Home Restaurants The best Eternity restaurant literally a coffin!

The best Eternity restaurant literally a coffin!

The best Eternity restaurant literally a coffin!

Eternity restaurant: confusing!

It’s hard to tell what drove these Ukrainian undertakers to create a massive coffin, fill it with a bunch of coffins and wreaths of average size, and then begin serving dinner inside it. The Eternity Restaurant is a sight to behold, whatever the reason, whether it was motivated by marketing or their enjoyment of the art.

Crowned unchallenged by Guinness World Records as the world’s largest coffin, the casket is 20 meters long, 6 meters wide and 6 meters tall. Guests will enjoy dour dinners surrounded by the trappings of the newly dead, made of pine (what else?), and decorated inside with the finest funeral décor.

Single candles illuminate the cosy tables, where patrons can order gruesome dishes with ominous, abstract names such as “Let’s meet in Heaven” or “Forty Day Salad” more specifically death-oriented, which relates to the local mourning practice of repeating memorial services 40 days after the tragic departure of a soul.

Located in the town of Truskavets, in the west of the country near the Polish border, the restaurant is owned by a small funeral parlour. It was the idea of Stepan Pyrianyk, the director of the parlour, who not only enjoys his role but loves a good meal.

What is eternity restaurant?

it’s not just a coffin for this freestanding structure. It’s also an eatery, called Eternity Restaurant, owned by undertakers at a funeral parlour as a side enterprise. In the hope of winning a world record, they opened it up and took visitors to Truskavets, which is situated in the westernmost part of the region, relatively close to its border with Poland.

A variety of regular-size coffins leaned against the doors, as well as funeral wreaths, are inside the windowless venue. To get tourists in the mood for a taste of morbidity, tables are lined with single candles. Since 2008, nothing has been published about it, but we hope that the restaurant is still alive and kicking. We sure hope so, with dishes called “Let’s Meet in Paradise.”


What are the dimensions of the restaurant?

A giant coffin made of pinewood lies in Truskavets, Ukraine, in an unassuming parking lot. At 20 meters (about 65.6 feet ) in length, six meters (about 19.6 feet) in width, and six meters in height, the world’s largest coffin is said to hold the record.