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How to Make Your Own Job Listings on Indeed

Whether you’re trying to find a job or looking to post a job yourself, you can make your job listings on Indeed. Whether posting jobs for free or paying for clicks, you’ll be free to choose how to promote your job listings. You can also automatically sync your appointments with our Jobs app.

Post for free or pay-per-click

Whether looking for a new employee or recruiting your best candidates, Indeed is a great option. The site has a large pool of qualified applicants, and the job postings are searchable by keyword. The company also offers a pay-per-click or free opportunity for employers.

When posting a job on Indeed, include a short description, a list of responsibilities, and a few keywords that are search engine friendly. The better your report, the more qualified candidates you’ll receive.

Then, select several deal breakers, or minimum requirements, that you want your applicants to meet. These are mandatory requirements for the position, and you’ll be notified of applications that don’t meet your criteria.

Finally, you can specify a target number of applications you’d like to receive. You’ll continue to accept applications until you reach your goal, but you won’t be charged for overages. Of course, you can stop the process at any time.

Find free job posts

Using Indeed jobs to find quality employees is a great idea. It’s free to post job listings, and you won’t have to pay to get rejected applications. However, if you’re looking for a larger pool of candidates, you might consider posting sponsored job postings. This is like Google Search Ads, but you won’t have to pay when applicants click on your posting.

If you’re new to Indeed, you may not know all the options available. For example, you can create free job postings, sponsor ads, and even set up an employer account. You can also select preferences for receiving applications. This means that you can set a minimum number of applications you’ll accept and a maximum number of applications you’ll reject.

Once you’ve created a job posting, you’ll want to ensure that it’s as detailed as possible. This will ensure that you have a large pool of qualified candidates. Additionally, it can help your job posting stand out among the many others on the site.