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The Kayo 125 Dirt Bikes Review

Kayo is one of the premier Chinese pit bike makers. Their wide variety of dirt bikes cater to riders of all ages and skill levels.

Kayo dirt bikes are relatively affordable and look attractive, yet they aren’t without some drawbacks; one major issue is their non-reliable parts.


The Kayo 125 dirt bike boasts an attractive engine and appears to offer many features at an attractive price, yet some serious concerns about quality and reliability remain. On Kayo’s Facebook page alone, there is only a 2.8-star rating, along with numerous complaints from customers who had issues with their new bikes.

The Predator 125 features a 124cc air-cooled engine designed for 10-year-olds and up, filling the gap between Kayo’s Fox 70 and Storm 150 models. It is the first model in its line to include reverse gear to help younger riders become familiar with controls and throttle management; additionally, it boasts double A-arm suspension and dual front disc brakes for increased performance.

This off-road racing vehicle is ideal for kids aged ten and up who wish to participate in off-road racing. Capable of handling rugged terrain with ease, it’s an excellent option for beginner racers hoping to advance their skills while discovering more about this exciting sport. In addition, its sleek appearance will appeal to young children.

This bike’s 125cc engine and automatic transmission offer plenty of power for riders to accelerate, maneuver, and climb steep hills without issue. At 260lbs, it features a seat height of 32.5 inches with an impressive wheelbase of 58.5 inches for effortless mobility – not forgetting a fantastic ground clearance of 13.8 inches! Additionally, it can hold 1.9 gallons of fuel with an MSRP price tag of $4,999!

The Kayo 125 dirt bike is produced in China and then distributed throughout North America, Europe, Russia, and Chile by Zhejiang Qianjiang Motorcycle Co Ltd, which also has small vehicles and scooters. Kayo dirt bikes provide an ideal entryway into off-road racing for kids and adolescents; their easy riding characteristics make them excellent choices for budget-conscious racers who aspire to become professional racers themselves.


Kayo dirt bikes are manufactured in China and available through various retailers worldwide, including in the US, Europe, Russia, and Chile, where Kayo operates – in Carrollton, Texas, and Fontana, California, respectively.

The company manufactures a range of models for children’s bikes to adult-size motocrossers. Their portfolio features 2-stroke engines, 4-stroke engines, and fuel-injected bikes, with its most famous being their 125cc bikes with features like electric start, disc brakes, and an adjustable handlebar.

Kayo’s Predator 125 dirt bike is tailored for riders aged 10-plus, falling between the Fox 70 and Storm 150 models in terms of price and target audience. Ideal as an entry-level ride, its electric start, three-disc brakes, and dual LED headlights make for a fantastic starting experience – as does its EFI system, which delivers exceptional throttle response. Plus, it costs less than its K6EFI 250 counterpart and shares weight, wheelbase, and ground clearance characteristics with other Kayo models!

Although created for motocross use, the MR125 can also serve as an excellent training bike on the track. Its frame is optimized for tarmac racing, while its tires offer superb grip. While not as fast as other bikes such as Honda Grom or Kawasaki Z125 models, its instant throttle response makes for fun and affordable riding, with excellent steering feel and robust rear tires; unfortunately, there’s no steering lock included, which would be a helpful safety feature for novice riders; perhaps adding quarter-turn unit would improve this model further!


As opposed to the Kayo dirt bike we previously reviewed, this Kayo offers 14-inch rear and 17-inch front wheels as well as larger brakes and a beefier frame, giving it better specifications for motocross riding. Furthermore, its larger brakes and bulkier frame make this version better equipped than its counterpart for training big leaguers, but its braking system leaves something to be desired; its brake pads feature large holes that reduce friction surface area, possibly as an attempt at weight reduction; this may make this version unsuitable for racing bike use.

The Kayo MR125 dirt bikes we’ve seen may be more costly, but they offer additional features and have better aesthetic appeal. Equipped with an inverted fork and disc brakes for stopping power, their engines may be smaller than other 125cc minibikes, yet still boast a 4.6-gallon tank capacity, 5-speed transmission, rotary valve carburetors, rotary valve, and carburetor features as well as lightweight weight.

If you’re in search of an entry-level 125cc dirt bike to practice on, the MR125 may be just the ticket. At an affordable price point and easy enough to ride for most beginners, its appeal makes this an attractive option. Plus, it comes in different colors and has many accessories! Just make sure that if buying online from an untrustworthy seller, they carry quality bikes by their manufacturer rather than getting scammed by knock-off sellers selling subpar copies that won’t work or waste your money! Be wary when making online purchases, especially when purchasing any bikes from dealers that don’t carry quality bikes. If you are buying from such retailers who carry quality bikes directly, they won’t work or waste your money! When making online purchases, be sure that the seller has both a physical address and phone number in case anything concerning purchase issues or warranty concerns arises before proceeding further with purchase decisions.


The Kayo 125 dirt bike is an ideal option for young riders, as its power keeps them engaged and entertained. Plus, this light bike makes it easy to navigate and control. In addition, its affordable pricing makes this an attractive choice for beginners who are just getting into biking.

Kayo dirt bikes are manufactured in China and assembled in the US before being distributed through various dealers across the country. Their prices are highly affordable while quality remains excellent, making Kayo an attractive option for people wanting to begin riding without breaking the bank.

Kayo also produces mini sportbikes specifically targeted towards youth racers, such as their MR125 MiniGP mini sportbike for young racers. With its 125cc engine, slick tires, and dual disc brakes, this is an excellent bike to start young racers out right!

Kayo has earned itself a stellar reputation among Chinese motorcycle manufacturers due to its exceptional quality and durability. All its engines and parts are manufactured within its facility, and the company provides a three-year warranty for all its products. In addition, financing solutions are also offered to make its bikes more cost-effective for buyers.

Kayo’s 125cc ATV provides ample power for riders from young up to teenagers. Its instant throttle response makes this model an incredible seller for Kayo, making for a thrilling riding experience. Additionally, its newly designed bodywork for the 2021 Bull 125 includes LED headlights and a rear rack; to keep its cost down, Kayo has used non-name brand suspension to reduce costs even further.


Kayo brand products are well-recognized in China, where they produce over 170,000 pit bikes and ATVs annually, serving as an official sponsor of the national pit bike race series. Kayo products boast features usually found only on dirt bikes costing much more, such as Mikuni carburetors that measure fuel and air input into engines, 5-speed transmission, and double A-arm front suspension with single shock rear suspension.

Kayo has a small presence in the US, with their main offices located in Carrollton and Fontana, Texas, respectively, but they have hundreds of dealers throughout the country and an interactive dealer map on their website that makes finding one quick and straightforward. They are known for providing affordable off-road vehicles that make a good value option for families wanting to give their children their first dirt bike ride experience.

Notably, the Kayo 125 should not be used for competitive riding due to its inferior build quality in comparison with bikes made in Europe or Japan – considered among the best globally. But this MR125 still makes an excellent option for kids who wish to keep up their skills without incurring the big financial and time commitment associated with full-size motocross racing events.

Consider that entry fees for kart tracks typically amount to just one-quarter of the costs associated with track days and that the Kayo 125 costs significantly less than some new Japanese 110cc dirt bikes – it all makes more sense!


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