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Nicco Park Contact Number

Nicco Park is one of Kolkata’s most beloved amusement parks, providing fun for all ages- toddlers and teenagers to adults! There are various rides at Nicco Park, such as the Eiffel Tower and MIG 21, so visitors can experience the excitement.

The park is easily accessible from most of the city, situated off EM Bypass near Sector Five. Bus services also run directly to it from various points throughout the city.

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Nicco Park is an amusement park designed with families in mind, boasting an expansive array of rides and attractions and dining options ranging from burgers and fries to Indian and Chinese cuisine. Visitors can also experience natural attractions like rose gardens and forty-foot-high waterfalls; a cable car provides visitors with aerial views of Nicco Park!

The ride is divided into several sections depending on the age and preferences of guests, giving children rides such as Water Chute, Twist ‘n Turn, and Family Carousel while teens can experience thrills such as Cyclone Roller Coaster or other thrilling attractions. Furthermore, there is also a Children’s Corner filled with activities such as swings and slides.

River Cave is another famous ride at the park. This attraction involves a paddle boat ride down a river where four guests can comfortably sit. As they cruise downriver, guests will gain insight into dinosaur history and volcanic eruptions while learning all there is to know about these fascinating subjects. This ride is truly one of a kind!

Visitors interested in alternative energy can visit the Solar Energy Village at the park to explore non-conventional power sources, with children learning about renewable resources like the Sun. In addition, other green initiatives at the park, such as its greenhouse and water conservation zone, make learning about them even more engaging for visitors.

This park can be reached from multiple points in Kolkata, making it easy to locate by road and rail. Sealdah railway station is nearby, and regular bus services run frequently throughout the day and from this park.

This park is open daily except Mondays and national holidays. Tickets are reasonably priced and include many rides; weekends aren’t too crowded, making it the perfect spot for family fun! Moreover, its facilities are immaculate: the food court and bowling alley provide both novice and experienced bowlers an opportunity to socialize and play bowling. At the same time, Beach Cafe serves meals from its menu and Bowlers’ Den’s variety of Indian, Chinese, and tandoori dishes, along with various types of alcoholic beverages for visitors to enjoy!


Nicco Park is one of the largest amusement parks in Eastern India, covering 40 acres and featuring many rides, attractions, and shows. The wet-o-wild water park is trendy during summer and serves delicious cuisine via various restaurants and food courts within Nicco Park.

Salt Lake Park in Kolkata is easily accessible by car or bus, though metro lines don’t directly serve it; nonetheless, Sealdah station provides proximity to transit hubs. Furthermore, shuttle services will take visitors directly to Salt Lake Park from various parts of Kolkata.

At this park, there are rides suitable for all ages – families will love riding the Family Carousel, while thrill-seekers can try out rides such as Cyclone Roller Coaster or Wave Runner. Haunted House will scare visitors while Oceania Aquarium showcases exotic marine life and plants worldwide. Nicco Super Bowl provides four bowling lanes within its walls for additional entertainment!

If you’re searching for an offbeat amusement park, look at Nalban Boating Complex. This gorgeous location is ideal for romantic couples who wish to relax in nature, with canopies overhead and soothing waters creating the perfect environment to unwind after an exciting day at the park.

There is also a mini-zoo on the grounds of the park that makes for an enjoyable family outing. All animals are well taken care of, and the staff is happy to answer any queries that you might have about them. While it might be slightly pricey, this trip is worth your while!

Nicco Parks and Resorts Limited (NPRL), founded in 1989, is a privately owned company specializing in recreational facilities and services. Headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, with seven employees working within its Attractions & Amusement Parks industry sector.

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Are you searching for an exciting and memorable way to spend your day? Visit Nicco Park in Kolkata, India. This theme park features rides and attractions like Wet-O-Wild water park, making summertime entertainment memorable for you and your family. Visiting this amusement park will surely leave a lasting impression!

The park offers activities for people of all ages, with rides designed to entertain even young visitors, such as Cyclone, Roller Coaster, and Water Chute, among its most beloved attractions. There are also food courts where visitors can sample delicious cuisine; purchasing a pass may be advantageous to maximize your time at the park and maximize the number of rides and attractions experienced.

Nicco Park in Kolkata offers visitors an idyllic place to relax and unwind despite being one of its lesser-known counterparts – Disneyland-esque parks such as Orlando or Paris– as a tourist attraction and hangout spot alike. Conveniently accessible via both public transit and car, Nicco Park makes an excellent stopover point during any visit to Kolkata.

Established in 1989, NPRL is the pioneering amusement park of Eastern India. Owned by Rajive Kaul, who also owns Eden Gardens and Dharamsala Cricket Stadiums; listed on both the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange of India;

Its primary goal is to provide an educational and entertaining recreational facility for children of all ages. The park boasts exhibits covering topics including science and art and offering shows and performances. Furthermore, visitors can enjoy abundant food and beverages throughout their visit – ideal for families!

Nico Park can be reached at 011 4457 0000; their staff are highly experienced in providing safe rides to their guests while working to enhance the park’s infrastructure and facilities.

NPRL is a joint venture established by Nicco Corporation, an internationally acclaimed multinational conglomerate, and the Government of West Bengal through two organizations: West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation Limited and Tourism Development Corporation Limited. Operating under the provisions of the Companies Act of 1956 and other relevant laws, its primary goal is to offer unforgettable and rewarding entertainment experiences for its guests. For this goal, the company focuses on developing innovative and cutting-edge entertainment technologies and continually striving to enhance quality services and products to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction. As such, Kolkata Park should not be missed by visitors! It truly represents a one-of-a-kind experience!


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