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The amazing norma’s mediterranean restaurant

What is norma’s Mediterranean restaurant?

norma’s Mediterranean restaurant is a beautiful place to relax and get some food or do some shopping. The place is a one-stop café and mini grocery shop. Diners will enjoy lunch and dinner here every day of the week at Norma’s Eastern Mediterranean Cuisine. The workers are nice to the kids. In comparison, vegetarians have multiple food sources to dive into.

norma’s Mediterranean restaurant, including hummus and label, or baba ghanouj and tzatziki, has plenty of dips to start with. The stuffed grape leaves and marinated feta have some tasty starters and sides. Customers have meaty dishes for entrees, such as a sliced lamb gyro or a chicken kabob with tahini sauce. The vegan tofu shawarma with caramelized onions should be tried by vegans and vegetarians.

Things you don’t want to miss in norma’s Mediterranean restaurant.

Don’t miss The key staples (hummus, baba ganouj, tabouli, stuffed grape leaves, marinated feta, and kibbi, which are cracked-wheat pockets stuffed with ground beef) are covered by the Maza combo, and lamb, chicken, and kafta kabobs are added over rice pilaf ($30).

The platter satisfies two comfortably and provides us with delicious leftovers. Four soups, including a smooth cold cucumber yoghurt made with house-made yoghurt, garlic, and mint ($4 cup, $5.50 bowl), are always on sale. Lebanese falafel comes grilled or fried as a six-piece appetizer ($7.50), sandwich ($6.50), or in a vegetarian salad of stuffed grape leaves, hummus, tabouli, and tahini ($14), mixing the main ingredients of the Egyptian variants (fava beans and chickpeas, respectively). Co-owner Elias Bitar brands gluten-free, vegetarian and dairy products on the menu, offering both vegan and regular meat varieties of moussaka ($19) and shwarma ($16).

Burgers and chips, chicken nuggets, and Lil ‘Veggie, a platter of falafel, hummus, tahini, and pita, are on the children’s menu.

Heads Up: In the back of the restaurant, the Bitar family runs a small market where you can shop for oils, grape leaves, sweets from the Middle East, candies, and a selection of pomegranate jellies.

The Scoop: The Norma’s Mediterranean Restaurant is run by Lebanese immigrant Norma Bitar with two of her three daughters. Their cuisine is primarily inspired by Lebanon and Morocco. CousCous, a Moroccan dining room and hookah lounge next door featuring famous items from Norma’s menu, is also owned by the family.


What is the restaurant’s style?

The walls are decorated with sparkly garnet paint and mirrored off the polished laminate tables. At noon, family-owned Norma’s gathers a business crowd, at night, families, and medical students from Rowan University Cooper Medical School.


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