The Fluvanna School Calendar For 2022

The Fluvanna School Calendar For 2022

Fluvanna School Calendar 2022 has kicked off, and students are taking full advantage of it by participating in celebrations and activities that make each year of their education genuinely memorable.

Clubs are an essential element of FLDP, and FCHS offers over 40 options to choose from. Each 2-1/2 hour session features speakers from government, local businesses, and community organizations sharing their expertise on a specific topic.


Fluvanna County Public Schools school calendar features holidays for students, teachers, and staff. This list of holidays includes federal and public holidays, regional celebrations, and non-student days like teacher preparation days and teacher services days that do not apply solely to students. Please keep in mind that these dates may change; for the latest updates, visit the Fluvanna County Public Schools website.

Now available is the 2022-2023 Fluvanna school holiday calendar, offering parents an excellent opportunity to plan and prepare their children for what lies ahead in 2019. Students will enjoy celebrating all holidays with gusto, making this year memorable and enjoyable.

Spring Break

Fluvanna school calendar’s spring break provides students with an opportunity to relax and take much-deserved rest from classes. School calendars are determined locally with input from stakeholders like teachers, parents, and administrators, although certain state holidays must be observed. Furthermore, local decisions regarding professional learning days for teachers and the length of winter and spring breaks are made by individual schools.

On this page is the 2022 Fluvanna County Public Schools Holiday List, which has been formatted so you can read it easily. This comprehensive list features federal holidays, public holidays, regional celebrations, and numerous ceremonies that take place each year in Fluvanna County Public Schools.

The school board discussed and adopted a policy that requires students to sign a statement agreeing to be interviewed by law enforcement officials, with parents present during each interview session. The policy passed with a 3-2 vote.

Summer Break

Fluvanna County public schools observe several holidays throughout the year, some national or federal, while others are cultural or traditional. There are also teacher service days and professional development days incorporated into their calendar, which do not count towards students’ yearly attendance numbers.

Fluvanna School Calendar 2022 contains all of the significant holiday dates that students and parents need to know, as well as an exhaustive listing of school activities and events for that year. Parents and students can use this calendar as a planning tool and make the most out of this school year!

Fluvanna County students have found COVID-19 challenging and are falling behind, so summer school will be held this year to help catch them up on their work and keep up. Superintendent Chuck Winkler explained to a school board meeting this week why summer school must exist: without attending, some could miss opportunities in high school that prevent graduation; summer school will commence on June 21.

Fall Break

Fluvanna County High School typically hosts its fall break during the first week of October, giving students time to recharge after an exhausting summer and get ready to begin the new academic year with renewed energy and vigor.

On August 3rd, the Lake Monticello Golf Team will be the host of a multi-school Bockman Invitational tournament, named for George Bockman, who was an integral contributor to Fluvanna County athletics for decades. Following that tournament, they will play scrimmages against Chancellor and Madison before playing regular season scrimmages with Broadway High on Sept 8th before beginning Jefferson District play by hosting Albemarle one week later.

Field hockey, like volleyball, is another fall co-ed sport at Fluvanna; however, only girls participate. The Flucos will begin their season with two scrimmages on August 11 and 18 before participating in the Farrugion tournament on August 26.