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Nigeria News PM – The Latest News From Nigeria

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Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a wealthy and powerful political godfather who assisted President Muhammadu Buhari in winning the presidential election, yet faces the enormous task of turning around Nigeria’s economic and security issues.

Western donor countries remain reluctant to criticize Nigeria’s human rights record due to its central place within Africa and abundant oil resources.

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Nigerian soldiers have been embroiled in an escalating conflict against Boko Haram militants, who have killed hundreds and displaced thousands, prompting international condemnation and criticism of Nigeria. The United Nations urged Nigeria to protect civilians while offering humanitarian assistance, while their government requested assistance against terrorism and violence from abroad.

In the upcoming elections, voters will elect their president for four years. Whoever wins must address numerous challenges, such as an unstable security environment and migration flows, corruption, unemployment, insecurity, and inflation reduction measures, which must all be implemented by their successor.

Labour Party candidate Obi has promised to shift Nigeria from consumption to production, create jobs, reduce debt, and end petrol subsidy subsidies. His supporter, Tinubu, an established businessman with strong local political connections and connections, provides valuable backing.

Bola Tinubu, former Lagos state governor and incumbent leader of Nigeria’s People’s Democratic Party since 2007, has been at its helm since he took office in 2007. A staunch proponent of foreign investment, he enjoys strong support among political parties across Nigeria; opposition candidate Atiku Abubakar (a wealthy industrialist who has served six previous terms) presents his primary challenger for leadership.


Bola Tinubu, Nigerian political colossus and African giant, has moved swiftly since coming into power, initiating reforms designed to unleash Africa’s largest economy. Yet investors worry about record debt levels, an expansive state apparatus, and ongoing insecurity he faces as obstacles on his journey to economic freedom.

Nigerian newspaper archive was recently unveiled, collecting over 100,000 documents dating back 60 years. Researchers spent months combing through libraries, visiting publishers, meeting with historians, and meeting with historians to compile this archive – one that holds great potential for tracing Nigeria’s history since independence, including five military coups, an intense civil war, and multiple dictators who came and went throughout its existence.

The UK and Nigeria have agreed to strengthen economic ties
A new British initiative designed to increase trade with Nigeria, Africa’s most populous economy, by cutting tariffs and streamlining investment is part of its push for global growth.

Danfo drivers return to Lagos streets after UK government lifts ban
The UK has lifted a ban on Nigeria’s popular motorcycle taxis known as danfo to improve road safety and security issues. However, this decision has caused significant business disruption, with drivers complaining it hindered their businesses and weren’t impressed with how the state handled this matter. Babar Afif reports from Lagos.


Nigeria has one of the liveliest entertainment scenes in Africa, boasting numerous festivals and events that draw international interest. In contrast, music, fashion, and dance performances draw in crowds from around the globe. Nigeria also boasts an extensive literary legacy, with Nobel Prize winners and famous authors residing within its borders; several acclaimed authors, poets, and novelists hail from this land. Barack Obama himself is of Nigerian-American heritage!

PM News is a daily newspaper published in Lagos, Nigeria, since 1993 by Bayo Onanuga and Babafemi Ojudu. It is owned by Independent Communications Network Limited (ICNL), a media group that also publishes TheNEWS and Tempo, two weekly newspapers published under their banner.

At one time, most newspapers only covered government and political news; today’s papers cover various topics. From business news to sports coverage and entertainment headlines – local and global perspectives can be found here. In contrast, some are available only online, while others still sell physical copies in brick-and-mortar stores. For the best coverage possible on any particular topic and to avoid bias and partisanship (the paper’s editorial staff should offer impartial viewpoints regarding political, social, or economic issues for readers to make informed decisions), as well as promote healthy debate among readers.


Soccer is an obsession in Nigeria, even without an elite-level league to call its own. Local and regional competitions still boast exciting action, with world-class players earning fame due to their skills while fans passionately support their favorite teams. Furthermore, international matches and tournaments draw large and national audiences together for games near home.

Basketball and volleyball are also significant sports here, with major tournaments like the Super Cup and African Cup of Nations held every two years, drawing huge crowds of spectators and admirers.

P.M News was established in August 1994 by Bayo Onanuga and Babafemi Ojudu as an afternoon newspaper, publishing nonpartisan coverage of politics, fashions, entertainment, and sports. It is owned by Independent Communication Limited, which also publishes The News and Tempo, which are tabloid publications.

Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), made this pledge at the launch of a campaign by Philip Shaibu and Nyesom Wike to convince the Federal Government to release him from detention.

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