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Which Network Should You Watch NFL Games On?

Which Network Should You Watch NFL Games On?

There are a variety of channels where you can watch NFL games on. You can choose from ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN+. All of these offer excellent coverage. However, which one is best? If you are looking for the best NFL viewing experience, you should consider all of the options.

Weeks 2 and 18

The NFL has announced that it will include two Week 18 games on the ESPN and ABC broadcast schedules. These two games will air simultaneously and have playoff implications.

One game is likely to be a Sunday Night Football matchup. The other could be a Monday Night Football game. It will still be determined closer to Week 18. This season will feature a total of 19 regular-season games on both networks.

This season, ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” package will expand from 17 to 23 games. Two of these games will be simulcast on ESPN+. Other games will also be simulcast on ABC.

In addition, ESPN will now carry an annual exclusive game on ESPN+. ESPN+ will also have a second NFL game in 2022, which will be a winner-take-all affair.

ESPN+ NFL Primetime

One of the most recognizable football highlight shows of all time is back for a third go around on ESPN+. Chris Berman and Tom Jackson are bringing the show back, and they’re doing it in a new format. This time, you’ll be able to watch the show on demand.

The NFL Primetime show has been on the air since 1987. In fact, the program was one of the most popular highlights of the early 2000s. It featured extended highlights but also featured more in-depth analysis segments.

The new version of the program will air on Sunday nights throughout the 2020 NFL season. During the postseason, NFL PrimeTime will show the old-fashioned type of highlights. Instead of showing a bunch of short, quick-hitting plays, the highlight shows will focus on key player performances and the storylines surrounding them.

Amazon vs ESPN vs CBS

There’s no doubt that Amazon is the king of the online shopping world, but it’s also a pretty good competitor for cable and satellite TV providers. As such, it has invested in entertainment to entice customers.

Its Prime video service has reached 80 million households. The company has been spending time and money on customer service and its coveted Prime logo. In the past year, it has also acquired rights to some of the most popular sports in the US.

The best news for consumers is that the deal includes more than just Thursday Night Football. Amazon will also be the proud owner of NFL Sunday Ticket, a subscription service that allows users to watch any of the league’s regular season games on demand.

Jim Allegro’s death

A man of many facets, Jim Allegro’s career spanned more than three decades in the media business. As an executive at ESPN, he made some of the biggest moves in the sports world. He wore many hats, including that of the company’s senior vice president, and network group. The most notable accomplishment of his storied tenure was the creation of a new sports division dubbed ESPN2 that is poised to compete with NBC and CBS. While he helmed the new entity, he also led the charge in the creation of ESPN Radio.

As a testament to his long and storied career, Allegro walked away with several awards, including the honor of being named the most important person in the company. Some of his best-known works include his role in creating the ESPYs and launching the multi-platform ESPN Radio. Among his other accomplishments was his tenure as a member of the ABC board of directors.


Reporting on ESPN NFL games is often the last word in coverage. In recent years, ESPN has tried to patch its relationship with the league. Some notably, the network brought back its broadcast team and re-signed Hall of Famer Randy Moss. Now, ESPN is looking to bolster its sagging Monday Night Football ratings. The company has also staked a major chunk of the Longhorn Network.

Sports reporter Adam Schefter is one of the biggest names in sports reporting. In fact, he’s been with the Worldwide Leader for 13 years. Not only is he a top-notch writer, he’s also an acclaimed author, having published five books.


ESPN NFL analysts are in the studio today, talking about the NFL and Sunday’s game. They discuss the Jets/Browns matchup and the upcoming Packers/Bears matchup. Then, they dive into the latest Robert Sarver story.

In addition, they discuss the season-opening matchup between the Rams and the Packers. Then, they weigh the stats and predict the outcome.

The hashtag crew weighs in on teams, with the Bears, Cowboys, and Titans all in the Eliminator pool. Greeny’s picks for the game come from opposite directions. And Bubba is down in the dumps.

After a few minutes, Greeny brings ESPN NFL analyst Ryan Clark into the studio. He talks about his Top 5 NFL takes and asks him questions from his Get Up prep.