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Joe Burrow Fashion: Breaking the Internet With New Looks

Joe Burrow of the Cincinnati Bengals has made waves on and off the field this season. From wearing a Sponge Bob suit to donning an Office-inspired hoodie, Burrow isn’t afraid to try new looks.

Recently he showed up to Arrowhead Stadium for an AFC Championship matchup against Pat Mahomes and his Chiefs, wearing pink denim and an apparent dig against Pat.

Bucket Hat

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Joe Burrow is best known for his golden arm and confident play on the field, but he’s quickly become known for it too. The Cincinnati Bengals quarterback has made headlines worldwide thanks to his stand-out fashion choices at stadium entrances around the globe.

Fashion is essential to Burrow, who holds strong roots in his hometown of Athens, Ohio. His commitment to helping others prompted him to form the Where I’m From Foundation following his 2019 Heisman Trophy win, now known for making people smile through its humorous initiatives.

However, Burrow is most impressive for his commitment to philanthropy and willingness to assist those in need in his home state of Tennessee. His work has inspired other celebrities and athletes alike – no wonder people flock to his social media accounts!

Christmas Sweater

Joe Burrow has made headlines with his athletic prowess and stylish sense. Recently he made The New York Times’ list of 93 “Most Stylist People of 2022”. A master at mixing high-end and budget pieces like his Louis Vuitton travel bag ($5,200) to an affordable Jordan sweatsuit ($180), FEMAIL has rounded up Joe’s best internet-breaking looks.

Burrow is known for wearing memorable pieces in his fashion repertoire, including this cheerful festive hoodie. While not as eye-catching, its presence will undoubtedly put a smile on everyone’s face, and the fact that it is Christmas adds even more swoon-worthiness.

As the season went on, Burrow slowly added Christmas-inspired attire into his game-day wardrobe. He would pair Christmas-themed hats or sweaters with his classic blazer or wear festive jeans and sneakers, consistently earning him praise from teammates and fans alike.

On January 20, fans were devastated when the Bengals lost to Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship game, not only due to players but also because they hadn’t had the chance to see Burrow in his Super Bowl gear.

Burrow is driven by his passion for giving back to the community where he hails. He has donated to his hometown food pantry and auctioned off custom sneaks in support of this cause, raising over $650k through the Where I’m From Foundation, which has supported numerous people within its reach and inspired children to create change within it.

New England Patriots

Burrow has made headlines for his striking fashion choices, showing his fans his ability to connect outside football. His affinity for rap and hip-hop culture has helped him bridge the divide between NFL elite and counterculture – something evident by his fashion choices.

Burrow was not only looking good when he wore this black bucket hat and topcoat in their Week 11 victory against Pittsburgh, but it also showed his appreciation of this city where Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute hail from “The Office.” By wearing their names printed across a hoodie.

He showed his commitment to his team during their Week 17 win against them with this maroon suit featuring white flowers on its inner sleeves – truly bold! Burrow is known for his ability to blend high fashion and street wear effortlessly, something this outfit was proof of.

Rap and streetwear enthusiast Dante Jameson hasn’t let his passion for hip hop or streetwear stand in the way of giving back to his community either, as evidenced by his support of Athens County Food Pantry where 20 percent of residents face food insecurity issues. Dante even collaborated with another local rapper to develop a clothing line that gives back directly.

Joe Burrow is undoubtedly an NFL style icon, be it his floral suit or cozily wearing sweaters with Ron Swanson. While many were disappointed that he and the Bengals lost to Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship game, others merely lost out on seeing him show his stuff at Arrowhead Stadium.

White Sweater

Burrow has become known for his confident play on the field and his bold fashion statements off of it – from sporting Dunder Mifflin beanie hats and shades. He knows exactly how to make an impression statement!

Burrow has taken to wearing white sweaters in recent years as one of the hottest trends. A versatile wardrobe piece, the white sweater can be worn with jeans or skirts for casual or more formal events; pairing one with ripped jeans has become particularly trendy among athletes as they add character while the sweater provides a clean aesthetic.

Burrow has left quite an impressionful impression on fans through his extravagant necklace, featuring diamonds estimated to be worth more than $20 million. His lavish lifestyle shows no shame as he flaunts it freely for all to see.

Joe Burrow is an avid movie and TV fan, and his outfits often reflect that passion. Once, he donned an all-black sweatsuit that referred to Seinfeld; more recently, he’s worn Kid Cudi’s NASA-themed apparel, such as bucket hats and sweaters, from their line of merchandise.

This year, Burrow made headlines for wearing an unforgettable pink denim suit when arriving in Kansas City for the AFC Championship game, complete with a “Sorry in Advance” Teddy bear shirt as a nod to The Knick and some rose-colored sunglasses, which later proved Cartier.

Floral Suit

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Burrow has made waves with his fashion choices as the Bengals push toward a Super Bowl berth, wearing everything from flower suits for primetime games, nodding to Seinfeld with his hoodie homage, and sporting his bucket hat often.

Burrow is giving back to his hometown community of Athens County by auctioning customized kicks and donating to a food pantry that helps feed needy families.

At Sunday’s AFC championship against the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium, Burrow will once more sport a fierce look sure to garner social media buzz. Should he advance to Super Bowl LVII and beyond, Burrow won’t just become known for his fashion sense alone but for what his performance in it may bring.


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