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How to Download Audio From YouTube

Sometimes, it can be helpful to download only the audio of a video, such as for white noise motivational speeches or editing an existing video.

Downloading audio from YouTube is possible using various online and software solutions; however, be mindful that any unauthorized copyrighted material downloaded may be unlawful.


YouTube videos’ audio files can often be downloaded and saved directly onto your computer for podcasting, music production, and other audio-based works. There are various methods available for this – free software programs or online tools can often do it automatically for you, while there may even be apps designed to do this task automatically!

Most downloaders are straightforward and user-friendly. Simply paste a video link into the search box, choose an audio format (typically MP3, but also Webm and others may be supported), and select an individual bit rate, which will affect how much space your file will take up.

Many of these tools will begin downloading files almost instantly; the duration depends on the size and speed of your video and your internet connection speed. Once complete, a link to the file will be provided, allowing direct download from YouTube onto your device instead of going through their streaming service.

Audacity is another free program that may assist in extracting audio from YouTube; however, this software only offers editing/enhancing/reducing/recording functions. It cannot convert files between formats or create audio mixes – therefore, it is unsuitable for downloading.

Though it is technically possible to download audio from YouTube videos, doing so may violate copyright law. Rules vary by country, but if you do not own the rights to the video or have permission from its owner, you could face criminal charges for downloading it without their approval. Many websites and software programs that facilitate this activity are unusually plagued with advertisements and potential malware threats and infringe against YouTube’s Terms of Service by downloading videos without their owners’ consent. Therefore, it’s often best to stay within fair use guidelines, which typically permit using copyrighted material for commentary, criticism, parody, news reporting, education, or scholarship purposes.


If you’re searching for an easy way to convert YouTube videos to MP3 files, numerous online tools are accessible and user-friendly. Most converters don’t require installation and won’t take up hard drive space either. To begin your conversion process, copy the URL for the video you wish to convert before visiting one of the converter websites’ input boxes/fields; some even allow for output settings such as audio quality/format selection before clicking the “Convert/Start” buttons to start the conversion.

MP3 is often the go-to format for converting YouTube videos due to its high sound quality and small file size. But there may be occasions where MP3 won’t suffice: for instance, if you need offline playback of a video or the audio for an educational lecture/podcast series, a YouTube to MP3 converter may prove very beneficial.

The top YouTube to MP3 converters provides a user-friendly experience and fast conversion speeds, offering high-quality 320 kbps recordings as output options. Some even support batch downloading, allowing multiple videos at once downloads; plus, they must work on all Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.

TechRadar advises using online YouTube-to-MP3 converters such as OnlyMP3, which offers an intuitive user experience and supports various output formats, including MP3 and WAV. Please remember that unauthorized downloading of copyrighted material is illegal; only use trusted sources when searching YouTube content to download legally. While many users use YouTube simply for music or watching video content, others also convert its content to different formats, such as MP3 or MPEG-4 AAC, for storage space or data savings while retaining its quality as initially presented by YouTube content creators.


YouTube provides an incredible amount of video content, but sometimes, audio-centric viewing may be more appealing than video viewing. This can be particularly true when watching white noise or motivational speech videos found there or downloading podcast episodes to listen to during your commute. Luckily, multiple methods exist for downloading YouTube audio for free on Mac and PC. One popular solution involves using an online app that converts YouTube videos directly into MP3 files quickly – usually taking only minutes! Many apps also have features that simplify the process, such as playlist management or automatic downloading features!

The process is relatively straightforward: copy and paste the URL of a YouTube video you wish to download into a box on a conversion website or app, select your output format, and click “Convert.” When complete, your converted file will be downloaded onto your computer automatically – play it, save it to your phone/device, or burn it onto CD if desired!

SaveTube, SnapInsta, and Ssemble all offer similar services. SaveTube can load ads without your input; clicking buttons merely leads to more advertisements being shown. In contrast, Ensemble provides more classes by offering various download formats.

Use YouTube-dl for another way of downloading audio from YouTube videos: this program can download MP3, WAV, AAC, and OGG formats automatically as it detects video audio quality and selects an ideal bitrate to download it in.

Lastly, you can download YouTube audio using browser add-ons such as Addoncrop YouTube to MP3 Converter and By Click Downloader – though these do not support Safari browser.

Downie is an effective YouTube downloader for Mac, Windows, and Linux with an intuitive user interface and support for various output formats, including AAC and OGG files. Furthermore, Downie allows users to manage playlists.


Though much of YouTube’s music is copyrighted, there are options to download songs for free or purchase licenses to use them commercially. Plus, due to user uploads rather than record companies uploads, you may find many royalty-free tracks covered under Creative Commons licenses – plus millions uploaded directly by them!

As a content creator, it may be appealing to download copyright-free music or sound effects for use in videos or playlists of songs that resonate with your viewers. Before doing this, however, double-check local copyright laws, as using some resources may incur fines.

People may want to listen to the audio of a video rather than watch its visuals, which is why services offer to convert YouTube videos to MP3 files. Unfortunately, many of these websites can cause malware or pop-up ads to appear on your device, limiting download speeds or changing file formats, so it’s wise to understand exactly what these services entail before taking advantage of them.

Though these risks exist, there are trusted apps and websites for downloading music from YouTube. A program like 4K Video Downloader may be your most reliable option; otherwise, Dirty or Motionbox sites offer similar services.

Or you could take advantage of YouTube’s “Download to watch offline” feature for mobile devices. This Download won’t require installing programs or downloading sketchy apps; however, the quality may not match that of an mp3 file. However, this method provides a compelling alternative when traveling or escaping buffering issues; follow these simple steps, and you can enjoy listening offline whenever it suits you! Depending on precedents, chances of being caught will likely be minimal (short of making money off it).


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