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Syska 22W LED Panel Light

When purchasing LED lights, always read and verify the packaging label to identify power factor and lumens per Watt consumption – this will help avoid low-quality lighting products which consume more Wattage than necessary. Check out the Best info about large flat panel led light.

Look into color temperature specifications using Kelvin measurements to select an option suitable for your room/office space.


Syska ceiling lights are energy-efficient for lighting living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. Simple to install and highly energy efficient, these fixtures boast many unique designs and colors to illuminate each space beautifully.

These lights can be an excellent replacement for traditional ceiling lamps, offering long lifespans and high levels of luminosity while using less electricity than incandescent bulbs. By switching over, you could potentially save money on your electricity bill!

Moglix, a popular ecommerce platform for premium quality LED Lighting products, offers an extensive range of Syska PSP 22W Round LED Surface Panel, SSK-PSP-22W manufactured by reliable and trusted brands. Our team of experts conducts detailed market surveys to select only the highest-rated items on our shelves at competitive rates, and we deliver nationwide! Order now to experience the difference in online shopping!


Syska LED ceiling lights bring an element of luxury into any interior space, instantly elevating its decor effortlessly. Easy to install and provide high-quality illumination without emitting harmful radiation rays, they feature unique designs and vibrant hues for optimal radiance without giving off harmful radiation emissions. Furthermore, these versatile fixtures can be installed anywhere.

These lights are perfect for indoor lighting, whether false ceiling or wall-mounted. Highly sought-after due to instant start-up, energy efficiency, and long LED life span; manufactured using top-grade raw materials and advanced techniques, these products are reliable for commercial and residential uses.

Sunkip Smart LED RDL Lights are wire-free bright lights controlled via the Syska Home App or Alexa for added convenience in the home. Their 1500-lumen output makes them an excellent choice to illuminate any home and can be purchased on Moglix – an online ecommerce store offering an array of Syska products.

Energy Efficiency

Compare LED bulbs with traditional incandescent bulbs in terms of energy usage; LEDs consume significantly less, thus saving on overall electricity bills and money in the long run. It is vital that when selecting an LED bulb of high quality, you consider all relevant criteria such as Lumens per Watt, Power Factor, Colour Temperature, CRI Index Rating Index Value (CRII), LED Life in hours, etc.

These LED light features are easily found on its packaging label; for instance, a 7-watt light with a power factor of 0.7 consumes 10 watts, so it would be wiser to opt for bulbs with power factors of at least 0.9.

Syska Ceiling lights offer your home an elegant aesthetic while consuming minimal power and producing low heat output, all while being easy to install without needing wiring rewiring or modifications. Furthermore, these versatile fixtures come in various color temperatures and can easily be personalized according to personal taste.


Syska panel lights offer a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty covering manufacturing defects and general wear and tear. More efficient than traditional bulbs, they can reduce energy use by up to 50 percent while offering free installation service and a lifetime bulb replacement policy. Additionally, Syska offers free installation service and lifetime bulb replacement policies – offering consumers peace of mind!

Before purchasing LED Lights, the key factors to keep in mind include lumens per watt and power factor – the latter of which measures the ratio between total energy used and apparent power shown on an electricity bill – and how effective an LED Light is. A higher power factor indicates higher quality.

Moglix offers high-quality Syska LED panels at competitive prices online. As an established and reputable ecommerce platform for lighting products, customers can browse prices, best sellers, specifications, and brand options before finding their ideal choice based on reviews written by previous buyers.

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