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Advertising methods and tools in WhatsApp

You may have seen various advertising messages in your WhatsApp private chat or suddenly found yourself as a member of various WhatsApp groups. But should not think that advertising on WhatsApp is easy. It would help if you used some tools to automate WhatsApp’s advertising operation.

Join us in this article to learn more about advertising on WhatsApp and its methods. Since WhatsApp has considered some restrictions for advertising, we want to introduce you to some valuable points to cross all restrictions. 

Types of Advertising Methods in WhatsApp

You know that there are two ways to advertise on WhatsApp:

  1. Sending advertising posts to the WhatsApp groups
  2. Sending messages to people’s private chats on WhatsApp

In the following, we will explain each of these two methods.

Sending an advertising post in a WhatsApp group may not suit you because the number of group members is limited, and many people do not see your advertising message. In addition, your advertising message may not be seen among the multitude of messages sent to the group and will not attract much attention, so it is not highly recommended.

The most effective way to advertise on WhatsApp is to send messages to people in their private chats because people often pay special attention to the messages they receive in their private chats.

Sending Messages to People’s Private Chats on WhatsApp

Sending messages to people’s private chats is one of the most effective advertising methods. In this method, your message will be seen 100% because you communicate directly with the users, and even if the users are a stranger, they will open your message out of curiosity. But before you start advertising on people’s private chats, you should answer some questions. 

  1. To whom should you send your advertising messages? (Who is your target audience?)
  2. How should you provide your target audience’s phone number?
  3. How should your advertising message be written to be more effective?
  4. What tool should be used for advertising on WhatsApp?

Stay with us to the end of this article to find the answer to these questions…

  1. To whom should you send your advertising messages? (Who is your target audience?)

If you want to have high-yield advertising, you should recognize your target audiences well. If you send your advertising message to people interested in your field of business, they will pay attention to your message and increase the incoming traffic to your site or the engagement rate of your page. On the other hand, if you send your advertising messages to people who are not interested in or related to your business, they will not pay attention to your message and may report your account to WhatsApp. In this way, you waste your time, energy, and money. Finally, you should find customers, audiences, and the members of your competitor groups or the businesses related to your field of activity and send your advertising message to them and let them know about your business. 

2. How should you provide your target audience’s phone number?

If you find the groups related to your business on the internet, you can quickly provide the numbers of your target audiences using tools.

3. How should your advertising message be written to be more effective?

Always send the message with a greeting. If possible, address the recipient of your message with an appropriate name and title (Mr., Mrs., Dr., friend…). Write the text of your message in a friendly way. The recipient should not feel this message is merely an advertising message, so you should write an appropriate text to encourage the audience to visit your page or website and engagement with you. 

4. What tool should be used for advertising on WhatsApp?

As we mentioned above, advertising on WhatsApp faces challenges for you. Extracting the numbers of group members, changing lines, monitoring several lines, and sending many messages are not possible manually, and you need a tool to do this. 

Automation Tools for Sending Bulk Messages 

Some tools can do all steps of sending bulk advertising messages automatically. These tools are windows-based bots that can extract WhatsApp group members’ specifications (number, ID, and …). You only need to provide the BotBot with the text of your intended messages, and a list of numbers or IDs of your intended audiences (that you have extracted from the groups which are related to your field of business), and the rest of the operation will be made automatically by the HotBot. You can also use this BotBot to send bulk messages to groups. 

Introduction Types of Bots for Sending Bulk Advertising Messages on WhatsApp

1- Trueline Solution

2- WAbotso 

3- Virtual User

Trueline Solution Bot

Trueline Solution software has various features like unlimited message sending, multimedia message sending, number filters, group contacts grabber, anti-block module, sleep control, speed control, delay control, etc.


· Ability to extract google map 

· Ability to extract the Justdial

· Ability to send unlimited messages

· Ability to support multimedia

· Ability to send image with caption

· Ability to support multi-channel 

· Ability to send customized messages

Negative points:

  • The HotBot is monthly, and you should extend it each month.
  • Some features have been nonactivated in different plans, and it has not a complete plan with all features.
  • High prices compared to other competitors.

WAbotso Bot

The WAbotso by Digital Suvidha is an automated software designed to send WhatsApp messages in bulk directly from a PC/Laptop simply and effectively.


  • Ability to support customer 
  • Ability to send unlimited messages
  • Ability to extract WhatsApp groups 
  • Ability to send personalized messages
  • Ability to send photos, videos, PDFs, and AMP files
  • Free updates

Negative points 

  • It cannot forward messages (forwarding message is a human affair, and it can cause WhatsApp not to be sensitive to us).
  • The HotBot is annually, and each year you should buy the BotBot completely. 
  • It can be installed on one system, and you should buy it completely for other systems.

Virtual User Bot

One of the best examples of bulk messaging software is the Virtual User, also known internationally. However, the features of this BotBot have made it unique. 


  • Ability to extract groups members
  • Ability to send bulk messages to audiences and groups members
  • Ability to forward messages
  • Ability to send any content (text, image, link, etc.)
  • Ability to change lines and thus reduce the risk of your accounts being blocked 
  • Ability to send messages to groups
  • High processing speed
  • No need to pay to send any message
  • Tutorials and PDFs on how to have an effective marketing campaign
  • 24-hours support

Negative points 

  • The HotBot can just run on the computer or virtual server.
  • It needs a license to be able to use.


In conclusion, we have reviewed WhatsApp advertising methods. And now you can choose the best method. We have mentioned some restrictions for advertising on WhatsApp, but if you use automation tools, you can bypass all restrictions that WhatsApp has considered.


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