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Huawei Mobile Services for PC, App Gallery, and Supply-Side Platform (SSP) For Third-Party Developers

Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) are an array of proprietary application programming interfaces and services developed by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Those devices running Android or Google Mobile Services already include the Huawei Mobile Service. The Huawei Mobile Services website lists all supported platforms. For further information, please see our Huawei Mobile Services overview. In addition, this article will discuss the HMS for PC, App gallery, and the Supply-side platform (SSP) for third-party developers.

App Gallery

The Huawei AppGallery is the official application store for Huawei devices. However, it is not a direct replacement for the App markets from third parties. For example, while accessing Google apps is possible, it’s unlikely that these applications will work smoothly on Huawei’s devices without GMS integration. Furthermore, not all apps have been optimized for GMS-compatible devices, so individual app experiences may vary. We’ve tried several apps and compiled a list of the best ones.

Currently, the AppGallery supports Android devices running Android 5.0 and higher. As an alternative to the Google Play store, it’s a good drop-in replacement for users on Huawei devices that don’t have Google Play services. In addition, its strict verification process ensures that unauthorized applications do not make it to the AppGallery. That means you can feel confident that you’re getting a safe, clean and reliable experience and that you’ll never get a malware infection on your phone.

In addition to AppGallery, Huawei’s HMS ecosystem includes a search function and a music service. It also allows access to Google’s services such as maps, music, and other apps. Huawei Mobile Services is expected to evolve and become a more robust platform over the coming years. However, for now, this is a temporary setback. Huawei’s new app store should be able to grow and become more robust. If it can get Google Mobile Services back on the map, we’ll probably see Huawei’s HMS ecosystem grow even more.

Huawei is working hard to make a viable alternative to Google Play. It has launched Huawei Mobile Services and AppGallery, a curated app store. The AppGallery has already accumulated 40 of the most popular Romanian apps in its Romanian division. The number is steadily increasing. In the meantime, the AppGallery also boasts a wide variety of international applications. There’s still a long way to go, but it’s a start.

HMS for PC

If you’re looking for a great app to run on your PC, Huawei’s latest release, Huawei Mobile Services, will fit the bill. This PC app is based on Huawei’s Mobile Application Engine, which means you can use the same application on your smartphone and PC. For example, AI Search lets you browse files and display results in categories intelligently. Huawei is also introducing a new PC-exclusive feature, called “Somatosensory Game Mode,” which lets you play games without looking at them.

You can download Huawei Mobile Services for PC directly from Google Play. First, follow the instructions on the Google Play site to install the app. After you’ve done so, open the app from its installation window, or create a shortcut on your desktop. You’ll be asked to configure controls when you launch it for the first time. If you don’t have an Android emulator, use BlueStacks. Otherwise, you’ll have to download a third-party app like NoxPlayer to run Huawei Mobile Services on your PC.

You’ll find the Huawei App Gallery among the many features of the Huawei Mobile Services for PC. This app offers a great alternative to Google Play Store. In addition, you’ll be able to access several developer tools from the web. Sign-ins, ads, in-app purchases, and location tracking are just a few apps you can access through Huawei Mobile Services. It also includes a wide array of open device and cloud capabilities.

Another way to access Huawei Mobile Services on your PC is downloading the app from Google Play Store. This application is available in the Tools category and has good user ratings. It has over 500 million app installations and an average user aggregate rating of 4.2 stars. This makes it a highly recommended application for users. There are a few steps before downloading Huawei Mobile Services for PC. Then, install it on your Windows PC to use it.


With the help of HUAWEI Ads, you can reach out to 730 million potential customers worldwide. This platform enables advertisers to reach this vast audience through integrating native apps, Huawei AppGallery, and third-party app media. These ads can be customized and deliver a variety of mainstream ad formats, including display, video, and banner ads. Additionally, the program offers rewarded ads.

In addition, Huawei also provides app install referrers, allowing advertisers to attribute conversions to different promotional channels. Huawei offers various ad formats, such as banner ads at the screen’s top, middle, or bottom. Banner ads are also visible to users who use the app regularly. Banner ads can be tailored to reach the target audience at various stages, including when they level up, respawn, or upgrade skills in games.

Users can also opt out of personalized ads by enabling the feature in settings. Huawei uses the information they collect through its account to personalize advertisements on its services and partner apps. Although you can turn off this feature, Huawei may still use your location and content to show you relevant ads. Nevertheless, you can still control what Huawei advertises on your devices, which will help you make the best choice for your mobile usage.

If you want to use Huawei Ads to boost your business on Facebook, it is recommended to target Facebook audiences that are interested in Huawei Mobile Services. Facebook has more than 10,699,320 audience segments for Huawei Mobile Services, and AdTargeting allows you to target your ads based on these interests. Using this tool, you can create a custom audience list and identify hidden interests. You can also get a detailed report on your audience’s preferences through AdTargeting.

Supply-side platform (SSP) for third-party developers

SSP is a technology that provides services to publishers in the mobile advertising market. The SSP enables publishers to create ad space inventory and connect it to top-quality demand-side platforms. With the help of SSP, publishers can create unique features to optimize their inventory and reach their target audience. In addition, an SSP can improve the yield of advertising space inventory by considering its user’s behaviour and preferences.

HMS Core supports collaborative innovation with the developer community by offering a comprehensive toolbox for free, including AR Engine, 3D Modeling Kit, and Audio Editor Kit. In addition, developers can reach millions of Huawei device users through HUAWEI Mobile Services. Moreover, HMS Ads is one of the largest supply-side platforms that helps third-party publishers get high-quality traffic to their apps.

Ad exchanges are becoming popular among publishers, especially in emerging markets. Publishers can monetize websites and apps with ease using programmatic technologies. For example, selling five impressions for a single ad on an e-commerce website is possible. Some SSPs even allow publishers to sell millions of impressions from their websites. SSPs also provide detailed reports and insights into individual advertisers.

SSP helps publishers maximize their revenue by offering ads to third-party advertisers. A publisher’s fill rate is directly related to the number of ads he can sell. Therefore, the more a user clicks on an ad, the higher the revenue he receives. With an SSP, publishers can be assured that their ad spaces are sold to the highest bidder, which ultimately attracts more advertisers to their websites.

Featured apps

Whether you’re looking to download a new game or find new entertainment software, the HUAWEI AppGallery has the right app. With more than 45,000 apps, there’s no shortage of options. In addition, there’s a PUBG Mobile, Gareth FreeFire, Asphalt 8, and Canva app for Android and popular streaming services such as Astro Go, Viu, and iQiyi. Huawei’s AppGallery even includes a Petal Search widget, which allows you to search for apps directly from your home screen.

Petal Search is a new search feature in Huawei’s App Store. The service uses a curated database of over a million apps to guide users to the right download sources. One notable flaw with this search is that it does not include Amazon’s App Store, which is the top non-Google source for common U.S. apps. While this is admirable, Huawei should make it available in all regions.

While Huawei’s new App Gallery isn’t yet available on all devices, the app is already pre-installed on the Mate 40, Mate 30 Pro, and Honor 9X Pro. In addition, it’s also available on other Huawei devices, including the Honor 9X Pro and View 30 Pro. Huawei claims that the HMS app store has more than 650 million monthly active users globally, and they hope to make all their future phones run the platform. Huawei may make another Android phone based on their OS if they don’t.

You can even transfer your favourite apps from your previous phone to Huawei’s App Gallery. The Huawei AppGallery has a “Phone Clone” feature that allows you to move all of your apps and data to a new device. This tool works with Google and Apple iOS and allows you to transfer data from other phones without needing a Huawei device. Of course, it’s not ideal for users with a GSM device who want to transfer apps from one brand to another. But it does work and can be downloaded quickly.


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