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The Hidden Meaning of Elephant Decor

Elephants are gentle creatures and are revered by cultures around the world. They are often portrayed as the embodiment of strength, family, patience, and memory. This is why elephant-themed decor is often laden with hidden meaning. You can find elephant figurines in a variety of styles and price ranges. However, if you prefer a less pricey option, bird figurines can make an equally stylish alternative.

Elephants are a matriarchal society.

Elephants are matriarchal societies, which means females rule over males. Elephants are known for their superior intelligence and structured social order. Females form a hierarchy that the oldest and largest female leads. They also stick together for the birth of a calf and mourn when a member of their herd dies.

Female elephants support their mothers and their newborns. They kick up dust to cover the newborn to protect it from predators. Then, they support the struggling mother by pressing against her and holding the calf up to achieve a successful birth.

They represent power

Elephant decor is a symbol of power and wisdom. It represents the ability to overcome obstacles. In Hinduism, it symbolizes wisdom and strength. It is also associated with the power of concentration and memory. As such, it is used for Vastu purposes, including for home decor. This animal can be found as wall hangings and figurines.

Using elephants as decor is a popular option. The key is to choose an image that reflects a positive message. Avoid images of war or destruction. In addition to paintings, statues of elephants are famous in homes. They are considered sacred animals and can be placed at the home entrance or office.

They energize your career.

Elephant decor is a powerful symbol of wisdom and power and can energize your career. It can be a statue, a cushion cover, or a planter. Elephant decor can also protect you from negative energy. It enhances your leadership qualities and gives you poise and caution when faced with stressful situations.

For best results, you can place the elephant statue near the entrance of your office. It attracts positive energy and boosts creativity. In addition, an elephant in the office can help you perform better under pressure and develop leadership qualities. You can also place an elephant figurine near your workstation to help you concentrate better.

They protect against theft.

Elephants are said to have a calming effect, which makes them excellent decorations for your home. In addition, they are believed to protect your home from theft and evil spirits. The best place to place an elephant is over the door, facing outward. The trunks of elephants also repel negative energy, which keeps burglars and thieves from getting into your home. Aside from being a great decoration choice, elephants are also considered a symbol of power and wisdom, which can be very useful for business owners.

The Elephant is one of the most important symbols of protection in Feng Shui. It protects against theft and reduces the violent energy of Flying Star no. 7 (which can bring loss, burglary, and violence). It also protects against unwanted accidents. The Elephant is also a symbol of longevity and fidelity.

They energize the wealth area of the Bagua map.

Elephant decor is an excellent choice for energizing the wealth area of the Bagua map. According to feng shui, elephants energize the wealth area because they represent royal abundance. Elephants can provide profamily protection and bring power to new beginnings if placed in a home. An elephant can also bring overall health and wellness to the inhabitants.

In addition to energizing the affluent area, elephants represent fertility and love. In addition, they also promote descendent luck. In addition, an elephant with a baby can support good bonding.

They can be used as living room decor.

Elephants are a traditional symbol of peace and togetherness, and their decor can bring a feeling of calm to a room. They can be used to decorate furniture, pillows, rugs, lamps, and even storage units. A pair of elephants with intertwined trunks can represent friendship, while three elephants representing love and peaceful family life are great additions to a living room.

Elephants can also be used to decorate walls. You can find wall decals of various sizes and colors. Elephant-based wallpaper has a traditional look and is an excellent choice for children’s rooms. You can also buy an elephant side table or a framed painting of an elephant.

They can be used as gifts.

There are several ways to incorporate elephant-themed decor into your home. From cushions and wall hangings to door handles and murals, elephant-inspired décor can add a festive touch to your home. In addition, placing an elephant statue in the entranceway or a critical area like the kitchen or dining room will provide luck and protection from bad energy.

Elephants are graceful creatures that are revered by many cultures around the world. Their prevalent symbolism represents patience, memory, strength, and family. Adding a piece of elephant decor to your home is a beautiful way to add meaning and symbolism to any room. You can find elephant figurines in various styles, colors, and price ranges. If you are on a tight budget, consider giving a bird figurine instead.


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