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Nicco Park – The Mirror Maze in Nicco Park

Nicco Park – The Mirror Maze in Nicco Park

Nicco park offers rides suitable for all ages to beat away their boredom and enjoy thrilling rides all year round, making it easy to visit whenever it suits your schedule. Family, kiddie, and thrill rides such as the Eiffel Tower, Cyclone, and Pirate Ship are available – so see when it does!

Mirror Maze, a newly added attraction at the park, creates the illusion of endless hallways by using mirrors on all sides to simulate them.

Fun for all ages

Nicco Park in Kolkata is one of the city’s most beloved amusement parks and features thrilling rides for adults and kids and an exciting water park. Additionally, events and shows held there cater to various interests.

Mirror Maze provides an adrenaline rush in spades! This attraction comprises a series of mirrors that create the impression of a vortex and make it difficult to exit, making this ride sure to test both your nerves and rediscover the child within.

Other rides at the park include a roller coaster, a Ferris wheel, and numerous fun activities for children, such as family carousels and pirate ships. All this fun can be found within an idyllic environment surrounded by lush vegetation.

Nicco Park offers its best experience between October and March when temperatures are comfortable, rides are open, and food courts offering various cuisines are open.

Children of all ages will enjoy their time at the park, from toddlers to teenagers. There are rides specially designed for them, like a toy train and Family Carousel; there’s also a merry-go-round and Water Merry-Go-Round so kids can splash around!

At the entrance, guests can purchase tickets ranging from Rs 250 to Rs 850 to enter an amusement park. Each pass provides access to different rides; some even offer discounts on ticket prices! However, watch out as certain restrictions exist regarding which rides these passes may be used on.

Nicco Park is conveniently situated near Sealdah’s central rail station and easily accessible from any part of the city by bus or taxi – plus, from any part of the airport! There are hotels and restaurants nearby and numerous activities and entertainment offerings.

Theme park

Nicco Park offers endless family entertainment at its theme park in Kolkata, India. Providing everything from thrilling roller coasters to water rides, there is something fun for every occasion here! Located off the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass towards Salt Lake Sector Five of Kolkata’s Salt Lake Sector 5, there’s sure to be something fun at Nicco Park.

The park offers various activities divided by purpose and audience, such as Family Rides, Kids Rides, Thrill Rides, and Attractions and Shows. Some actions may only be available during certain times of the year, while others remain accessible all year, depending on weather conditions.

Nicco Park offers visitors some of the most captivating rides: mirror maze, cable car, and pirate ship. Nicco Park’s mirror maze provides an unforgettable adventure where visitors must navigate through an intricate maze of mirrors and reflections to reach an exit point – it gives excellent illusion and offers new surprises at each turn! A must-see attraction!

Cyclone, a giant wooden roller coaster with speeds up to 40 mph, is another beloved ride. A crowd favorite, its panoramic view from the top alone makes admission worth paying. However, we recommend you wear a helmet and secure your seat belt during this ride for maximum enjoyment and safety.

Other popular attractions at the park include the Happy Circus Mirror Maze, which features lights that change colors to the beat of music and features various circus animals. Sensors detect visitors entering and activating clowns and performing seals to make appearances within this maze.

This park features numerous food outlets, such as a bowling alley and food park serving various cuisines, plus a beach cafe offering delectable bites with breathtaking park views. Plus, its proximity to city centers makes it accessible by taxi or bus!

Variety of rides

Nicco Park boasts various rides and attractions suitable for people of all ages, such as River Caves and a decommissioned MiG-21 fighter jet. Furthermore, this park features stunning scenery surrounded by lush greenery for visitors to enjoy.

Visitors can visit the park year-round; however, winter or spring weather provides more pleasant outdoor activities. Furthermore, visitors can purchase passes online or at the park to save money during their visits; these passes can be bought immediately upon entering or purchased later as necessary.

This park features roller coasters, water rides, and 7D cinemas for visitors of all ages to enjoy. A popular choice among families with young children, its features also include an aquarium, planetarium, and Haunted House attractions. Situated near the Salt Lake City area of Kolkata with accessible road and public transit access. Furthermore, its surroundings include hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers nearby.

Beyond its various rides, this park also provides entertainment and activities that cannot be found elsewhere in India. These activities include Mirror Maze (which requires no explanation!), which provides a fun experience for all ages, and Toy Train and Family Carousal rides, which offer exciting entertainment experiences.

River Cave ride provides visitors with an unforgettable adventure by paddling boats through a dark, history-rich cave system, providing visitors with the thrill of experiencing what their history entails! Visitors will feel as though they’re right in the thick of things!

The park features several dining establishments offering delectable food and beverages, souvenirs, and gifts that everyone in your family will surely appreciate. Furthermore, it is an ideal opportunity to unwind from everyday stressors entertainingly and refreshingly!

The park is open daily from 10 a.m. to 8 pm, with varying ticket prices for individual rides. These rides can also be included as part of the park’s annual pass or membership plan.

Safety measures

Nicco Park offers an exciting variety of rides for children of all ages. Additionally, educational attractions like River Caves and a decommissioned MiG-21 fighter jet make Nicco Park an excellent choice for Salt Lake parents and children of all ages. Take part in a great family day trip!

The new mirror maze offers an exciting and interactive experience suitable for visitors of all ages. Unlike traditional mazes, this one features endless corridors and reflections designed to baffle and delight visitors; additionally, it features special effects to make this experience truly remarkable.

Even though this maze is designed to cause feelings of disorientation, it remains safe for visitors of all ages. Park managers take all necessary measures to ensure visitor safety: inspecting rides frequently for optimal performance, training staff vigorously to prevent untoward incidents, and having first aid facilities in case accidents arise.

Nicco Park’s newest attraction is the Happy Circus Mirror Maze – an intriguing optical illusion and intricate design maze with great mind-boggling potential! Adding to its circus theme are clowns and performing seals, as well as lights that change colors to music; plus, sensors detect when visitors enter to trigger such appearances!

Nicco Park is an ideal family destination, offering entertainment and relaxation in equal measures. There’s a Mirror Maze and cable car ride with panoramic views that provide visitors an aerial perspective on Nicco Park – plus, plenty of food options too!

Nicco Park offers competitively-priced amusement park rides. Suppose you want to save money by purchasing passes that cover them all for one low price, which are much better value. Unfortunately, however, weekends and holidays tend to become overcrowded – to avoid long lines, try visiting during a weekday instead!