Home Education Essential Items For Your Kindergarten and First Grade School Supply List

Essential Items For Your Kindergarten and First Grade School Supply List

Essential Items For Your Kindergarten and First Grade School Supply List

No matter the grade level of your child, some essential school supplies should always be on hand. Keep an eye out for sales throughout the year to purchase them at reduced costs.

Teachers often ask parents to purchase additional supplies than necessary so that students in need have extra access to tissues and hand sanitizer. Be sure to label both your child’s backpack and lunch box with his/her name and class!

1. Pencils

Pencils are essential tools for school activities and should always be brought along in their case to stay safe. A sharpener is also recommended to keep them sharpened and ready for writing.

Pencil cores are composed of graphite powder mixed with clay binder. Used primarily for artistic sketching and drawing purposes, pencils may also be utilized for stenography or note-taking purposes. Pens can be easily distinguished from pencils due to the latter having chemical ink instead of physical abrasion marks on their ends – something pencils do not do.

Search out sales throughout the year on staple school supplies like pencils and notebooks in order to save money. It is wise to purchase enough supplies for an entire year’s supply needs before replenishing as necessary. Make sure all items are clearly labeled with your child’s name so as to prevent misplaced supplies or money from being misappropriated by losing things that could quickly go amiss!

2. Pencils Sharpener

Pencil sharpeners are essential classroom supplies. Elementary school students use them for writing, art projects, and more – the X-ACTO School, Pro Electric model, is particularly favored among teachers as it can sharpen pencil diameters of 2 millimeters up to 8 millimeters efficiently and achieve fine points without excessive waste.

KUM Long Point sharpeners are also highly sought-after; each features two sharpeners in one unit to avoid oversharpening by disengaging once the blade has achieved a fine point. It’s compact enough for any student pencil case.

3. Dry-Erase Markers

Dry-erase markers are an indispensable addition to the first-grade school supply list, as they allow children to write quickly on whiteboards and nonporous surfaces such as plastic sheets. Their silicone polymer formulation helps prevent pigment from seeping into the surface of a board or sheet and leaves ghosting-free writing that erasers can easily wipe away without leaving any residual marks behind.

These markers are ideal for classroom settings where equations or diagrams require regular changes or deletions, as well as office environments for creating charts or presentations.

Elmer’s glue sticks have a low odor level, making them suitable for children with sensitive noses. One pack should last all year long when cutting paper and other materials; to store safely, they should be kept in a bag with labels to help identify their owner.

4. Scissors

While your child’s teacher will likely have different requirements for his or her school supply list, certain essential items remain consistent across grades and age levels. They are especially critical as kindergarten and first graders begin taking on more complex subjects and more demanding homework assignments.

Scissors are pairs of metal blades connected by hinges so as to enable cutting when their handles are closed. There are various kinds of scissors available for multiple purposes – shears and crafting scissors being two examples – while some varieties even exist specially tailored for cutting hair or embroidery thread.

Your choice of scissors depends on your child’s hand size and desired style. For younger kids, consider purchasing four pint-size kid-safe scissors equipped with plastic safety blades; their blunt tip will cut soft materials without injuring hands.

5. Lunch Box

Donations are essential in stocking classrooms with everything they need for instruction; by encouraging your child to participate in school supply drives, you can help their teacher out tremendously.

While most supplies for all grades are pretty similar, specific items are needed depending on age and grade level. From preschool and kindergarten all the way up to first grade, preparing your child with appropriate supplies will make their transition smoother.

An easily washable and insulated lunchbox will help your student pack healthy snacks and plenty of water for school each day. Skip Hop’s animal-inspired lunch bag features a toddler-sized grab handle, an easy fastened flap closure system, and enough space for all your child’s needs – plus, it is dishwasher safe!

6. Pink Eraser

On the first day of class, having all your child’s supplies prepared will help build her confidence about tackling a new year.

Classroom supply lists can often be complicated. Teachers might ask for Fiskars scissors with either pointed or blunt ends; Elmer’s glue sticks might also be desired, while others prefer hand sanitizing gel in 4-ounce bottles may be better suited.

Pink erasers are essential in every student’s pencil case, and this latex-free model from Amazon performs exceptionally well with both black and colored pencils. Soft and flexible, it makes correcting mistakes easy – sold at 36 per pack!

7. Index Cards

As students progress through upper elementary grades, their work becomes increasingly complex and their subject areas more specialized. Therefore, having supplies available that can assist in keeping organized while taking on more significant homework assignments and projects is essential.

Index cards provide students with a portable way to organize information. Available in various sizes with colorful tabs and either blank or ruled styles, their most popular size in the US is three inches high by five inches wide (3×5); other popular sizes are 4×6 and ISO A6 cards.

Index cards can be stored in various ways, from an index card box and folders to Rolodexes with flick-through systems or business card filing systems.

8. Copy Paper

Kindergarten and first-grade school supply lists typically feature essential items that children will use throughout the year, while as they move into upper elementary grades, their needs begin to shift as they take on more complex curricula.

Students often need to write or print assignments on paper. Copy paper is an indispensable staple in every home, and there are various varieties to choose from.

Carbonless copy paper is an affordable choice that eliminates the need for additional carbon paper. Constructed with white-pink-yellow sheets that transfer inked writing when pressure is applied, carbonless copy paper features inked writing transferring onto its lower sheets when pressure is applied to transfer inked report onto bottom sheets.

There is also colored copy paper with an opaque finish designed to make printed colors pop, and photo paper, which has thinner sheets with an irregular texture that adds a unique element.

9. Crayola Colored Pencils

Students entering first grade will require additional supplies as they settle into school life, including this set of Crayola colored pencils that should form part of their first-grade school supplies.

Presharpened thick 3.3mm leads ensure hours of effortless drawing, color laying down, and easy resharpening, making these pencils an excellent addition to classroom and art room activities. This set contains 12 colored AP nontoxic pencils.

Fiskars scissors are ideal for keeping up with the school year. Sharp, durable, and designed specifically to fit children’s hands, these Fiskars scissors will allow your student to cut paper, glue sticks, or perform other everyday classroom tasks with ease – plus, they are made of recycled materials!

10. Paper Towels

Starting school again can be challenging for any child, but equipping them with the appropriate supplies can make the transition much smoother. While certain items (like pencils and paper) may apply across grade levels, others are specific to certain age groups.

An investment in a high-quality backpack will last your child for many years to come, so investing early is worth considering. This classic option is perfectly sized for preschoolers and has room to grow with them as they get older. Plus, with so many designs to choose from, kids can express themselves more fully!

Students often require glue for classroom projects. A small container of Elmer’s will make an invaluable addition to their backpack – ideal for origami birds, sticking homework onto poster boards, and more – plus, it is washable!