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How to Wear and Style Custom and Regular Polo Shirts for Men

One of the most useful pieces of clothing a man can own is a polo shirt. Polo shirts are great on any occasion, but they should look and fit should be your primary concern.

Every man’s wardrobe should include at least a few polo shirts. Regular or custom polo shirts can be worn with various outfits, including jeans and shorts for both sports and recreation.  

Here are guidelines helpful in learning more about how to wear and style polo shirts. 

How to Select Polo Shirt Materials? 

Comfort should be the priority of any man wearing regular or custom polo shirts, and It’s critical to choose the proper fabric and materials. Unfortunately, polo shirts are classified except for the more informal rugby-style shirts. 

Of course, the fabric or knit determines the shirt’s high quality. Here is the list of polo shirt materials you should consider: 

A.  Blended Fabric – boosts durability and stain resistance at a reasonable price; blended textiles are frequently utilised for business polo shirts or grocery store uniforms.  

On the other hand, mixed materials are slightly more pleasant to wear and more durable and softer than pure polyester.  

B.  Performance Polo Shirt-s can be used to reduce odours by incorporating silver into the textile, or they can be used to guard against UV rays. Lightweight synthetics or mixes are commonly used. 

The pricing will differ depending on the company’s marketing budget and brand reputation. These shirts should only be worn on the golf course or during physical activity. 

C.  Polyester – They don’t wrinkle or shrink, and they’re stain-resistant, but they have minimal permeability, so you’ll sweat a lot, and they look cheap. Not at all advisable.

What to Match with a Polo Shirt? 

When styling and matching your polo shirt outfit, you can be creative with colours and materials and pair it with jeans or shorts. Here are some examples of possible combinations: 

1. Polo Shirt and Shorts – Add a polo shirt and shorts to the mix when the weather gets too hot. It’s an easy ensemble with jeans and chinos that will make you seem very stylish. 

Choose monotone hues for a simple and classic look, or experiment with a different mix. Keep the polo untucked for casual days, and make sure it’s well-fitted. 

2. Blazer with Polo Shirt – A polo shirt and blazer go well together for casual dinner with friends to business casual workdays. 

 Wear a black or white polo shirt with a dark suit for more formal occasions. Try a colourful polo shirt to stand out in the crowd and add fun. 

3. Chinos with Polo Shirt – Chinos are a terrific way to polish off an outfit with a polo shirt, as they fall somewhere between semi-formal and smart casual. 

Tuck your top half into your pants for a professional and sleek style, then finish with sneakers, loafers, boat shoes to complete the look.

4.      Sweatpants with Polo Shirt – Polo shirt and sweatpants will keep you cool. The stylish top half takes on a relaxed air with comfortable bottoms.  

You can complete your appearance with low-top sneakers, a snapback, and a weekend bag.  

Ensure your clothes are fitted and tidy to prevent seeming sloppy — there’s a thin line between athleisure and sloppy.

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