is berrylook legit

Is Berrylook an authetic online store or a scam?

Berry Look is a brand whose name is on everyone’s lips. Berry Look is undoubtedly one of the trendiest fashion companies seen everywhere now. So have you heard the name and want to check that “Is Berrylook legit?” then you are at the right spot.

BerryLook is a clothing brand seen everywhere, and when all the people are gushing about it, we are here with honest reviews.

When we first went through reviews of Berry Look. There was no less than a scam. Many people had written very negative reviews about them. But those reviews weren’t about the clothing store but their operational activity.

We found out that people who shop on Berry Look had very little or no customer satisfaction. They buy the clothes from this website, but they either don’t get what they order or get less quantity.

Berry Look offers a great variety of dressing sense, but their fraudulent operational activity isn’t less than a scam. As a result, they cannot satisfy their customers’ needs.

What is a Berry Look?

Berry Look is a clothing store just like Shein and Urbanic. The marketing strategies of Berrylook have made their name on everyone’s lips. They provide clothes for men and women which are good in quality and look aesthetic.

As Berry Look is the trendiest fashion store, people are also afraid of whether it’s a scam or an authentic clothing website. When we first looked at Berry Look reviews, they were no less than a scam. Most people talked about how good their dresses were and how late shipments and shipment-like things happened in this brand. All reviews were mostly negative and were not about a scam, but late orders received and half orders canceled like things made this company look scam.

The people with positive responses were good with the cloth quality and positive satisfaction but were resentful because of half orders or wrong product delivery. So we can say their careless operational activities make their company look like a scam.

Some reviews from Berrylook customers

“I ordered clothes from Berry Look 3 weeks ago, and they still had not finished processing. Customer service continually lied, saying it would be shipped on a specific date. They promise 5-7 business days, and even with the holidays, it would have been 15 days to process. Shipping is costly also, and no guarantees on how long that would take. I was excited to wear my order to a wedding. Now I have to hope to find something short notice because they lie constantly. They didn’t apologise.”

“Berry Look and Berry Look dress both have some pretty cool clothes etc. The big problem is trying to order something from them. There’s no way to do it. When you try to check out, it takes you around and around in circles of your information and checking out, but you never get to check out.”


1 Is Berry Look, a scam company?

Berry Look is not a scam company. It just looks like Berry look needs to focus more on its operational activities, such as mis-shipment, order cancellation after approval, and all activities are really making it look like a scam company.

Is the Berry Look website's quality of clothes suitable or worse?

Every customer has a different experience. Some think product quality was good, and some think it is worse. It depends on the cloth to cloth.

What is the alternative website for Berrylook?

.Well, there are many online clothing stores available. Shein, Urbanic, and Airy are some of them. You can check them out.

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