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Sailing Yacht Charters

Your boat charter company should always be available by radio or cell phone to answer questions and offer advice while at sea and can assist with docking if required. Choose the best boat rental Malta.

Online prices only display a base cost for renting the yacht; all additional expenses (food and drinks, fuel, dockage fees, taxes, and VAT) must be added separately. Ware received part of her refund.


Yacht chartering offers an unforgettable adventure on the open waters, but safety should always remain top of mind when sailing. Before beginning a voyage, thorough pre-departure checks must be conducted in order to make sure the vessel and all safety equipment (fire extinguishers, life jackets for all passengers, first aid kits with sufficient supplies, and reliable communication devices such as VHF radios) are in excellent condition and functional.

Furthermore, it’s crucial that you familiarize yourself with your boat’s emergency protocols, including man overboard procedures and having a float plan so your designated emergency contact knows where and when you expect to return. Practicing these steps will enable a quick response when an emergency arises. Additionally, having an up-to-date float plan with all relevant details helps your emergency contact be aware of where and when you expect to return safely.

Finally, it’s vital to remain calm during an emergency. Panic can severely limit your response speed; listen and follow instructions from crew members – such as evacuation if the captain instructs. Be aware of your surroundings and weather conditions; don’t be shy about asking the crew members for guidance and advice if necessary.


Sailing yacht chartering provides a fantastic opportunity to disconnect from technology and enjoy nature in its purest form. Plus, sailing yacht charters make for great family outings! Plus, yachts offer luxurious travel accommodations so that guests can explore some of the world’s most coveted locations with ease and comfort.

Many yachts feature both indoor and outdoor spaces for entertaining, including dining rooms with panoramic windows that showcase stunning views. Guests can take advantage of water sports activities as well as other onboard amenities to enhance their experience; additionally, the crew will help plan an itinerary and suggest places worth seeing while sailing.

No matter if it’s just for one day or several, sailing yachts offer privacy features ideal for vacations and family getaways. Their captain and crew will ensure your safety, providing unwavering attention, taking into account any preferences that arise, and adapting the schedule as required.

As part of your experience onboard a yacht, the crew must be treated with dignity and appreciation. They work hard to meet and exceed your needs, so a tip of 10-20 percent of your charter fee would be appropriate. Be sure to discuss this matter with your broker so that your captain and crew are aware of your expectations; happy crewmembers make for an enjoyable sailing trip experience!


Although less common, some charter companies provide the option of renting out a bareboat sailing yacht without a skipper – perfect for new charterers who may feel uncertain of their ability to navigate a vessel themselves or for those simply wishing to save themselves the hassle and cost of hiring one.

In this instance, the base charter fee covers everything on board, while any additional expenses can be covered through an Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA), which is an easy and trackable system designed to help guests budget effectively for expenses on board. An APA typically accounts for 25% or more of a base charter fee, depending on the personal preferences of charterers.

As demand and popularity increase for specific events, such as the America’s Cup, base charter fees often rise to particular destinations.

Most charters are advertised as lasting seven nights; however, in reality, many spend the first night at anchor before returning to port for disembarkation. Due to this practice, charter periods of 6, 10, 14, or 21 days may be available depending on destination, season, and availability of boats.


A yacht charter is a highly cost-effective way to enjoy luxury vacation experiences, making the cost a viable solution for couples, families, and groups of friends traveling together. By sharing costs among many members, it also becomes even more cost-effective and can make any trip even more affordable!

Costs associated with fully crewed sailing yacht charters typically include private accommodation for your party, customized meals and snacks to your tastes, beverages on board, water toys, and customized itineraries. Furthermore, tipping the skipper and crew at the end of their stay may be customary depending on their level of service and attentiveness.

Motor yachts tend to be more costly to charter due to higher fuel costs; however, this may not always be true in more exotic destinations where the wind may not always blow, and motoring may be necessary for sailing yachts.

A charter base rate comprises the cost of hiring the vessel plus insurance and captain’s fee, along with any additional expenses charged based on your itinerary and consumption on board. Your yacht broker can track these additional costs using an Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA), providing you with a detailed account at the conclusion of your charter.

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