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7 Popular Computer Degrees for IT Jobs

7 Popular Computer Degrees for IT Jobs

The field of computer science has grown exponentially in recent years making it one of the top earners amongst all other college majors. College-bound students are now faced with a variety of options when considering what type of degree program to pursue. Many popular degrees, including business and engineering, require extensive math skills that many people do not possess. Luckily, there are several options for earning an information technology (IT) degree without having to take calculus or similar theoretical courses.


A career in IT is interesting, challenging and well-paying—and there are options for everyone interested in pursuing this exciting field. Those who choose an IT degree can expect to learn about topics like networking hardware/software, cyber security and system administration After graduation students will be able to work in a variety of areas such as computer repair, data management and software testing.

There are several types of degrees that students can choose from when it comes to studying IT including: computer science, information technology, systems & network administration, cybersecurity and software engineering. Each type of degree is designed for a specific area of study within the broad field of IT. Read on to gain more insight into these topics offering details about each option.

Information Technology (IT) programs focus primarily on providing students with the technical knowledge needed to pursue a variety of IT careers such as:

  • Information Technology and Information Systems
  • Computer Science
  • Information Science
  • Systems & Network Administration
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Cybersecurity

Computer Science This degree focuses primarily on taking an analytical approach to technology by teaching students how to design new applications and computer-related devices while also teaching them how existing systems work . The courses offered during this program focus on developing skills needed for positions like system analyst or programmer/developer. Students will take courses that focus on coding, network design and computer security.

Computer Science is the most theoretical of all degrees in IT. Students who desire to further develop their knowledge or research skills may find this degree beneficial . This degree is perfect for those who are interested in working with other programmers to help create new software applications while also designing any supporting technology that may be needed along the way. A typical course of study for a Computer Science program can take up to five years or more depending on whether students are earning a Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree. The average salary for someone with a Computer Science degree is $75K per year according to data collected by PayScale.

Course lengths may vary by program. Please reference individual course descriptions for length information. There is no guarantee that an employer will permit completion of the curriculum in four months or less, nor any guarantee that students who complete the program within four months of enrollment will be placed in employment. Asher College has established partnerships with local businesses to help facilitate employment opportunities for graduates of the Information Technology programs. These opportunities are being facilitated through relationships built over time with these community partners. Although there is no guarantee of employment, we believe that our placement rate is strong and we continue to work on improving it.

Information Technology programs focus primarily on teaching students how to design and build computer networks as well as providing them with courses that teach about the proper way to secure those networks . A graduate from an Information Technology program will be able to understand how computer hardware, software and networking systems work together in order to allow users access to information they need quickly and efficiently. It also teaches how these different technologies can be used effectively without creating network security vulnerabilities.

Asher IT certification programs emphasize hands-on experience, first-hand exposure to the IT industry, and a robust offering of courses to make sure you have your bases covered. The training you get will have you feeling confident about becoming an IT professional.

You’ll also have the chance to start earning certifications as you go, which means that you’ll have the opportunity to start earning a paycheck right away — even while you’re still completing your studies behind the ivory tower of Asher College.

Our career center can help you find a job with one of our valuable partners so that you can start building up your resume and work toward continuing education in order to stay ahead of market demands.