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Liv Devote Gravel Bike

Liv’s Devote gravel bike builds upon her perpetually underrated first model with several additional features, such as flared drop Giant Contact SLR XR D-Fuse handlebars and seat posts that increase compliance at riders’ two main points of contact.

Flip chips on the rear dropout enable you to change wheelbase length, altering geometry to suit racing or bikepacking missions, while rack and fender mounts complete this frame’s offering.


Liv’s first foray into gravel bikes – commonly referred to as adventure or bike-packing bikes – was The Devote, designed with input from Kaysee Armstrong as their test rider and thorough research into female body dimensions, muscular activity patterns, and strength patterns as well as information from athletes like Liv herself. This new series is optimized for everything from all-day rides on bridleways and forest fire roads to bike-packing, gravel grinders, and endurance racing events.

Advanced 1 builds utilize advanced-grade composite frames and forks, keeping weight down so riders can effortlessly fly up climbs, accelerate quickly on paved roads, or glide along gravel paths. Giant has equipped this bike with 700x45c tubeless tubes and Maxxis Rambler tires from Giant’s P-X2 disc wheelset equipped with EXO sidewall protection, providing long life and sidewall durability on rough terrain. They are mounted to their 700x45c Maxxis Ramblers on Giant P-X2 wheelset equipped with GRX level brakes. Giant has fitted this bike with a 400mm Giant Contact XR D-Fuse flare drop bar featuring a 5-degree back sweep for greater confidence during off-road descents and added a flared Giant D-Fuse seatpost to absorb vibrations and ensure comfort during extended rides.

This top-level build features an entire SRAM Force eTap AXS wide-range drivetrain and Shimano 105 11-34T cassette, giving you plenty of gears for conquering steep hills or long, dirty climbs. In addition, you will receive a Giant CrossCut AT1 40c gravel saddle designed with cutouts to reduce pressure on your sit bones, and its press-fit bottom bracket (BB86) lets you install dropper posts.

Devote offers three frame sizes to meet the needs of riders between 150cm to 163cm in height and two others that accommodate riders of 171cm or greater. Internal cable routing, mounting points for mudguards, racks and bags as well as three water bottle mounts come standard on all three frame sizes.


Sure, road or cyclocross bikes can handle gravel surfaces just fine, but dedicated gravel bikes were explicitly built for off-road adventures – from lunch rides on uncharted routes to backpacking trips or backcountry expeditions with comfort, efficiency, and style in mind.

Liv Cycling recently unveiled their Devote Advanced 1 gravel/adventure bike as their latest entry into this sector of biking. Part of Giant Bicycles, Liv’s Devote was created explicitly with female riders in mind and features to accommodate different riding styles and rider preferences.

One of the key features is the geometry of the frame, which was developed through research into women’s bodies and muscle recruitment patterns. This ensures more comfortable riding for female cyclists – helping increase performance while also helping prevent injuries.

Devote comes equipped with a carbon fork that’s specially designed to handle rough terrain and absorb impacts from unpaved trails, helping reduce stress on hands, arms, and back. Furthermore, its geometry places you in an upright position, which makes keeping up with group rides on climbs or technical descents easy.

To make sure this bike is ready for any adventure, it comes equipped with mounts for racks and mudguards, along with space for larger tires. In addition, its dropper post makes switching between gravel and road setups simple and seamless.

Overall, the Devote is an outstanding option for female-focused gravel/adventure bikes that can handle everything from weekend mountain rides to multi-day backcountry bikepacking adventures. It features an Advanced-Grade Composite frame explicitly tuned to female riders as well as several adventure features to provide an enjoyable off-road riding experience.

Smooth Operator

The Liv Devote Advanced Pro marks Liv Bikes’ first foray into gravel bikes, designed to take on any off-road ride you throw its way – from gravel grinder races and new trail exploration to bikepacking adventures across backcountry terrain. Built around an Advanced-Grade composite frame explicitly designed to fit women’s bodies and fitted with a wide range of Shimano drivetrain components as well as a Giant P-X2 wheelset capable of holding 45c tires.

I tested out the Devote on both smooth roads and bumpy singletrack trails to assess its abilities on both terrains. On slippery roads, it felt similar to riding a road bike or cyclocross bike; on singletrack trails, however, due to its Women-Specific geometry, which utilizes Liv’s Global Body Dimension Database for understanding how women’s musculoskeletal structure affects power output and muscle usage, I found the ride more stable for rough terrain and tight turns than usual.

On Singletrack, my experience was mixed. While it handled the steepest climbs without incident, some rocky sections and tight turns presented challenges; overall, however, it was easy to navigate and definitely a step above a hardtail mountain bike.

On a new bike, post-ride discomfort is usually inevitable, but I found the devotion left me surprisingly refreshed after just my first long ride! Partly, this could be attributable to its suspension system, which utilizes Liv’s D-fuse vibration dampening technology; combined with flared drop Giant Contact XR D-Fuse handlebars, it allows confident riding in technical trail sections.

Devote bikes feature an abundance of convenient features, ranging from mounting points for racks and mudguards to three bottle cages, as well as internal cabling to ensure a sleek appearance. Furthermore, their prices are relatively affordable, with their top-of-the-line Advanced Pro model fitted out with SRAM 1x AXS wireless shifting as well as carbon wheels starting at just PS4699.


Liv Cycling recently made headlines when they released the all-new Brava Advanced Pro cyclocross bike, and they quickly ventured into the gravel bike market with the Devote series – their inaugural entry. This all-new women-specific gravel bike series, developed specifically with female physiology and power output in mind, quickly made waves throughout this emerging category.

The Devote features a lightweight Advanced-Grade Composite frame and fork that is engineered with flat-mount disc-brake integration, providing superior braking performance in all weather conditions and over any terrain. In addition, its increased tire clearance makes this bike ideal for rough roads and trails. Other notable features of the frame include tapered steerer tube geometry, SRAM Force eTap AXS wide-range drivetrain compatibility, and press-fit bottom bracket BB86 press fit bottom bracket; internal cable routing as well as three water bottle mounts are standard on all frame sizes; plus it comes complete with D-Fuse flare drop handlebar and D-Fuse seatpost for comfort and vibration-dampening efficiency!

This women-specific gravel bike is perfect for riders who love off-road riding, want a versatile all-terrain vehicle for backpacking trips or racing cyclocross races, or need an easy way to navigate different surfaces – as its geometry has been tailored specifically to women’s torso and leg length for a comfortable, confident experience on all types of surfaces. Plus, it’s great for short and petite riders.

Devote bikes differ from their unisex counterparts in that they come with various frame sizes to meet women as petite as 5 feet tall. Furthermore, its design accommodates two water bottles in both frame and fork for a convenient ride-along.

If you’re in search of a bike that can comfortably navigate both paved and off-road terrain with confidence-inspiring handling and efficient acceleration, look no further than the Liv Devote. This all-purpose gravel bike makes an ideal companion when exploring new trails or competing in gravel road races; plus, it makes for an exciting and engaging ride around town – this gravel ride must-have is essential for women serious about gravel riding!


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