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O noir Canada: that’s what we call a creative restaurant.

The history of o noir Canada.

O Noir Canada – Since opening the first “Dine in the Dark” restaurants in Canada called ONOIRin Montreal (2006) and Toronto (2009), O.NOIR has continuously presented visitors from near and far with an incredible culinary experience. O.NOIR Toronto welcomes visitors to enjoy food, beverages, and chat as never before without the use of sight, now the rage in Europe, Australia, and US cities such as Los Angeles and New York.

“It’s like no other, a sensual eating experience! “ONOIR Canada maker and former owner Moe Alameddine say,” When you eat food in the dark, the remaining senses are heightened to savour the scent and taste of food. And daily dishes such as yoghurt and potatoes take on a culinary flare.

O Noir Canada – But more than merely relaxing the senses, ONOIR Canada does more. Customers develop a greater sense of what it is like to be blind after 1-2 hours in absolute darkness (no flashlights, mobile phones, candles, cigarette lighters, or luminous watches), much like the waiting staff of the restaurant squad, which consists solely of the visually impaired.

The creativity of the restaurant.

O Noir Canada – We hone in on the rich and exciting dining options offered in Canada following our discovery of the most innovative restaurant concepts in the world. Canada is now the second-largest nation in the world (geographically), a prosperous tapestry with ethnic and historical values.

O Noir Canada – You have the ability to escape into the rural oases of the Rocky Mountains of the West Coast and the Prairies after walking into Canadian soil, witness the electrical energy of world-class cities such as Vancouver and Toronto, or move back in time for a few generations with a visit to historically important East Coast settlements.

O Noir Canada – If a rumble in your belly is caused by your journeys through the great country, Canadian restaurants will also have that covered. Move into any of the below mentioned matchless dining establishments and you are sure to return with an experience that you might not have expected, but will certainly not forget.

Eye-popping views and unique dining experiences dot the path from coast to coast.

The darkness of o noir Canada.

O Noir Canada – This restaurant has a special way of allowing its customers to thoroughly savour their meal’s scents and tastes. Guests are led by members of a blind wait staff into the pitch-black dining area after briefly unwinding in a cosy, film-noir-inspired lounge. Without their sense of sight, they encounter conversation, fruit, and drink for a fleeting time!

Any flashlights, matches, mobile phones, cigarette lighters, and luminous watches are excluded from the dining room so that absolute darkness can be preserved at all times. As explained by O’Noir creator Moe Alameddine,

Not only can visitors develop a greater taste for their meals, but they also learn what it’s like to be blind temporarily. This feature of the restaurant is influenced by the work of a blind pastor living in Zurich, Jorge Spielmann. Spielmann would frequently blindfold his dinner guests so they could share in his eating experience, and in 1999, to teach the sighted about the life of the sightless and offering work for the blind, he opened the first “dining in the dark” restaurant in Germany.


How can customers see the menu?

the hosts can take the orders in the lit bar upon arrival after you have looked at the menu. However, in the dining room, you can order more drinks or extra food directly from your waiter.

Can the kitchen be dark too?

The kitchen is illuminated and there's no vision impairment for the chefs.

Children are accepted in o noir Canada?

Yeah! Yes! Kids aged 6 and over are welcome. However, for children, we do not offer a special menu or price.


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