Download YouTube Videos Online

How to Download YouTube Videos Online

If you want to access YouTube videos on your iPhone or iPad, there are multiple apps you can use; some are free, while others require payment.

Some videos available on YouTube are copyrighted, making it illegal for YouTube users to download or reuse them without authorization. Most users won’t need to worry about this issue as most only download videos for personal viewing.

How do you download videos on YouTube?

Various methods are available for downloading YouTube videos, but one of the more popular strategies involves using third-party tools. These programs allow users to download a video in multiple formats and file sizes – even support for 4K and HD viewing in some instances – plus come equipped with their own media players that make viewing downloaded files effortless on all major platforms, including iOS and Android devices.

SaveFrom 2.0 or y2mate are excellent websites to download YouTube videos; their simple user interface makes downloading simple: paste in a link, click download, select format/quality (higher resolution will create better quality video but require larger file size), and click start download.

Another solution is using a browser extension designed to download YouTube videos, such as Chrome, Firefox, or Opera browser extensions. Most of these add-ons provide an intuitive user interface where you can select which video(s) to download and specify where the video should be saved on your computer.

Note that downloading copyrighted videos may be illegal in certain jurisdictions; however, doing so for personal or educational use could be acceptable. Be wary that YouTube’s algorithms monitor accounts that reuse videos; these could potentially penalize your account.

Officially, YouTube Premium subscription offers the easiest way to download videos from YouTube. At just $14 per month, this plan lets you skip ads and watch videos without interruption on your mobile phone, plus access an alternative streaming music service, YouTube Music. Some third-party tools claim they can download YouTube videos – however, these may be difficult or infringe upon terms of service agreements.

Downloading a video from YouTube

There are multiple ways to download videos from YouTube, from apps on your device or browser extensions up to subscription services like YouTube Premium that let you download videos without restrictions or limits. Take care when selecting tools of this nature – some may push unwanted adware or malware onto you! To stay safe, ensure only using tools with good reviews that update frequently – the latter might cause undesirable results for you! The last provides access to an uninterrupted content library available 24/7 without restrictions or limits!

First, locate and copy the URL for the YouTube video you wish to download. Next, open a new browser window and click Media (PC) or File (Mac) in either of your menu bars to open its media information; here, you will see all available formats and resolutions. Select one you like before clicking Play/Open to complete downloading it into its original location with the a.mp4 extension.

Utilize a website specifically for saving YouTube videos in any format you choose without installing programs or navigating complex interfaces – keeping videos has never been more straightforward! Please select your preferred design from their list, click download, and save!

MediaHuman provides an easy, quick, and efficient way of downloading videos on a desktop computer. Simply copy-paste a link from any website into the text box before selecting your preferred resolution and clicking Download, remembering that higher-resolution files result in larger file sizes but provide superior video quality.

Whether on a long flight or at home, storing videos locally can be extremely handy for entertainment and relaxation. Plus, you can watch them anytime, even without an internet connection!

Using a third-party app to download a video

If you want to download YouTube videos, various third-party applications can assist. These apps allow you to save them for offline viewing and share them with others – they are accessible on both desktop and mobile devices with user-friendly interfaces offering multiple resolution options.

First, open your video in a web browser. Next, copy its URL by right-clicking its address bar and selecting “Copy link.” When in MediaHuman, paste your video’s URL into the box provided and press “Paste.” When parsing is complete, a list of available resolutions will be presented; select one according to your preference – higher resolutions typically result in larger file sizes.

Use a browser add-on to download videos for offline watching. This method is convenient if your browser supports extensions; Opera, for instance, offers a download button directly in its address bar, while extensions for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari exist as well – some are free, while others require paid membership or subscription plans to work correctly.

Some of these tools can download 3D and 360-degree videos and audio files. A screen recording tool such as Filmora offers numerous features for downloading videos and audio, such as screen capturing capabilities.

YouTube Premium subscribers can use the website directly on their phone or tablet and save videos that they find. Unfortunately, any videos downloaded through this channel will remain tied to your account even if your subscription ends or the original video disappears from YouTube.

Clip Converter, an external third-party app, makes downloading YouTube videos much simpler by converting video formats and downloading them in MP3 format. Simply head to your video on a web browser, copy its URL, paste it into Clip Converter, and wait until it has completed its parsing process before selecting Download!

Using a browser extension to download a video

YouTube is one of the world’s premier video platforms and an invaluable way to connect with potential customers. However, competing against all the other videos may prove challenging; one way of standing out from the pack is adding keywords into your videos that target customers directly and improve search rankings – adding targeted, researched keywords can improve your YouTube search rankings as well as drive traffic back to your website – or you could use YouTube annotation features to highlight specific words or topics within videos.

Downloading videos directly from websites may be possible, but using extensions is usually more straightforward and faster. Extensions allow for quicker offline viewing as they save videos instantly into multiple devices simultaneously – no longer do you have to copy and paste video URLs into separate windows, which could take considerable time and effort!

The Local YouTube Downloader is a browser extension that makes video downloads from websites available for downloading easy and accessible. Available from Chrome Web Store and its website, to use this extension, you must disable your ad blocker for it to work effectively; note, however, that some videos are blocked by their copyright owners, so the Local YouTube Downloader might not work for every video available online.

Addoncrop is a cross-platform extension designed to download videos from popular video sites in different formats. It’s simple and has plenty of features – such as setting your preferred download folder and altering its default format, hiding YouTube comments, and downloading audio from videos – plus, it also allows you to hide comments!

iMyFone TopClipper is an excellent software program for downloading videos from video-sharing websites like YouTube. It supports multiple formats and resolutions and HLS and DASH streams; additionally, it is free. However, it must first be installed onto your computer before you can begin using it – however, this means it may not be as intuitive for those wanting an offline viewing experience.