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Escambia County School Supply List 2023-24

Back-to-school season has started, and parents are getting their kids prepared for another academic year. This Escambia County School Supply List 2023-24 can ensure your child has everything needed for academic success in elementary and middle school classrooms. Be sure to consult your child’s teacher prior to making any purchases for optimal success!

1. Pencils

Pencils are essential tools in any student’s school supply list and a must-have item for students. Pencils are used for taking notes, writing assignments, and many other classroom activities – from taking notes to keeping organized during class discussions and assessments. Available in many colors and materials, but all should be sharpened regularly before use; pencil cases provide storage to keep pencils safe. You can purchase pencils both locally and online. Florida offers its sales tax holiday through August 9 if you are buying school supplies and clothing during this time. To find out more, visit the Department of Revenue website for details!

2. Notebooks

Notebooks are blank books designed for writing. Students often use notebooks to take notes or doodle, with many offering lined pages that make writing neatly more accessible. Notebooks come in various sizes and formats, such as spiral metal binding or plastic, three-ring binder style binding, recycled notebooks, or three-ring binder style binding; recyclable notebooks may be an environmentally-friendly option as well. Students often keep notebooks to keep track of homework assignments or school projects.

3. Folders

Folders are real-life objects used to organize papers. In computer terms, a folder refers to a storage location within a drive that contains files and additional subfolders for organization. A folder’s properties can be altered by adding, moving, duplicating, or deleting folders within it, as well as labeling, renaming, or editing its properties.

Florida’s sales tax holiday for school supplies runs until August 9 and applies to clothing, footwear, and accessories priced under $15, as well as specific school supplies and books.

* Please be aware: the supply lists available here are general recommendations only and may differ significantly from what your child’s teacher requires for class.

4. Pens

Pens are essential tools for middle and secondary school students. Pens help children stay organized, write notes in class, sign forms or documents, and stay organized overall. Make sure your child has access to a high-quality pen they can use during school time!

Navy Federal has established itself in Escambia County with an expansive presence and continues to support local education through its Foundation.

5. Pencils Cases

Pencil cases are used to store pens, pencils, and other school supplies together for easy transport and organization. They’re perfect for protecting school supplies from getting misplaced by children and convenient enough that they fit easily in backpacks and bag pockets for convenient carrying around.

Highlighters are an invaluable aid for students in middle and secondary schools, helping them organize their notes and study materials more efficiently. Available in an array of colors so students can create their color system – some even non-bleeding and fast drying!

A standard two or three-hole punch can be invaluable for organizing school documents, but its size makes it cumbersome to store in your pencil case. A mini one-hole stapler may be more practical as it fits easily into the pencil case while being easy to use; these products can be found online or at stores.

6. Pencil Sharpeners

School supplies are an integral component of every student’s education. Since they cannot purchase their supplies independently, students rely on their parents to supply them. Unfortunately, shopping for supplies can be stressful; children can be particularly picky about pencils that erase better or crayons that have thicker pigmentation.

However, there are a few steps you can take to make school supplies shopping less of a headache. First of all, take an inventory of what pools already exist at home – you may not need any new supplies immediately. Also, keep an eye out for sales throughout the year – when standard collections such as pencils and notebooks go on sale, buy more for later – this way, you will save money overall in the long run! Plus, remember Florida has a sales tax holiday until August 9 – another way of saving!

7. Erasers

An eraser is an item of stationery used for erasing pencil markings, typically found in various shapes, sizes, and colors and made of multiple materials such as synthetic soy-based gum or vinyl; more expensive or specialized erasers usually consist of plastic or rubber materials.

Pink erasers are the classic pencil erasers you’ll find attached to their handles. These relatively stiff and solid erasers usually consist of mixtures of rubber and synthetic plastics that don’t dry out quickly and work effectively for erasing graphite and colored pencils. However, they tend to leave behind marks when erased off specific papers.

Gum erasers are more flexible than their pink counterparts and are often constructed of yellowish-tan latex for increased flexibility and reduced paper tear-through. It is ideal for large areas and gentler on paper than vinyl erasers.

8. Rulers

A ruler (or rule) is a thin strip of wood or metal with straight edges and length measurement markings designed for measuring purposes or drawing straight lines, among other tasks.

Traditional wooden rulers come with imperial or metric measurements and may be either flexible or rigid. Folding rulers – commonly referred to as carpenter’s rules – feature multiple flat wooden sections connected by pivot points that enable it to be folded away for storage purposes.

A metric ruler displays centimeters and millimeters, the standard measurements in countries using the metric system. You can find one at most office supply stores or online. Usually, it measures 30 centimeters long with large numbers separated by ten more minor marks called millimeters – commonly used in math & geometry as well as technical drawing applications; often known by its acronym in these regions as either meter ruler or centimeter stick.

9. Staplers

A stapler is a machine designed to quickly fasten materials together by pressing small, parallel-pronged, unidirectional metal fasteners called staples into them, with its primary purpose being the adhesion of thin objects together.

Heavy-duty staplers can be found in every classroom and office, from classroom models that staple several pages together simultaneously to industrial ones capable of pinning several dozen. Both manual and electronic staplers exist – powered either by compressed air or electricity – for heavy-duty projects.

Surgical staplers that resemble hammers but serve the same purpose are also available and used during surgery to close tissues and connect structures. They are preshaped into an “M” shape for easy sterile cartridge use and often preshaped into “T” shapes for use during bowel resection procedures; however, their service has been linked with numerous adverse events, including 366 deaths.

10. Straps

A strap is a flexible strip of material used to secure items. Straps may be constructed of various materials such as plastic, steel, paper, or fabric and may be used either to hold products together or secure other objects like pallets; in some cases, they are even used as load-bearing devices – you can find out more by visiting Wiktionary.

Navy Federal Credit Union presented The Foundation for Escambia County Public Schools with a check during their 13th annual 5K Run/Walk/Roll event on April 1. They have long collaborated in providing educational support in Escambia County.


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