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Fairview Park City Schools Employment Opportunities

Fairview Park in Cuyahoga County places school safety first. That is why their district will introduce its inaugural School Resource Officer next fall.

Zippia provides an in-depth examination of Fairview Park City Schools employment details, such as salaries and political affiliations of its employees. This data comes directly from people who worked there.

Education Aide

Fairview Park City Schools is an award-winning district serving students in grades Pre-K through 12 from across their community. Comprised of four innovative learning facilities, including a science wing at their high school campus, their students enjoy top performance in each grade level they serve.

Warrior Athletics also resides within this district and recently hired Jon Adams as its new Athletic Director, bringing with him over 20 years of coaching and education experience to join their ranks.

Fairview Park City Schools pays an average annual salary of $41,196, and employees typically remain with the company for 4.5 years on average. They employ 172 workers and generate $4.0M in revenue; this page presents an in-depth profile about them, including key personnel, political affiliations, estimates based on public data sources, and more, which could potentially change at any time without notice.

Substitute Support Staff

Fairview Park City Schools operates four public schools within its district. Employing an array of administrators, teachers, and support workers – the average salary for teachers surpasses that of their national peers.

Career Night, which had to be postponed during the pandemic, returned on March 24 to provide students with insight into a range of careers from professionals in those fields. This informal open house-style event features professionals stationed at tables to talk about their work and answer student inquiries.

This position is an on-call one, and employees may be called upon to cover for absent teachers or administrators in regular classroom settings or school administrators. Some jobs, including educational aide and monitor duties, require permission from the Ohio Department of Education before being hired as such. Below is a table detailing average teacher and other school administrator salaries in the Cleveland-Elyria-Mentor local area.

Food Service Staff

Students at our school can utilize PayForIt, our online payment system, to purchase their meals. Students may set an auto-replenishment option so their accounts will automatically refill when running out of money. In addition, personal checks or money orders may be brought to school to pay for lunches.

Our district is led by a five-member Board of Education that governs policy and financial matters. Elected to four-year terms during odd years, members serve two consecutive four-year terms until two more become available the following year.

Fairview Park City Schools offer higher teacher salaries than those found elsewhere in the Cleveland-Elyria-Mentor area; however, salary variations can still occur depending on experience and education level.

Substitute Teacher

Substitute teachers play an essential role in providing quality education to their students while maintaining classroom management procedures when their assigned teacher is unavailable. Substitute teachers must possess at least a bachelor’s degree and be knowledgeable of school policies and procedures.

Career Night, held annually by the district, offers students from middle and secondary schools an opportunity to showcase their future careers and connect with professionals from a variety of professions who share information about them while answering student queries.

Zippia’s compensation data is derived from self-reported estimates provided by employees, company filings, and proprietary sources – which may differ significantly from actual Fairview Park City Schools employee salaries. Below, you’ll find details regarding average salaries in Cleveland-Elyria-Mentor for school administrators and support staff working for this school system.

Substitute Counselor

Job coaching duties involve assisting students on campus or community work sites in developing proper work behavior and employment skills, accurately documenting student progress, and maintaining confidentiality at all times.

Are you curious about working at Fairview Park City Schools? Please visit their career page.

Zippia offers an in-depth view of Fairview Park City Schools, such as their salaries, political affiliations, and employee data. This data comes from self-reported employee data as well as users of Zippia and other sources, making it a helpful starting point for your research into this company. We estimated Fairview Park City Schools generates about $4.2M each year while their average employee salary stands at $41,196, and they remain with them on average for 4.5 years before leaving them behind.

Substitute Bus Driver

Safe Routes to School (SRTS) programs are a collaborative effort of schools, municipalities, local businesses, and residents working in conjunction to promote walking and bicycling to school. Successful SRTS programs use five elements: Education, Encouragement, and Engineering Enforcement Evaluation to increase safety while decreasing traffic pollution near schools.

Pre-pandemic, students in Fairview Park City Schools looked forward to Career Night as one of their most beloved events on campus. A casual open house that sees professionals stationed at tables sharing information about their jobs and answering student queries was held every March 24. But now there’s a twist – Career Night will return on March 24 with even more professionals participating!

Zippia offers an in-depth view of Fairview Park City Schools, from salaries, political affiliations, and employee data compiled from individuals working there or who have in the past. All information derived herein comes directly from employees or former workers at Fairview Park City Schools themselves.

Substitute Nurse

School nurses play an invaluable role in supporting optimal physical, emotional, and social development among their pupils. Offering preventive, routine, and emergency health services to all school-aged children, they offer nursing assessments to detect health problems before providing health education and anticipatory guidance to both pupils and families alike. Furthermore, these school nurses may offer vaccinations and health promotion/disease prevention/control services, which helps ensure students have optimal well-being at school.

School nurses can serve as general substitutes, serving all the schools within their district, or as specific nurses at individual schools. They may also choose to work full-time or transport children with special medical needs on school buses or summer camp excursions. Minimum requirements for school nursing include possessing a registered nurse license and passing background checks successfully; in some schools, TB test assessments may also be mandated, but individual schools themselves must cover these costs.

Substitute Librarian

Fairview Park City Schools does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, equal pay, national origin, disability, or age in its educational programs and activities offered to the community. All those interested in employment with our District are invited to apply.

The district employs 172 workers and generates $4.2M annually in revenue. BoardDocs makes accessing school board meeting information simple for its constituents.

Safe Routes to School (SRTS) is an ongoing program of projects and activities aimed at increasing safety and accessibility and encouraging walking and bicycling to schools. These efforts rely on education, encouragement, engineering enforcement, and evaluation. SRTS is a partnership among the city, community organizations, and residents.

Substitute Special Education Teacher

Fairview Park City Schools’ efforts extend far beyond academic achievement and technology initiatives; their new strategic plan, The Warrior Way, emphasizes learning differently, caring deeply, and striving for excellence.

Even with its impressive academic accomplishments, the district falls below state averages when it comes to graduation rates and spending per student. However, its number of teachers with three or more years of experience exceeds this benchmark.

Fairview Park Elementary School serves a diverse population. Most of its students are white; however, African-American, Hispanic, and Asian students also attend. The curriculum at Fairview Park Elementary aims to prepare its pupils for future careers or postsecondary education – students also benefit from participating in extracurricular activities offered.

Substitute Social Worker

Fairview Park City Schools serves 1,608 students between its four public schools, placing it among Ohio’s top 50% (300-896 schools) for combined math and reading proficiency (ranked as #310 out of 896 districts) with its student-to-teacher ratio at 20:1.

Colleges and universities near Fairview Park City Schools have seen an upswing in associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees awarded over the past five years. In 2021 alone, 15,613 associate degrees were completed, 16,127 bachelor’s degrees were earned, and 3,410 graduate degrees were awarded – this accounts for an increase from 16,127 bachelor’s degrees awarded and 3,410 graduate degrees awarded during that same year.

DonorsChoose is the go-to crowdfunding website for classroom supplies and has helped fund nine projects within our district. Students benefit from these grants by expanding their learning through innovative projects – giving them an experience that will set them up for future career and postsecondary opportunities with success; those graduating from colleges with institutional accreditation have higher odds of finding employment after graduating.


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