Home Restaurants Devil island prison restaurant – you will eat in a prison!

Devil island prison restaurant – you will eat in a prison!

Devil island prison restaurant – you will eat in a prison!

What is the devil island prison restaurant? And where is it?

devil island prison restaurant in China is furnished as if it were a true jail, down to the last detail. Thanks to its decoration, which has a large steel frame at its entry as a jail, the inner doors and windows have steel bars, and metal floors, it enjoys great realism. The waiters are dressed in black and white striped uniforms as hostages, whilst the security staff is dressed as soldiers. The meal is also served on traditional jail trays.

Initially, this Devil Island Prison Restaurant was built to intimidate people and discourage them from pursuing a life of crime and demonstrating the harshness of being in jail. Customers become prisoners upon entering the restaurant, are photographed, fingerprinted, and optionally handcuffs. After all, you’re already in jail but you’re going to dine on a plain metal table, don’t imagine a fancy decorated table to dine in. Stuff, on the other hand, simply looks like ice prison food for decoration purposes but, according to some consumer feedback, tastes completely fantastic.

It’s a distinct experience, which I’m personally not interested in having because I love dining in homely environments. Never say never, though, at least you’re going to be dining with known inmates you sully call buddies. The restaurant is indeed a perfect way of promoting a life without violence.

The idea of making devil island prison restaurant.

The owner of the Devil Island restaurants in China supposedly tried to warn people away from a life of crime by showing them how tough prison life can be with a jail-themed restaurant where you are taken in handcuffs to your table and served fried coffin-shaped bread. Any table is framed by rusting jail doors, and waiters in black-and-white striped uniforms serve you. A related restaurant is misleadingly called ‘Zen Cool’ in Beijing.


Is it a good idea to make a restaurant in the shape of a prison?

Across China, theme restaurants are prevalent. But just when you think you’ve seen everything, how about having dinner behind bars? A prison-themed restaurant in China’s eastern port city of Tianjin, adorned with chains and dimly lit corridors, offers a taste of prison life without a jail sentence. So, we can say it’s a pretty good idea.