reach 0. This allows its user to use it safely and reliably as transportation or to support combat reliably; they may help move allies out of harm’s way or communicate with their caster. In battle, they act as meat shields absorbing damage.


Various feats can assist a character when using mounts. Some make them simpler to use, while others enhance their abilities. An example would be Warhorse Bond of Loyalty, giving resistance against fire attacks while taking only half of the damage from area attacks that hit multiple creatures at once. Another vital feat is Find Greater Steed, which allows summoning larger animals, such as pegasuses or perytons, that pose significant threats in combat; additionally, this also grants its mount an additional action, giving it greater independence in combat situations.

This feature can significantly benefit paladins who engage in mounted combat often. Furthermore, their steed can assist them during travel across wilderness or cityscape environments or when engaging enemy formations during mounted battle. Again, during mounted combat, they can direct their mount’s actions to disrupt formations or attack key targets while diverting any opportunity attacks away from them and saving their life!

However, this spell has its drawbacks. For example, it can be challenging to ride an animal weighing more than oneself; this could limit mobility when facing multiple enemies, high places, or underwater locations. Furthermore, such creatures might not reach certain areas due to weight.

Though this spell provides numerous benefits, its use can be costly. For instance, four levels of the Paladin class are necessary to unlock Find Greater Steed 5e; additionally, a level 20 character must complete a quest that unlocks it. Furthermore, as it’s only suitable for use by Paladin characters themselves, it should only ever be cast by them and not other classes.

Unlike the standard mount, this spell summons a mighty and flighty steed, which makes for a much more formidable foe in battle. Additionally, its abilities include communicating telepathically with its master and acting autonomously to provide opportunities for role-play scenarios.