آموزش حرفه ای بازی انفجار بهترین روش برد در سایت بازی انفجار

The best strategies to win the explosion game and earn high revenue

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This platform provides not only the i-Gaming experience but also the attractiveness of profitable investment! Forest. bet has decided to keep everything relatively simple. The user interface is direct and regular. The landing page allows for quick registration, the latest news, and upcoming matches and games. آموزش حرفه ای بازی انفجار بهترین روش برد در سایت بازی انفجار

How does Explosion Betting work?

The crash is a game in which you see a tank rolling down the street “again very basic gameplay” and you wait for it to fall. Note that there is no real obstacle, instead, the tank simply stops moving and catches fire at random at some point. You can place stock and play safely by setting an automatic cash amount. Or you wait and get as much as the tank falls. To be honest, it’s really weird, but when it comes down to it, it’s somewhat addictive.

 Is an online betting site launched in 2019 and operated by Alford NV. Casino a digital currency betting site specializing in offering unique games to customers. While the game library is small, it is a better presentation than many of the cryptographic sites we have encountered. With this casino, instant payments, support for several digital currencies “BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, etc”; You get good mobile support and a good community.

 Uses its own software to present the game to players. This site is attractive and especially due to the small number of games, it is easy to navigate. You can access the site using your desktop or mobile device, and it works equally well in both.

How to play Blast Game betting?

The crash is a new and exciting game that has clearly become very popular in recent years. For those who have not heard its name before, it is easy to learn and difficult to master. After users bet for a short time before the start of each game, the graph increases by a factor of one. At any time during the game, the odds can “scratch”, meaning that those who press the “Exit” button in the game win their bet.

For example; Suppose you decide to bet 0.01 BTC; Review the factor of 5 times. You will receive 0.05 BTC as a reward! It is very easy to see the charm of Crash because if you are patient. You can see a very high return! We remember a game in which the odds reached 500 times “In this case, you will win 500 times your initial bet.

“Assuming you cashed in just before the money fell!” Games can be ruined at any time, but if you cash in at the right time, they can give you a very high return, which you can make up for.

How does Explosion Betting work?

First, you need to set a “base bet”, which is the amount of bet you start with. Then you need to determine your exact strategy. If you want to bet the same amount automatically, select “Back to basics” in both of these options. You can also limit the maximum size of your bet from automated bets that are too large in your strategy.

Avoid and stop betting automatically even after a certain number of bets. Once the settings are done to your liking, simply click the “Run” button and your automatic bets will start!

Bitcoin Falling Tips and Tricks

Bitcoin crash games are a pure distillation of the game and offer gamblers a risk-reward game that can be very exciting. If you want to win with a bitcoin crash strategy, consider the following options: Bank your rewards! Playing with a basic bet and banking your winnings is a relaxing way to play random games with minimal risk.

Consider using a recovery strategy. If you lose a bet and want to see if you can recoup, take your loss and triple it, then aim for the same 1.33 bet for your cash. Pay attention to the wins and losses of others

Ignore the big numbers when all the cash is gone

Note when the last installation occurred

Do not bait the prizes of those people with small x300 bets

Do not go for less than your full potential.

Wait, wait, I can not stress enough about this

What are some strategies for crash games that you can use?

Players can rely heavily on luck and destiny to determine the outcome of a crash game. Develop specific strategies. Of course, no strategy in any game is a guarantee of net profit. However, we have listed a few items here that you can adjust to get closer to your random games.

Is it a pure chance to get certain users to the top of the table?

Or is there something else that these successful gamers use to heal their chances? As long as you read the suggestions below, you can answer that question for yourself. Not only that, but you may learn one or two new tricks to excel in your Crash game.

Investment restrictions

We all know that setting limits on investing and betting is a vital first step, but it’s not just a prudent exercise. Having a structured approach with limited time limits can also help you bet. Knowing how much you want to win and lose daily, weekly, or monthly will help you avoid steep slopes. This is a common betting term that refers to players betting after a big win or loss.

Climbing the slope is a surefire disaster that you can avoid if the betting limit is well set. This helps prevent you from throwing stupid money back after losing to get your money back. It also prevents arbitrariness after receiving a big win. Celebrate big wins, and calmly forget about losses, like professionals, and game sessions will thank you for it.

Automated liquidity

This is the most obvious strategy that is in line with the previous point. High-quality blast game sites like Rocketpot allow players to engage with automated liquidity options. Some players, especially novices, can easily get caught up in the excitement of the game and lose their emotional control. Automated liquidity is great in this scenario.

Players can choose a level, for example, x1.5; And when the curve reaches that level, the game will always have cash for them – as long as it has not fallen before. Like the auto-spin option with slots, slot machine players go back and relax, allowing the game to do the work for them.

Advanced betting techniques

There are many betting techniques for players that they can try. A quick Google search lists thousands of results. The vast majority are developed for more traditional betting situations and may not translate well into Crash. One of the most common techniques that is relatively easy to implement is the anti-martingale system.

It revolves around the concept of hot and cold streaks. Players who use this method increase their bets after winning in the hope of winning a hot streak. Losses, on the other hand, reduce the level of betting if they are in a losing trend. This is difficult and requires self-control, so this method is only recommended for more experienced players.


At the end of the day, playing Bitcoin games, and blasting everything is fun and profitable. You can easily drown in the emotions of wins, and losses, and see all the potential on the screen. If you can stay calm, and set boundaries and strategies, you will have a better chance of maximizing your fun, and with luck, the winners will follow.

How does Explosion Betting work? Crash game scripts

In addition to the above points, some crash game websites have also implemented the possibility of using their own scripts. These scripts allow you to develop and implement your own strategy. Here is a list of betting sites where scripts can be applied:


اتربازی انفجار

Nano Games



How does Explosion Betting work?

What is the difference between Bitcoin Crash Gambling and CSGO Crash Gambling? In Bitcoin Falling Game, you have the opportunity to deposit and bet on digital currencies. In CSGO Crash, meanwhile, you also have CSGO skins that you can win or buy for real money.

Real money betting

Above, we looked at the collapse of digital currency betting casinos. However, there are random bets for real money. The most popular real money game is Aviation. There are many betting casinos with this game. You should understand that in real money games – RTP will be less than “96-98%”. Check out our review of the best real money crash casinos.

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