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Replacing Lost Car Keys All the Types Of Keys You Need To Know

The comfort provided by the car is unmatchable! From being the comfort home for emotional breakdowns to being a party hub to being the place to self-reflect upon life, a car has always been a faithful partner. Imagine, what if you can’t get into the car because the key is lost or misplaced?

The scenario seems horrifying, right? More horror is coming your way! You just have only one way of commuting from one place to another, that is a car, and you lost your car keys. The terror and level of discomfort you might face are beyond words.


The days are gone when you will avail yourself of the replacement keys with the help of a goldsmith if you lost or misplaced your keys. All the different cars have different mechanisms for replacing lost car keys.

Different Types of Car Keys to Know About When Replacing Lost Car Keys

This article section will be a mini guide for the types of keys and the ways to replace them. The car keys replacement process can cost you lots of money and disrupt your day-to-day schedule. Let’s begin!

  • Conventional Car Key

Let’s consider conventional car keys to be the oldest ancestor. The traditional car keys are simple and less of a showoff. The mechanism of conventional car keys is a laser cut or machine cut key, which can be inserted into the locks of cars to make the car start.

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The process of replacing lost car keys is much easier when it comes to conventional keys! Your local automotive locksmith is your magic wand to get the replacement of your original keys. These were the gold of ancient times, easier to replace in less time.

  • Remote Keys

Well, remote keys come second in the generation of car keys. A bit younger than conventional keys but very complex in mechanism and way more expensive when it comes to replacement. So let’s try understanding how remote keys work with the transponder emitting radio waves and sending the coded message to the central locking system.

These remote works on the CR44 types of batteries, and these CR44 batteries usually need replacement within 3-4 years. When lost, the process of replacing lost car keys can be expensive. You will need to send the whole remote to the dealership for reprogramming and replacement.

  • Smart Keys

This is today’s generation of car keys. The use of technology is an amazing example of a high-end mechanism. All new generation cars come with smart keys. Smart keys are keyless entry tickets to your car. You won’t have a key to your car, and you have buttons to start and unlock the car.

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Smart keys use dynamic codes instead of old static codes. These smart keys are the new generation with uplifted security standards.

You might be associating the usage of dynamic codes with hacking! Smart keys need specific equipment to reprogram keys or for programming the keys; thus, it is impossible to have smart keys! And talking along the lines of replacing lost car keys, you can easily avail of the replacement from the dealership. And for temporary use, your spare car key can be put to use.

Final Words

So, losing a car key may not be a big deal, but finding a replacement can be tricky. Thus, keep your keys in place to avoid trouble or just remember the mentioned kind of car keys and the process of replacing lost car keys. These two steps will make your life easier.

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