dot business card

Dot Business Card

Dot business cards offer an innovative alternative to traditional paper business cards, making it easier and cheaper to share contact details and social media links while saving money and reducing paper waste.

Digital cards can be scanned by anyone using an appropriate smartphone; no app or account is needed to view the information.

Easy to share

Dot business cards are an innovative networking device designed to share contact details and social media links, accept payments, and expand networks and customer bases. Easy to use and available in various designs.

Dot business cards make using an electronic version easy and convenient, eliminating the need to carry physical cards. They’re also more environmentally-friendly as you no longer require printing new copies each time your contact info changes – plus, updates can be added at any time!

Dot digital business cards are sleek and professional, making them suitable for use across industries. Customizable to include your logo and other relevant information, these durable business cards feature high-grade materials with matte finishes designed to resist scratches and wear. In contrast, three design options help find one that fits best with your aesthetic.

These cards are an ideal solution for business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers, as they allow instant exchange of contact details between people. Compatible with iOS and Android devices and easily updated on the go, they work great when used with any QR code reader!

Use your Dot card to increase its usefulness by including all your contact information on it – for instance, LinkedIn, email address, phone number, and website can easily be shared with anyone interested. In addition, images or videos can be added to make it more personal.

Your Dot card provides the perfect opportunity for you to promote your website by linking directly to it from mobile phones and increasing search engine optimization. Plus, adding your photo will make the card even more unique while making you stand out in the crowd – you can even select from different fonts and colors for customizing text!


Dot business cards offer an efficient and practical means of exchanging contact details. Utilizing chip-enabled card technology, these cards store and exchange contact info such as your name, job title, website URL, phone number, and email address. Furthermore, photos and videos can be added to enhance its appearance and further personalize its use – as it can be shared face-to-face with someone directly, through text messages, emails, or networking events – eliminating the risk of losing it!

Dot cards are an easy and hassle-free way to send and receive payments, with no apps needing to be installed on any recipient phone. They can be scanned with any modern phone equipped with NFC capability (including iPhones and Androids). In addition, they also work well as QR codes – making them an excellent solution for people using older phones who cannot download apps.

The Dot Card works similarly to NFC-enabled business cards like Linq and Popl in that it contains a small tag with your information that can be shared simply by tapping it against a compatible phone. This saves time from handing out paper business cards while eliminating the risk of losing contact details or forgetting who was at an event or conference.

Dot cards can be tailored to suit any professional’s needs with an easy setup process that makes personalization easy. Upload your logo, images, links to websites or social media accounts, and fonts and colors of choice; adding LinkedIn can even increase visibility online! Plus, they use soy-based inks printed onto recycled paper!

The dot card provides an efficient and cost-effective means of networking in today’s tech-driven world. You can keep all your information organized in one central place that can be updated instantly; plus you can track who viewed your card so as to enhance your marketing strategy. It comes in three designs that resist wear and tear for increased durability.

Environmentally friendly

Dot business cards offer an efficient digital networking tool in today’s tech-driven society. Users can share them easily via text message or email and add contact info, links to websites and social media accounts, multimedia elements, and multimedia to make their cards genuinely personal and exciting. Dot cards make networking effortless – giving recipients a fun experience.

The dot business card is eco-friendly as it eliminates paper cards and reduces waste while using digital data that’s more secure than its physical counterpart – encrypted for protection from identity theft and other online threats. Furthermore, users can customize their cards with company branding to achieve a professional and standardized look.

Dot business cards are ideal for small businesses that want to demonstrate their environmental responsibility while cutting paper waste. Constructed from bamboo, one of the world’s most sustainable materials, these eco-friendly business cards feature rounded corners and custom shapes to help tell their brand story while being available in various styles and materials.

Another eco-friendly business card option is cellulose-based cards, a plant-based alternative to plastic business cards that reduce carbon emissions through recycled ink printing. Furthermore, these cellulose cards can be produced from renewable resources and recycled when no longer necessary; cellulose cards also biodegrade without leaving harmful chemicals behind.

If you want eco-friendly paper for your business card, try selecting textured paper made of recycled office waste with a soft feel and free from chlorine and acid content – it’s also chlorine and acid-free, making it the greener option than other kinds. Or consider opting for paper with water-based ink instead of petroleum-based ones!


Dot business cards offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper business cards, using near-field communication (NFC) technology to store and transfer contact details. Dot cards make exchanging information accessible among colleagues, friends, and family; they can be easily shared across social media! Plus, they can even feature your custom logo or photos!

Many companies can produce dot business cards, some more affordable than others, but all offering similar features – some even offering free shipping! For your safety, read reviews about them online to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.

Dot cards offer more excellent durability and a premium feel compared to traditional business cards, made from PVC, metal, or wood and designed to engrave with any message or photo you like. They come in different shapes and sizes, like rounded corners and boxed edges!

Dot cards are an ideal way to share your contact details without needing an app or QR code reader, making them excellent tools for networking events or conferences where meeting new people may be difficult. Plus, using dot cards saves both time and money as it eliminates carrying stacks of paper with you – plus, notes can even be added directly to their profile!

Dot cards are a favorite among entrepreneurs and professionals seeking to organize information. Simple to use and easily updated when your contact info changes, they also make following up more accessible as you can track who scanned your card and when.

Dot cards are an ideal solution for any individual or company looking to network effectively. Unlike Popl, dot cards do not require monthly subscription fees and can be used on any mobile device – as well as being available at an economical price point, so everyone in your office can afford one!