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Top Tourist Spots To Visit In Hanoi In 2022

They assert that Hanoi is one of the few Asian capitals that has retained its historic essence and that rather than providing a base for seeing the country’s major sites, it becomes one of the journey’s highlights. In a city that first overwhelms you and may disappoint you in certain ways, it quickly and mysteriously draws you in until you fall in love with it, assuming that you will spend less time with it than it deserves.

This is a city where travelers want to spend more time. This city has something for everyone: street markets, hidden temples, world-famous street food, people, and even chaotic traffic. If you are planning a trip to Hanoi with your family, friends or going for a solo trip. Without any doubt, start planning, book singapore airlines booking online in any class, and save up to 45% off on every flight till the last minute. Scroll down and see what you can explore in this city:

It is impossible to depart Hanoi without completing at least the following tasks:

Visit the Temple of Literature to take a trip back in time

It’s a beautiful refuge in the midst of Hanoi’s chaos, one of the city’s most charming corners. As well as one of the few remaining examples of traditional architecture in outstanding condition. Magnificent gardens scrupulously kept to the smallest detail, enormous patios, and, of course, temples, the largest and most magnificent of which are contained inside the perimeter. It’s difficult not to fall in love with the little details, such as the red wooden doors leading to the patios, the incense jars, and the pointed roofs typical of oriental architecture.

Allow yourself to get immersed in the neighborhood’s history

It is hard to begin your tour of Hanoi without being disoriented in the city’s old area, which will consume most of your time throughout your stay. You may get a taste of what these traditional dwellings were like by visiting Ngoi Nha, an antique merchant’s house on P Ma May Street that has been painstakingly restored and has exquisite woodwork and an indoor courtyard that was formerly part of the house. The funny thing is that, rather than repelling you, the neighborhood pulls you in and, once you have a sense of it, you’ll want to explore every inch of it. It was once known as the artisans’ neighborhood due to the fact that each guild was created only on one of the area’s 36 streets.

Consider a cup of coffee with an egg in it

Yes, and it is also pretty prosperous. Drinking coffee is like a religion in Hanoi, and although there are coffee shops everywhere, the best ones are hard to come by. As a consequence, you must either pick among people who have already registered from home or have them recommended to you by someone. Despite the widespread availability of ordinary coffee, are you intending to leave Hanoi without experiencing one of the world’s most inventive coffees?

Egg coffee (cà phê trng) made its debut in the 1940s, when a waiter, confronted with a shortage of milk, came up with the notion of adding an egg to the coffee, which became a success.

Conduct an investigation of the city’s street marketplaces

Without its well-known street markets, Hanoi’s streets would be a different place, a chaotic and orderly tangle that leaves no one unaffected. These markets offer an endless supply of photographic opportunities due to the simple and everyday scenes; the spectacular nature of this genre, which includes live fish and meat and the vibrant colors of fresh fruit; and, as if that weren’t enough, the hundreds of motorcycles and bicycles that whizz by on the roadside.

Please have a Bia Hoi

And would you trust us if we told you that a beer costs as low as €0.20 in Hanoi? Would you put your faith in us? Yes, and it is something that you must do throughout your Hanoi holiday, whether you like it or not. At the time of writing, a homemade beer is being drunk. Without sugarcoating it, we will state unequivocally that the beer is far from superb and is really rather weak. After all, a glass of Bia Hoi is a steal at that price, particularly given the city’s terrible heat.

Last Words

The majority of voyages to Vietnam, where you will definitely be charmed by Halong Bay’s incredible splendor, include a stop in this frenetic city, where the cacophony of traffic horns serves as the soundtrack to your journey. Till then, book your trip to Vietnam with AirlinesMap and customize your travel itinerary to enjoy a rejuvenating holiday experience!

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