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What’s The Difference Between Trade School And Technical College?

Perhaps you are thinking about pursuing a postsecondary degree in the tech industry, but you aren’t sure what type of school to go to. There are many options available – the most popular being 4-year colleges and 2-year tech schools. But while these two paths may seem similar at first glance, there are important differences between them that you should consider if you want to start a tech career as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The goal of tech schools, or tech-prep schools , is to graduate students who are experts in their fields. They offer more hands-on coursework than traditional colleges do. For example, tech school students have the opportunity to learn how to operate machinery and use the latest tech tools in a real-world setting.

Tech colleges offer degrees in tech, business and management among other things. They typically take longer to complete than tech-prep schools because they offer a wider array of coursework in addition to tech related subjects.​​

With tech school, your education will be focused on tech skills that are directly related to the tech field you are interested in. Tech colleges have tech programs too, but tech schools are designed specifically for tech students.

With tech college, your education will be more general and you can choose tech courses as electives instead of being required to take them along with other subjects that are unrelated to tech. If you want a tech career, tech schools offer more tech course options than tech colleges do.

Trade schools are trade schools. They offer specific trade courses people can take to work in a trade industry, or they offer trade programs that allow students to earn an associate degree. We’re here for trade schools, but trade schools are not necessarily trade schools.

A trade school will focus on the practical skills needed for a specific trade profession, so school will teach you practical tech skills that can be put to use immediately in a tech related job. You may even get hands-on experience while you are still in school. Tech colleges offer theory based tech courses and tech degrees that require an internship or practicum before you can graduate.

Tech school is typically a shorter path to advanced tech training and a tech degree than tech college. Tech schools offer trade degrees, which are typically two years long compared to 4-year trade degrees offered at tech colleges. Trade degrees from trade schools take 2-3 years to complete after high school, while trade degrees at technical colleges take 4-5 years after high school.

So, trade schools are for students who want to become trade professionals and tech colleges are for students who want to start a career in technology; trade schools offer trade degrees while technical colleges offer tech degrees.

Pueblo tech school is perfect for someone graduating from high school who knows they want to pursue a specific trade trade trade trade trade trade trade trade trade trade trade trade trade trade trade trade like truck driving, carpentry or medical assisting. The degrees you can earn at tech school range from certificates to associate degrees in fields like office administration, computer technology, healthcare and more.