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How to Add Bohemian Style Decor to Your Home

Bohemian style decor is an effortless style to incorporate into any home. You will find items in most home improvement stores that fit the theme. Bohemian style decor was once an unconventional style but is now very mainstream. You can even find bohemian-style decor in clothing stores and cafes.

Natural elements

Natural elements are an essential part of Bohemian-style decor. For example, adding indoor plants to your room is a great way to incorporate more greenery into your decor. Not only will they add color and texture to your room, but they will also help clean the air. Similarly, Bohemian interior design encourages wooden furniture and other natural elements. You can also use wind chimes and singing bowls to capture the energy of the wind.

For lighting, choose yellow-colored bulbs. These bulbs are perfect for creating a calming atmosphere and are not as bright as LED lights. Using a natural light source is also recommended. Alternatively, you can use earth-toned lamps and candles to create a soft glow.

Pops of color

Pops of color can make a space look more vibrant and inviting. Bohemian style is often bold and colorful, utilizing a variety of textures and patterns to create a unique style. Popular colors include rich earth tones and jewel tones. Base colors in this style include deep browns, grays, and greens. Accent pieces and accessories can be found in many vibrant colors, including jewel tones and metallics. The layered look of bohemian decorating allows you to mix and match colors and textures.

While colorful accents are a staple of bohemian style decor, a minimal palette can still give your room a bohemian feel. For example, a natural fiber rug and hanging plants can ground a room with a bohemian style. Pops of color in a room can also be achieved using voluminous textures, such as textured fabric.

Cozy textures

The bohemian-style decor features many layered textures, including rugs, blankets, and pillows. Using exotic textiles such as ikat from Cambodia and suzani from central Asia, bohemians often layer and mix patterns in their home. Adding area rugs to the floor and walls is another great way to introduce the bohemian style into your home. The neutral color white can provide a pleasant backdrop to the rich colors and textures of the rest of your decor.

Plants are another essential element of bohemian-style decor. Not only do they add visual interest to your space, but they also improve the air quality in your home. Plants also have a calming effect and help you connect with nature.

Pops of print

Pops of print in bohemian-style decor can make an otherwise dull space look vibrant and fun. Instead of a traditional headboard, you can hang a large-print fabric on your bedroom wall. Be sure to choose a fabric with a high enough visual impact so that you can easily see the pattern. Bohemian decor is an excellent choice for masculine spaces, too! For example, you can pair a bold blue ikat table skirt with an ethnic necklace or salvaged architectural trim.

Pops of print in bohemian-style decor can also accentuate other objects in the room. Decorative items in this style usually reflect the culture of the owner. Bohemian decor is often characterized by a mixture of modern and vintage pieces. Some examples include vintage brass plates, handmade rugs, upholstered benches, and wool rugs.

Free-spirited whimsy

Free-spirited whimsy and color are at the heart of bohemian interior decorating. This style embraces a variety of personal items and objects and fills each physical space to the brim. You can add a vintage brass plate to the dining room table or a lacy indoor hammock to the living room. The grand peacock chair, for example, is an effortless and elegant addition to a bohemian-styled interior.

The bohemian-style decor is a trend that has been making its way into homes across the country. Its free-spirited and eclectic aesthetic is ideal for anyone who wants to express their individuality and love for different cultures. Bohemian style is all about breaking the rules and taking risks!

Infusion of life

Bohemian style decor is all about an infusion of life. Adding a plant or bouquet to a room is a great way to bring a little life into any room. The dried decor is also popular in bohemian interiors. Even if your decor is more modern, you can add some boho touches by adding dried flowers and plants.

Bohemian art and culture can be traced back to the 18th century when artists and other creatives were forced to live in poverty. However, it was not until the early 20th century that designers took the bohemian trend to the next level. Artists such as Paul Poiret and William Morris infused ethnic details into their designs. These designers made intricate patterns and designs for interiors and clothing.


If you want to decorate your home uniquely, consider using bohemian-style decor. This style is popular among people who love bright, bold colors and eccentric decorations. The key to success in this style is to avoid striving for perfection and focus on items you love.

Bohemian style decor uses bright, bold colors, as well as neutrals. Because the colors are not set in stone, you can use a wide variety of colors to make your home unique. Colors used in the bohemian style are often metallic and warm earthy tones. However, you can also use white to add brightness and depth to your decor.


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