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The Best Joe Rogan Podcasts

Joe Rogan has an extraordinary way of coaxing out the best from his guests, especially outlandish ones like Graham Hancock – especially during this podcast episode with aliens, altered states of consciousness, and other obscure theories discussed herein.

Ben Shapiro and Joe Rogan make for an engaging podcast pairing, discussing politics and society with great wit and intelligence.

1. The Talking Sopranos

If you love The Sopranos, this podcast is definitely for you. Hosted by Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa – two actors who starred as Christopher Moltisanti and Bobby Baccalieri on the series, respectively – this episode-by-episode breakdown explores the show along with special guest appearances by Aida Turturro and Jamie-Lynn Sigler among many more!

Joe interviews celebrities about their lives and careers, discusses various topics like entrepreneurship and martial arts, and his relationship with his ex-wife and children. This podcast makes for great entertainment and intellectual stimulation!

2. The Joe Rogan Experience

Rogan initially launched his podcast to connect with comedian friends. Still, it quickly became a widely acclaimed interview show with an eclectic guest list spanning politics, science, health, fitness, and art. Notable interviews include featuring Bernie Sanders, Elon Musk, and Tulsi Gabbard as guests.

Bob Lazar claims he reverse-engineered alien spacecraft at S-4 near Area 51. Similarly, one memorable episode explored Lance Armstrong’s use of performance-enhancing drugs.

Other podcasts explore various subjects, from mushroom health benefits to humanity and space travel. A few notable episodes featured Rogan debating with political commentator Milo Yiannopoulos over Christianity and sexuality views; other podcasts feature philosophers and psychologists discussing ideas of meaning and purpose for life.

3. The Jack Dorsey Podcast

Jack Dorsey, the creator of Twitter, makes for an enjoyable listen in this episode. He discusses how the company operates and provides some insight into his personality. Furthermore, he addresses its platform’s issues, such as recent COVID-19 pandemic issues.

Sam Harris is an engaging interviewee who frequently stirs debate with his views on religion and race. However, no matter your opinion, he makes for an entertaining discussion starter!

Bruce Norton is an engaging guest on this podcast, discussing his early film stardom career, passion for Aikido Aikido training, and his recent film Motherless Brooklyn.

4. The Miley Cyrus Podcast

Joe Rogan is an eminently approachable podcast host. His guests range from UFC fighters, politicians, authors, and authors. Each has its distinct perspective to offer. If you enjoy engaging in conversations on politics, UFOs, stand-up comedy history, psychology, psychedelics, and the paranormal, this show should be on your listening list!

Many of the best episodes of this podcast feature experts in various fields, from doctors to scientists. One such episode featured director Quentin Tarantino as it provides a fascinating glimpse into his journey as an independent filmmaker.

One notable podcast features epidemiologist Michael Osterholm. They discussed COVID-19 during its initial pandemic in 2020 and helped dispel any misinformation surrounding it.

5. The Bob Lazar Podcast

Bob Lazar is a former government scientist who claims to have seen alien spaceships at Area 51. According to him, these aliens could manipulate light to vanish in front of humans altogether. Here, he discusses these experiences with Joe Rogan.

This episode earned over 130,000 views and became one of the top JRE podcasts. An acclaimed whistleblower details their time at the National Security Agency (NSA), how smartphones track your movements, and life as an exile in exile, providing an enjoyable listen for conspiracy theorists.

Joe is a respected fitness industry figure who has interviewed numerous athletes. In this episode, he chats with Lance Armstrong about his doping scandal and its effect on the Livestrong Foundation. Additionally, Dr. Rhonda Byrne discusses depression’s impact on the brain; she suggests ways of rewiring it to combat it and believes deep sleep and slow-wave sleep offer ample learning opportunities.

6. The Neil deGrasse Tyson Podcast

This podcast is essential for alien and conspiracy theory enthusiasts, featuring Bob Lazar, an American who claims to have worked on alien technology at Area 51. Also present in this episode is Jeremy Corbell, an award-winning director/producer who has collaborated on multiple projects with Lazar.

Neil deGrasse Tyson is one of the most beloved guests on this podcast. His engaging style makes listening an absolute pleasure, while his ability to explain complicated scientific topics in language that anyone can understand makes him one of its star attractions.

Sam Harris is a neuroscientist and New York Times best-selling author who has frequently appeared on this podcast as a guest, always contributing his unique perspective to discussions such as atheism, politics, free will, etc. In this episode, he and Rogan discuss atheism, politics, and free will, among many others.

7. The Dan Bilzerian Podcast

If you love hearing from unusual and intriguing individuals, this podcast is for you. Hosted by Joe Rogan and featuring interviews with comedians, authors, musicians, fitness experts, nutritionists, politicians, and more, Joe’s quirky manner often keeps listeners guessing! He often deviates off-topic enough that even non-experts can enjoy listening in.

Joe Rogan has long welcomed guests from all sides of the political spectrum onto his podcast, even interviewing presidential candidates such as Bernie Sanders in the past. This episode gives a fascinating look into Dan Bilzerian’s life: an incredible journey of gambling, social media fame, carefree living, wild stories about relationships with women, and unconventional business methods, including Ignite CBD company development and dabbling in acting and other arts.

8. The Tesla Podcast

Joe Rogan often receives criticism for inviting guests with controversial political opinions onto his podcast, but he has no problem allowing their guests to air their views freely. Jordan Peterson is one such individual whose controversial statements on topics like climate change, social media platforms like Twitter, and gender roles in society and capitalism are frequent features on Rogan’s show.

Graham Hancock has appeared on various JRE episodes to share his theories regarding ancient civilizations, altered states of consciousness, and atmospheric changes. It makes for fascinating listening material, even if you don’t subscribe to his views.

2020 Presidential candidate Andrew Yang took advantage of his appearance on the podcast to promote his Universal Basic Income plan. Rogan engaged him in an insightful dialogue that explored his methods in detail. It showcases the broad scope of topics addressed by this podcast series.

9. The Theo Von JRE Podcast

The JRE Podcast is a top-rated show with millions of dedicated listeners, featuring interviews with celebrities and experts across various topics. If you’re seeking healthier living, wealthier finances, more intelligent decision-making, or simply an entertaining ride home on your commute – The JRE has an episode for everyone!

This podcast brings guests from various industries, including politics and sports commentary, fitness training, and even UFC commentating. Previous guests include Bernie Sanders, Elon Musk (discussing ventures such as Neuralink and Tesla), and Edward Snowden.

Joe’s vast knowledge of various subjects shines through in these episodes, with guests often providing unique perspectives. For example, MMA star George Norton joined Joe to talk about Motherless Brooklyn; instead, their conversation quickly turned towards jiu-jitsu and Native American mythology – making this podcast one of his most entertaining and informative offerings! Listeners won’t regret tuning in!


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