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OnePlus Nord N10 Review

OnePlus has released the N10, which is a member of the Nord series. It is an Android smartphone that was released alongside the Nord N100. It is a high-end smartphone that is equipped with a fingerprint scanner and a dual camera. It also has a 90Hz screen and a silent/vibrate toggle.

Camera Array

OnePlus has taken a stab at the budget market by offering a camera array on the Nord N10. The device comes with four cameras on the rear. The primary camera supports 4K video recording at 60fps, and the secondary camera has an ultra wide-angle lens. It’s not the most advanced camera array in the world, but it’s pretty solid.

The primary camera is a 32MP Sony IMX616 sensor. It’s hooked up to an f/2.45 aperture lens. The image is a bit grainy when it’s viewed at high magnification. The colors are over-processed, and there’s a lot of distortion.

The secondary camera has a 105 deg wide field of view. It’s capable of recording 4K at 30fps, but not OIS. Its shutter speed is a bit slower, which results in higher shadows and less clarity.


OnePlus’s latest mid-range handset, the Nord N10, is a solid phone. It offers a solid screen, decent battery life, and a capable camera. But the OxygenOS-based software may be its weakest suit.

OxygenOS is a skinned version of Android. It offers a rich user experience, though its quirks and bugs can detract from its effectiveness.

The N10 has a 6.49-inch LCD screen with a tall 20:9 aspect ratio and Full HD+ resolution. The screen’s 90Hz refresh rate offers smooth scrolling and transitions. However, the screen’s color reproduction isn’t as vibrant as the OLED screen found on other flagships.

The N10 also has a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor. The sensor is a little slow to read, though. The N10 also features a custom file manager with password-protected “Lockbox” functionality.

90Hz screen

OnePlus has committed to a 90Hz screen on its upcoming Nord N10 smartphone. The company has already released budget-friendly phones in western markets, such as the OnePlus 5 and the OnePlus N100. But this new phone is a first for OnePlus, as it is one of the first to embed a Snapdragon 690 processor.

The company’s decision to embed the 690 processor in the N10 is a good one. The chip provides a fluid experience, while also offering good multitasking management. It is also accompanied by 6GB of RAM.

The screen is a large IPS LCD with a 1080 x 2400 resolution. The screen provides a balanced picture, with excellent color management. The display also has a good max brightness level.

While the N10 5G is not a high-end phone, it is still a capable device. Its 5G capabilities are a selling point, but it isn’t a match for smartphones like the Moto G Pro.

Silent/vibrate toggle

OnePlus may have done it right in the past, but its latest offering is a tad bit on the heavy side. However, the handset may be the one to watch out of the pack thanks to a slick new software upgrade. OnePlus has also taken the sensible step of incorporating a dedicated hardware toggle for the Silent mode.

The new smartphone features a slick, albeit a tad on the heavy side, rear panel. However, its flex in the right places gives it a well-rounded feel. It is a bit heavier than its OnePlus 5G cousin, but it is also a bit thicker. The fingerprint sensor, while small, is the quickest way to unlock the handset. The OnePlus logo has been moved from the top of the screen to the bottom, making it easy to find.


OnePlus has lowered the price of the OnePlus Nord N10 in the United States and Europe. The price of the smartphone has been reduced to $299 in the US and PS329 in the EU. The device is still available with Wi-Fi and GPS connectivity options. It also comes in a Midnight Ice colorway.

The OnePlus Nord N10 is a fine piece of hardware for its price. It has a large display, fast charging, and a decent processor. It also has decent cameras. It’s not perfect though. The camera doesn’t have an ultra-wide lens, and it lacks a macro camera, but otherwise, it’s a great phone.

OnePlus is known for its smooth software. The company‘s phones run on OxygenOS, which is based on Android. The user interface skin is built on top of the Android OS. It also features some unique features, such as a fingerprint scanner at the back of the phone.

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