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Harkins Chandler Fashion 20 Movie Gifts

Harkins Theatres Chandler Fashion 20 is an ultra-modern multiplex with state-of-the-art amenities. These theaters provide stadium seating with plush Ultimate Loungers and digital projection and sound technology; additionally, they host events and private screenings.

Theaters take great pride in serving their communities, hosting and participating in various film festivals while sponsoring and supporting numerous charities and non-profits in need.

Gifts for the Moviegoer

Gifting thoughtful movie lovers in your life with something significant will make their day! Classic or recent releases alike, there is plenty of memorabilia out there they’ll appreciate; from cozy treats for their next binge session to charming mugs proclaiming their cinephilia status to challenging jigsaw puzzles – these gifts will truly make them feel appreciated and special!

Your movie lover will adore a gift certificate to The Criterion Collection, featuring hard-to-find box sets and special-edition remastered DVD releases of classic and contemporary films from decades past and present. Plus, for an immersive experience, you cannot go wrong with participating in one of Martin Scorsese’s Masterclasses!

Another great gift idea for movie enthusiasts would be a book that details some of Hollywood’s top secrets from pioneers such as Martin Scorsese, Ron Howard, Werner Herzog, and James Cameron – as well as many others! This unique publication includes over 20 interviews.

If your friend loves filmmaking and is always planning their next project, this book would make a thoughtful gift. Containing 200 blank storyboard templates allows them to capture shooting notes, scene description, dialogue or script writing, character development, camera movements, and sounds for their next masterpiece; plus, at under $10, it shows that you care about their passion.

An iconic moviemaking symbol, the clapboard is an excellent present to show your support for their creative endeavors. Available in black and white for both severe and light-hearted film projects.

Suppose the movie lover in your life is an avid collector. In that case, they’ll surely appreciate this shadow box that offers plenty of storage for ticket stubs, souvenirs from travel inspired by films, or their handwritten reviews of favorite movies – an even better idea is having their name engraved onto it for an extra thoughtful present!

A portable popcorn maker makes an excellent present for movie enthusiasts who are constantly on the move, providing them access to their favorite films without needing an electrical outlet or connection. Furthermore, this model also doubles up as a Bluetooth speaker so they can share it all with those sitting next to them on the sofa!

Movie Tickets

See a movie is an enjoyable activity that the whole family can enjoy, but it can quickly become pricey when adding up all of the tickets, popcorn, drinks, and candy purchased. To save money and time buying movie tickets online instead of in person. Many major theater chains now provide this service that saves time and reduces waiting in line for tickets!

Harkins Theatres Chandler Fashion 20 is an established movie theater offering an expansive selection of movies. This beautifully-designed theatre provides visitors with a comfortable experience while the staff is friendly and helpful – making finding exactly what movie you’re looking for easy!

Are you searching for a unique gift idea? Why not purchase someone a Harkins gift card? These cards can be used at the cinema to buy tickets and concessions at different denominations – making it the ideal way to surprise any movie buff! They’re sure to put a smile on their face.

This theater is known for its state-of-the-art amenities, such as its digital projection and Dolby Atmos sound technology, luxurious electronic reclining seats, an exclusive CINE BAR, and an expansive food and beverage menu of wine, craft beers, snacks, and desserts.

Are you seeking an unforgettable movie-going experience? For an exceptional cinematic journey, book your seat in the CINE XL auditorium of this theater. The pinnacle of cinematic theater goes here: giant screen, plush loungers, and an opening gold waterfall drape adorn this hallowed ground before each performance begins. Plus, there’s the Big Screen Burger and other delectable offerings from their food and beverage menu.

T-Shirts and Hoodies

Are you shopping for the film enthusiast in your life? Consider giving them something from Harkins Theaters Chandler Fashion 20 – this popular cinema boasts comfortable seats and offers an extensive selection of movies – and online ticketing so they don’t need to stand in line at the theater itself!

Your gift will be an incredible reminder of their favorite movie, and they’ll feel even closer to being part of the Harkins family! Wearing one of our T-shirts or hoodies makes them feel part of our family!

Chandler Fashion Center announced in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that an entertainment concept had been hired to take over its former Sears department store space, according to Macerich’s Form 8-K filing with SEC.

A company official told ABC15 that the new tenant is expected to open either late next year or early 2021, depending on how quickly their permit process goes through. Before then, however, the space will be utilized for administrative use only, and other tenants, including the Crayola Experience attraction as well as Potato Corner Dough Licious Desserts Pinkberry Haagen-Dazs, are expected to take their places at the mall.

Popcorn Tins

Popcorn tins make great presents, keeping popcorn fresh and crispy while protecting it from contamination. Furthermore, many feature an integrated popcorn scoop to easily portion out a serving for each person in your group – not to mention using this tin as storage for nuts or candy!

Popcorn has long been a beloved snack in movie theaters and homes due to its delicious taste and affordable price point. Popcorn mainly took off during the Great Depression and in 20th-century movie theaters when people turned to it as an alternative sweet fix over sugary candy. Microwave technology made making popcorn at home even simpler! Tin popcorn boxes became even more beloved after microwaves simplified this task.

Tin popcorn tins offer something for any special event and occasion, from superhero-adorned and sports team-themed designs to holiday-specific themes and personalized options that add an extra special touch. A personalized tin could also make an excellent present for someone interested in movies or television series!

You’re bound to come across tins of popcorn in one form or another at your local grocery stores, movie theaters, or specialty gourmet food shops. Most cans contain an assortment of popcorn flavors such as Act II Kettle or Butter popcorn and more exotic varieties like Cracker Jacks Pop Corners White Cheddar etc. For an extra special treat, you could even look for one featuring chocolate flavors like Peanut Butter Cup or Mint Cookie Mayhem popcorn!

Reusing an empty popcorn tin can be done in several ways, from serving as a cookie tin and pencil holder, to using it for baking ingredients or food that requires airtight storage containers. Painting it and turning it into an enjoyable DIY project are just two more possibilities!