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Best IT Companies in Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia, is a hub for top-tier IT companies. Its bustling tech community is fuelled by Atlanta’s dedication to recruiting and retaining top talent, its supportive business environment, and its eagerness to invest in emerging technologies.

Established in 2016, GRSP Tech provides web and mobile app development services. Their team of 30 employees serves clients from the education and finance sectors.

Band of Coders

Band of Coders is a full-service software development agency that assists companies in turning their ideas into successful digital products. They offer comprehensive support throughout the development, from consultation with a CTO to agile roadmaps and full-stack engineering.

They offer various IT services, such as digital marketing and mobile app development. Their latest venture involves merging with Atlanta-based Toolbox No. 9. This small but mighty team specializes in app development, user experience design, and other related areas – thus, its name suggests.

The NineHertz

NineHertz is an established IT solutions provider that provides software, mobile app, and web development solutions to businesses worldwide. Their team has extensive experience working with small to large enterprises alike.

Their services range from custom software development and mobile app/web design, blockchain development, AR & VR production, Machine Learning, Data Science, and Salesforce CRM implementation – to name a few!

Their team has provided numerous companies with business websites and e-commerce platforms. They worked efficiently to meet client deadlines while offering competitive prices.


Verusen is an Atlanta-based supply chain intelligence provider that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to assist global manufacturers in streamlining their supply chains. Their technology unifies disparate materials data across ERP and other systems for more proactive materials management and predictive capabilities that optimize inventory allocation and procurement needs.

The startup was named one of Georgia’s Top 10 Innovative Technology Companies for 2022 and is now hiring for new positions. It is supported by BMW I Ventures, Engage, Flyover Capital, Forte Ventures, and Glasswing Ventures, with funding provided by BMW I Ventures, Engage, Flyover Capital, Forte Ventures, and Glasswing Ventures.


CoreView, the leader in SaaS Management Platform (SMP) solutions for Microsoft 365, provides organizations with real-time insight and control. This helps companies maximize their use of the cloud, manage licenses, and guarantee compliance.

CoreView, with its headquarters in Alpharetta, Georgia, has earned the trust of a loyal clientele, including top healthcare, financial, and media organizations. As a result, the company was recognized as an Inc. 5000 Company with an impressive ranking of #1,338 for 2022.


Configure is a Silver Certified Salesforce Cloud Alliance partner with an impressive innovation and expert support history. Their passion, thoughtfulness, and delivery excellence provide companies with a roadmap to success, allowing them to take their CRM systems to new heights.

They possess an experienced team that can assist you with implementing cutting-edge technologies and maximizing your Salesforce investment. Furthermore, they offer a wide range of other IT services and solutions tailored to fit your requirements.

Artis Technology

Artis Technology, a fintech firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, provides modern lending solutions for businesses to offer affordable, low-friction financing when needed. Their API-driven platforms creatively use alternative data sources and machine learning/AI to customize real-time loan offers tailored to each borrower within the banking industry’s current regulatory framework.

Artis is also building a platform for consumer-facing companies to offer unique loan options direct-to-consumers with no start-up fee and minimal risk. Recently, the startup closed a $7 million Series A round led by Saluda Grade Ventures with additional investments from CMFG Ventures, Fintech Venture Fund, and Independent Community Bankers of America.


Greenlight is an Atlanta-based fintech company that provides a debit card and companion app to help kids develop crucial financial skills. Parents can monitor their children’s spending, save money, set limits, and learn about investing with the help of in-app educational resources.

Greenlight also offers an educational investing platform for kids called Greenlight Max in addition to their debit cards. This enables kids to learn about stocks, find companies with expert analysis from Morningstar, and purchase fractional shares with parental approval.


Matillion is a data integration platform designed for cloud data warehouses that helps companies extract and migrate their data to gain new insights. This enables them to make informed business decisions.

The company’s platform is tailored for CDW platforms like Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, and Google BigQuery, providing organizations with speed, scale, and cost-efficiency benefits.


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