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Real estate investment Photography – Equipment

To discover a reading quite a few articles or blog posts relating to Real Estate Photography along with the equipment required. Sure there could be times when multiple strobes, as well as other special equipment, is necessary but for 99 percent of jobs you simply need these 4 items: The actual Interesting Info about Austin Apartment Photography.

Digital SLR

Even though you can use a top-end digicam costing many thousands, we have located from our experience that the capacity for the camera to capture a top dynamic range is exactly what is most important. This is where a lower image resolution camera can sometimes work better as the photosites on the sensor are a small larger, enabling them to record more light. The reason we all require a high dynamic collection is that taking internal pictures inside a building typically gives lighting problems when the mild coming through the windows as well as the internal lighting vary thus greatly.

The camera I currently use is a Nikon D40 6MP DSLR, this specific camera is providing us publish processors with a lot less work than some of the higher-priced units being used by the additional photographers in our team. It is because most of the time I can get away using a single exposure capturing details inside the room (with strobe) and outside through the windows. Typically 2 separate exposures will be required, one for the internal direct exposure and one to expose the light approaching through the windows. These two photos are then combined within post-processing to achieve the outcome.

Wide-angle lens

A great wide-angle lens is the actual biggest difference between the real estate agents’ amateur photos as well as our professional shots. Yes, they are doing make the room appear larger than it is but it is important for capturing the widest view to demonstrate as much of the room as possible.

The actual Nikkor 12-24mm is the zoom lens I use, it is a little more costly than some of the others accessible but most photographers will believe the lens is to should spend your money.


We need a fairly powerful strobe to balance the internal publicity as much as possible with the light arriving through the windows, especially on the sunny day when lighting is coming directly into the room. The actual strobe I use is a Nikon SB-800, the SB-600 would possibly also be suitable but features a little less power. The actual strobe is used in TTL mode with the D40 and offers very good results. It needs to become angled to the roof therefore the lighting is reflected instead of aimed directly at the subject. Furthermore, I use the little slide-upward plastic reflector to reveal a little more light forward.


The tripod is greatly important as most internal photos are exposed at rates of speed you could not hand carry and it also allows for multiple exposures which can be later combined throughout post-processing if the gentle between internal and screen light can’t be balanced. Some sort of tripod with bubble quantities is a great help in getting the photographic camera square and keeping the wall surfaces straight in the frame. I take advantage of a Manfrotto 028B tripod which can extend up to all-around 7ft.

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