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Michigan Basketball – The Fab Five, Cazzie Russell, Tim McCormick, and More

Michigan basketball has had a pretty good season so far. It has won back-to-back Big Ten tournaments, played in its first rivalry game, and has a Fab Five. Unfortunately, the team has also suffered its first loss to North Carolina.

Fab Five

During the early 90s, Michigan’s Fab Five revolutionized basketball. This quintet of freshmen took hip-hop to the game and changed the game. Their style and attitude embodied the era’s hip-hop culture.

Fab Five was the most successful freshman team in history. Four of the five players went on to play in the NBA. The Fab 5’s style of basketball and attitude created controversy. They were dubbed thugs and drug dealers, and they received racist and death threats.

After they played two seasons in college, the Fab Five broke up. However, the members of the group had an impact beyond the game.

During the time that the Fab Five were together, the NBA was a two-team tournament. Teams from the West Coast and East were signing deals with Adidas. Michigan was good enough to land the top seed in the Western Conference.

Crazie Russell Center

Cazzie Russell was one of the most dominant players in Michigan basketball history. He was an All-American at Michigan and went on to play professionally. His plethora of accomplishments have made him a favorite of fans across the country.

In his first year at Michigan, Russell led the Wolverines to an 18-7 record, the program’s best ever. He earned College Basketball Player of the Year honors and was named to the All-American team.

Russell’s success spawned a new wave of basketball fandom that stretches beyond Yost Field House. Aside from his time at the University of Michigan, Russell also played for five different NBA teams.

Tim McCormick

If you are a sports fan, you have probably heard of Tim McCormick. A former basketball player, he is still a consultant for the Detroit Pistons.

Although he didn’t become a star, McCormick had a solid career that spanned nine seasons in the NBA. He played on six different teams and is credited with a number of notable feats. From averaging a whopping 5.9 rebounds per game to scoring over 5,000 points, he was a real performer.

As a rookie, McCormick played a significant role in helping the Atlanta Hawks reach the playoffs in 1991. In the midst of a rebuilding campaign, he starred in a handful of key games and was named the team’s most valuable player.

Wins back-to-back Big Ten tournaments

The Michigan basketball team won back-to-back Big Ten tournament titles in 2018. This marks the first time the Wolverines have won three straight titles since 1986.

Last season, Michigan made the NCAA Tournament for the first time in nine years. It was also the first team to reach the second weekend of the tournament in 14 years. Now, the team is going into the tournament with a lot of momentum.

The Michigan Wolverines are in the hunt for their fourth Big Ten Tournament title. Coach John Beilein is 13-3 at this event over the last five seasons.

Michigan won a record four games over the last four days. That was enough for Beilein to claim the top spot for the first time in his career.

Loses to North Carolina

The Michigan Wolverines were able to make a case for a win over the North Carolina Tar Heels in the Jumpman Invitational, but it was not to be. They fell 80-76 in Charlotte. Despite a strong performance by Kobe Bufkin and Jett Howard, the Wolverines didn’t close the gap in the second half and ended up dropping their fourth straight game.

In the first half, the Michigan Wolverines did their part to keep the pro-North Carolina crowd quiet. They jumped out to a 20-12 lead in the first quarter. Neither team was very good from the field in the first half.

After a long stalemate in the middle of the first half, North Carolina put together a run to take a 41-34 lead. Dickinson had an offensive foul and it helped them get back in the game.

First rivalry game

The first rivalry game between Michigan and Ohio State took place in Ann Arbor in 1897. In the first meeting, Michigan won by a score of 34-0.

That first matchup is the only one between the two schools to feature players from each school. Michigan’s Howard Yerges played on both sides of the rivalry. Afterward, he transferred to Michigan.

The Buckeyes’ record against the Wolverines is 59-51-6. Both teams are ranked in the top five AP Polls. However, they are not in the College Football Playoff.

The Big Ten East rivalry has lost some luster over the past few weeks. But this Saturday, the two schools will meet once again for the 191st time.


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