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The Best IT Companies in Mesa

If you’re searching for a job or are currently employed, a few IT companies in Mesa stand out. These top firms have been highly rated by their employees and thus make great places to work.

These IT companies are highly sought after by their clients for superior service and results. They can enhance your business’ technology, boost worker productivity, and increase client satisfaction.

Atwood Sites

Atwood Sites is one of the many impressive businesses in Arizona’s tech-rich valley. With some of the best IT executives and tech-savvy staff, Atwood truly offers something for everyone – a company with no shortage of all-star personnel. As its name implies, Atwood Sites is a one-stop shop with plenty of experts!

BlueFish Web Designs

Bluefish Web Designs is a website design firm that creates sites that are functional, user-friendly, secure, and showcase the client’s image. They specialize in digital marketing services for clients throughout Mesa and the surrounding area.

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Vincit California

Vincit California has been in the tech sector since 2007. Their services range from web and app development to UI/UX design and consulting. Notable clients include the Los Angeles Lakers, Toyota, and Google – making Vincit California’s software solutions some of the most sought-after in Orange County.

Their talented team of engineers and designers is renowned for their creative problem-solving, user experience (UX) expertise, and technical know-how. Most importantly, they collaborate effectively to get the job done on time with results exceeding expectations.

Oxford Global Resources

Oxford Global Resources is a staffing agency that offers various services. It specializes in clinical/scientific, education, finance/accounting, government/healthcare, human resources management, IT/engineering, industrial management, and senior executive office/retail hospitality settings.

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New Avalon Technology

Established in 1999, New Avalon Technology is an end-to-end Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider. They offer a complete product and solution suite, from printed circuit board design to electronic system box building.

The company offers a comprehensive suite of services in PCB design and assembly, cable assembly, sheet metal fabrication, machining, magnetics, injection molded plastics, and other precision components for its global customers.

The company operates 12 manufacturing facilities in India and the USA. Notable clients include Kyosan India, Zonar Systems Inc., Collins Aerospace, eInfochips, and The US Malabar Company.

LeeShanok Network Solutions

LeeShanok is the go-to provider for all your tech requirements. Their team of knowledgeable specialists can install, repair and maintain all types of cabling, security systems, and VoIP phones at no extra cost to you.

They boast a diverse client base, from small businesses to multimillion-dollar corporations. They provide comprehensive IT solutions, cloud technology services, and excellent customer service support when needed. You can reach them through their website or phone for any query or issue.


ReputationDefender offers online reputation management and digital privacy solutions to individuals and businesses, helping clients alter search results to boost their positive perception and expand their digital footprint.

The firm provides multiple levels of service, each tailored to a particular industry or business type. Its editorial team creates search engine-optimized content that emphasizes the client’s personal and professional accomplishments that is then strategically published to reduce the visibility of any negative information.

Since 2006, this midsized company has been headquartered in Redwood City, California, with offices in Tempe, Arizona, and Liverpool, United Kingdom. Its staff specializes in public relations, cybersecurity, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Granite Computer Solutions

Granite Computer Solutions has operated since 1990 and boasts an impressive list of awards. They provide various IT services and solutions for clients throughout Phoenix and beyond while striving for excellent customer experience. You can reach them via the website, Twitter, or Facebook; their expertise lies in managed IT services with an up-to-date technology stack and plenty of common sense.


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